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  1. Give it a blast in an ultrasonic cleaner with some airbrush cleaner?
  2. Having seen other good comments about this brush a while ago and on top of your positive comments, I was just able to order when... I found they had this also; the exact model you have (I think) plus the medium conversion kit all for £140 delivered. Confused! It's definitely worth the extra £16 but am I just upselling myself for the sake of it!?! https://barwellbodyworks-shop.com/gb/airbrushes/1043-sotar-20-20-fine-with-20-144-medium-conversersion-kit.html
  3. Thanks. Really tempted with that, £124 including next day delivery, a spare needle and a bottle of Regdab seems to be a bit of a bargain! It also says it includes an Iwata adaptor.
  4. Was it this one? https://barwellbodyworks-shop.com/gb/home/1069-sotar-20-20-new-2018.html I'm having similar problems to the OP with both my airbrushes, although a lack of experience is a contributing factor!
  5. Just in case someone is inspired by this inspiring build (see what I did there!), Creative currently have the Danton's sistership, the Condorcet, on sale for £30.24; a saving of around £20! It's the rebox of this kit by Hobbyboss so will be pretty much identical I assume. http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/hobbyboss_1350_french_navy_battleship_condorcet-p-48077.html
  6. That Roberts is an interesting old girl. I wouldn't have wanted to be in any of those forward tubs when the main guns were fired!
  7. Be very, very careful buying through AliExpress. It's a well know channel for counterfeit goods.
  8. Damn, another modelling forum to waste my time on
  9. I subscribed to his channel a while back. He does some nice work including Star Wars, MAK and some 1:1 stuff too.
  10. Your artillery gun is the M109; probably the Italeri kit built as an E4 variant. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-246-m-109-self-propelled-gun-e4-g-a1-a2--141754
  11. Wow, that is absolutely lovely! Did you do a WIP by any chance?
  12. They are fantastic pieces of kit but I just don't understand (apart from sheer greed) why they are so expensive! Anyways... That's a lovely build you've done there and a great paint job.
  13. What did you not like about the H&S CRplus?
  14. Do you work for eBay customer services by any chance? If you'd have bothered to read the many other posts where he said AK had told him it would be OK and then they completely ignored him (including deleting the YouTube video and the associated comments where they stated this) then you might not come across so poorly.
  15. If anyone is looking for the Super Pershing, then Creative have the Hobby Boss 1/35 kit for £18.89 as part of their special deals for the next week. http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/hobbyboss_135_t26e4_super_pershing_pilot_1-p-14475.html
  16. A bit OTT in the PE! But she looks like a beautiful kit. In the absence of an RAF version, the IAF kit is now on my wish list. Does anyone have the paint callouts yet while I'm on a paint shopping spree?
  17. I just went to the website to place an order and found the notice about the fire there instead! I'm glad that everyone is OK and that the damage seems fixable. Ultimately, it's just material possessions that in most cases should be easy to replace. Good luck!
  18. My Father served in the RA (19th and 5/8th Regiments) as a bombardier. He was stationed in England and in Germany with the 25 pounder and BL 5.5" Medium Gun. He saw action in Aden, although using the 105mm Oto Melara Mod 56 pack howitzer, of which I can't seem to find a model anywhere. I can't seem to find a BL 5.5" either! Recently I found a 25 pounder in 1/35 at a very nice price so I thought I would make a diorama for him. Would anyone know which figure set would be most applicable for an RA crew stationed in Germany in the early 1960's? Additionally, if anyone
  19. Looks like a great build, off to read the WiP now!
  20. On all fours looking for piece being eaten by carpet monster... Dog walks into room... Dog has very cold nose... What on earth might happen next?!?
  21. Wow, that deck is amazing. I'll be following this one with interest!
  22. Jamie, thanks you for your amazing investment in this. I have some future plans to build some WWII RN destroyers and I'll make sure I get your paints, not just for accuracy but also as a token of appreciation for your enthusiasm.
  23. Ah, didn't realise that. I just made the assumption that Revell had reboxed a Bandai kit!
  24. Thanks for the photo's, that's much better than I thought it would be and the level of detail is very nice indeed. It's still a shame that they've done it in that scale though; 1/600 or 1/700 would be much better IMHO. Having said that, there are some other scales used in the series that are a bit weird - who had the idea for 1/93 scale (Kylo Ren's Shuttle) ?!?
  25. That's some serious modelling right there. I can remember the WIPs for the Sherman and Whippet but I must have missed the few others. I love the fat US type planes so those two will definitely be on my reading list for later Amazing stuff.
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