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    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    nearly ready for those important sea trials, lovely work
  2. https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ships/ not sure if you get anything free here, but found it in my HMS Fife folder
  3. just found this https://maritime.org/doc/plans/
  4. mike, although not what you are after, but why not set up a collection point for peoples plans that are no longer in use

    HMS Belfast

    That water is so good, what a lovely build
  6. I so fancy this in 1/72, main reasons being, i love the scale size, so that i can compare to my other builds, it is british, and has some recent history, as well as the added interest of the stern

    HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    bit of a surprise this weekend, my DIY was completed in two of my four days off, im not going to bore you with that, so that meant some boat building Exocet Missile System the bits that i bought were not the fit for use, or the wrong shape do they were modified instead of being stepped the modules were in pairs, so two banks were joined together and then added to a deck plate, i scratched two blast deflectors with 0.5mm plasticard and added them with the aid of some hidden supports to keep them in place at the end of the missile pods some extra detailing and a whip aerial
  8. i love the way you have approached this build, and the way you have brought life into her, after 30 years in subs i dont want to build one, but love the way everyone puts together some lovely builds, as for me its back to looking at pictures of british cold war warships

    HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    good god its its time for another update the bridge the last big module and i messed up the lower middle windows dont need to be there, but being a fool i put them in as they are on the plans, it appears they were moved at the time the B turret was replaced by the Exocet missile system, as a result the two outer ones were bang on top of the supports forming the shape and there is a notch missing where the knife slipped, oh hum the blast deflectors will cover the two lower windows so i added two more
  10. LOL and when you have finished that you can come and finish mine
  11. sorry about your uncle the build looks great, i want to avoid thinking about making water effects - lol

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    in american boats the captain when coming in to the control room says" i have the conn" meaning i have the submarine which is actually said in RN boats, we used it if the captain was taking command from the OOW possibly on returning to periscope depth in confined waters or in a known shipping lane

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Ã’oooooooh you want some mojo - here you go, lovely work

    HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Tom the pointy end looks like , well interesting