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  1. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks John! This is about as good as I can get it. Just hoping the masking tape doesn't pull the green off when I mask her up to spray the undersides!
  2. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Like a woman in a dodgy nightclub I was unhappy with the touching up. The XF-81 green is as I suspected not a close enough match to AS-30, but that's all I had, so once it dried a different shade I decided to bag it up and respray the offending areas.
  3. Lord Riot

    Revell 1/48 F15 E LN 01-2003

    Outstanding! Wish I could make them this good! It looks real.
  4. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Almost there! Just need to tidy up near the cockpit and just behind it on the spine, but I think it's recovered from yesterday. Does anyone know what the equivalent brush paint is for Tamiya AS-30 spray? I need to touch up where the blu-tack pulled off the green.
  5. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks! I might invest in some Tamiya DSG instead of these custom filled cans. I must have just got lucky with the Tornado as I used the same combination as the Canberra. Maybe the grey needs more than 24 hours to dry before applying green? The recovery is underway ... Sanded as smooth as I could get it, then green resprayed. I'll leave the green to dry then mask up and overspray the missing grey areas. There was some slight blistering but only where the colours joined and I hadn't sanded, so I sanded away those bits and I'll cover with the grey. The camo pattern may be slightly out now but not by too much.
  6. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks Phil, well I have to try, I'll see how it turns out. Don't really want to have to splash out on another one. Anyone have any tips on salvaging from here? Is it rubbed down enough or does all the paint have to go?
  7. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    The green was Tamiya AS-30. The grey was custom-filled BS638 from RAL Aerosols. I've never had this issue before when spraying over it, but maybe it's a different mix this time. Strange though how the wings were ok, if it was a reaction to the paint I'd expect it all over. Rub down accomplished, I'll mask it up and try again tomorrow. I can't get it all off but it feels smooth after I buffed it too. I might spray the green first this time, then touch up any grey as required.
  8. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Disaster has struck. My first major issue since returning to modelling really, but unless I can recover it this kit is ruined. For some reason the green blistered on the fuselage. I wiped it off while wet and it took the underlying grey with it, leaving an uneven surface. I thought it must be the grey paint reacting with the green, but the wings are fine! I think I have two options; 1. Let it dry then sand down the fuselage and respray it. 2. As above but soak off all the green and grey then respray it hemp. I prefer option one but I'll see how it turns out when dry and how easy it is to rub off all the green on the fuselage. No idea how bad it'll look where it joins the grey under those blu-tack snakes either. The nose was even worse, it looked like lichen. Gutted.
  9. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Snake, snake!
  10. Lord Riot

    Airfix 1/48 F.6 conversion

    That is absolutely lovely!
  11. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Thanks chaps, very generous and helpful! Really appreciated! @Timmas thanks, I'm not sure our printer is up to the task either to be honest, perhaps a cut decal like @canberra kid suggested would be simpler? I feel I'm rather taking liberties of you John, please do let me know if you ever need any spares or decals, etc I could help with! Thank you gents. Saves me trying to paint a perfect rectangle!
  12. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Does anyone know if there is a decal for the black frangible panel on the nose? The Airfix decals didn't seem to include one and I'm not entirely sure my hand painting 'skills' are up to it!
  13. Lord Riot

    Airfix Meteor F8

    Brilliant! I actually made the very same one but in 1/72. Not a patch on this beauty though. Very well made.
  14. Lord Riot

    Canberra PR9, 1/48

    Dammit in my haste I forgot the tailfin mod! Too late now, hopefully it isn't too noticeable. Thanks @Timmas. As you can probably tell from my RFIs your quality over quantity is better, I wish I did take more time but I'm always kind of impatient to see the finished model! I am trying to take more time over detail these days though.