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  1. Nice work beefy! The hull work, for me, is a real plus! Go, go, go Beefy.
  2. Thanks for your explanations beefy, your railing work is near the perfection! Good job!
  3. Thank you beefy for your explanations, it will be a must for my next project, and I'll absolutely follow your idea. Usually, if you consent me, I go from the lighter to the darker color, so, first I do the light color and after the darker, it's easier to cover the area you need to paint. I really enjoy your work. Cheers Franco
  4. Nice work! How did you mask the whole hull? I,'ve lost this stage!
  5. Thanks to everybody for your encouraging comments. I found two mistake on this model after a deep search with my dynamic air model friends. So I tried to adjust these two mistakes. The first one was a wrong position of the tail trim that have to be placed in pull-up position as the the elevators down: IMG_20200511_114315_copy_1280x960 and the second was that some scratches were wrongly made on a canvas part over the right wing: IMG_20200511_114238_copy_1280x960 Hope this post will help others to make a better and realistic model. See you soon. Franco
  6. Yes, if you want to reproduce an F4U 1. The step hole was introduced from the F4U 1d version, at least is what I read in numerous documentation about this nice airplane.
  7. My dear Friends, this is my last lockdown work! It seems that I have to remain all this month closed at home, so my preferred hobby is the only thing I can do. This time I have just finished a Tamiya 1/48 scale F4U 1 Birdcage Corsair flown by the ace 2nd Lt. James N. Cupp during the Pacific Conflict. Previously this airplane was flown by 2nd Lt. Kenneth Walsh, another ace of this conflict, and was White 13, but was quickly repainted and assigned to Cupp as White 7. I tried to make it this Corsair really used, faded and battered as they were during the Pacific War and I tried some new, for me, scratching solutions. It partially worked, as I am moderately happy with the final result. Anyway this is the result: IMG_20200509_172634 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172449 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172511 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172525 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172704 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172758 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200509_172844 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Thank you, and any suggestions are always welcomed.
  8. Many thanks to all of you for your encouraging support and comments. See you soon with next lockdown work..
  9. That's really right! Look at this photo: IMG_20181107_181516 by Franco Segato, su Flickr If you need any reference, feel free to look at this photo album. I made it as my reference of your same model I have in my stash, during my visit in Boston: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMKktYm
  10. Great work on the hull! I'll absolutely follow your work as I have the same model, but in Platinum Edition, in my stash. I place here a couple of picture of the Hull, as reference, of a real Fletcher's class Destroyer, USS Cassing Young, that I visited in 2018 and actually lay on Boston Harbor. IMG_20181107_181723 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20181107_181718 by Franco Segato, su Flickr If you need any other picture as reference let me know.
  11. I found Flyhawk model in 1/700 absolutely stunning for the detail and build precision, and your model is the right result. Good job my friend! Nicely build and painted.
  12. Nicely executed! Very well build and weathered! Impressive ship, my compliment!
  13. Thanks everybody for all your compliments, really. I didn't expect so much warm comments! The build was really smooth, and the pieces went perfectly one on another with very small problems around... Just understanding the instructions was, sometime, a worry and I took reference from documentation and previous builds, but the detail of the panels and overall in general surprised me. See you soon, and have a nice lockdown to all of you.
  14. My dear friends goodday, this is my last lockdown work. I used a Hobbyboss model a had in my stash and build just OB. I just improved a little bit the folding wing area and added the pilot seat belts from spare parts I saved from previous works. I tried to reproduce a TBF 1C in Atlantic scheme camouflage as used in January 1944. The box offers to chose what to install inside the bay area, from a torpedo, 500lb bombs 250lb bombs or an auxiliary tank. I added this last item as I thought at an extended Uboat research in the Atlantic. I hope you liked, but any suggestions are anyway welcomed, I'm still learning to improve my painting skills. 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111652848_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112448 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112743 by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112730 by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111943041_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111901648_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200418111740276_COVER by Franco Segato, su Flickr IMG_20200418_112613 by Franco Segato, su Flickr Thanks for your visit. Franco
  15. Marvellous work, outstanding result! I saved the photos as a reference for my future project.
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