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  1. Progress is slow, but steady. Having got the cockpit in a state whereby the fuselage can close around it (although I think some filler will still be needed) attention turned to the resin operator's interior. Probably wouldn't bother with this if I wasn't opening the hatches because I don't think you'd see anything. Not really worked with resin before, so the first thing I needed was a razor saw to seperate the parts from the casting blocks. Having got hold of one of them I could then get the interior assembled - although I needn't have bothered removing the excess from the two bulkheads as I don't think it would have impeded the assembly. The instructions aren't incredibly helpful regards fitting of the interior: And there's nothing in there to help locate it either! Having looked for some interior pictures, I think the seat pans are roughly in line with the hatches (as you'd probably expect) so I'm using that as my guide. Put some plastic strip in to help locate it and keep it in place once done: First time working with plastic card as well - so many new skills! Also dry fitted the canopy and the nose which were a decent fit, althought the former does seem to sit a little too high, might see if I can do something about that. Hopefully not too far off closing her up. That's going to be a challenge as its not the best fit in the world, think I'll do it a section at a time. Meanwhile, its been too cold to do any meaningful practising with my airbrush Don't think the Gannet's going to be ready for that any time soon, anyway!! Al.
  2. Looks lovely! Don't think I've ever seen an AEW next to a ASW machine like in that picture - practicality different aircraft! Al.
  3. Thanks - the effect looks really good - the hard work paid off! Al.
  4. She looks lovely! Apologies if I've missed it somewhere in the thread, but how did you do that marbling effect? Cheers, Al.
  5. Excellent info - thanks v much! Guess I'd better fit it now you've told me that Al.
  6. Been a week or so, but due to the arrival of my airbrush progress has slowed somewhat. I've quickly put together a hurricane to practise on and have spent the last 4 days trying to get the sky on the underside. The finish from the airbrush is lovely, but every time i take the think into the daylight (no natural light in the garage) I find another spot I've missed Anyway, found some time tonight to try and progress the cockpit. Trying to get the fuselage to close up nicely with the cockpit and front nosewheel bay is a challenge. Finally tonight got the side panels mounted on the cockpit. Realised that the armrests were too low down the seat, leaving they pushed out the side panels.. Easily the most faff I've had with a cockpit ever. Now debating whether I bother with the control column. What it looks like in the instructions and what is like on the sprue are a fair distance apart: I thought maybe the circular bit had been snapped off or something, but the but the parts guide in the instructions that tells you which but is which shows the same shape as on the sprue it's going to be dark in there... And that's about it! Hopefully getting close to trying camo on my hurricane with the airbrush shortly, which is exciting but not great news for the gannet. Hey ho... Al.
  7. She is a lovely looking model - top job! Out of interest, what paint did you use for the Sky? I've got a 72nd gannet on the go... Al
  8. Didn't we only get AIM9Ls for the Falklands when the Americans let us have some?
  9. With the end of the Christmas break fast approaching, not a great deal of progress to report Have been wrestling with the PE for the cockpit. Got the seatbelts on, very fiddly things but not too bad for a first attempt. Not sure the instrument panel was really worth the effort - it looks pretty good close up, I can see the dials and have painted some yellow and red in there to give it some colour - but not sure its going to be visible.. Also paid a visit to the local fishing shop to source some weight for the nose. Was looking for lead weights but they were all too big. Did, however, come away with some Dark Matter - certainly sounds cool, and I'm hoping it does the job! More significantly, I have now joined the airbrush gang. Found myself with some Christmas cash and splashed out on a kit from Amazon. Just a basic one to get me started but looking forward to playing with this. Don't really want to use the Gannet as a guinea pig so I might try and quickly bash together the Airfix Hurricane that's in the stash to practise on. Which will probably delay progress on the Gannet. Needs must.. Happy New Year to everyone on here - thanks for all the advice and support in 2021 - here's to another good year modelling Al.
  10. She looks beautiful - well done. And very well done tracking down the actual changes between the phase mods - that's a project in itself! Every time I see one I'm tempted to do another for some reason Happy Christmas Everyone! Al.
  11. I saw about those strengthening plates on the youtube video I watched, will be doing some sanding there. My main concern regarding masking is the spinners, have struggled with that before.. Al.
  12. Yes, I have plans to pat a visit to the fishing tackle shop round the corner
  13. Thanks @Wez its always good to know what these little differences are - or at least know they exist Al.
  14. I don't think it does, but then looking at photos online I'm struggling to tell the difference between a T.3 and a T.4 externally... Al.
  15. Of course, now I think about it, you're correct. The 'open' canopy would sit flush in the closed position and the 'closed' one wouldn't fit if slid back. I'm glad Airfix did it as it just gives you the option to do something a little different. Al.
  16. I'd be more than happy to let you take the lead! I'm a little nervous about this one as there are a lot of unknowns for me. Maybe that's why it's come to the top of the pile.. Al
  17. Thanks for that - I hadn't worked it out, and I don't think the instructions are particularly clear in that minor detail! Do I just glue the film onto the plastic as normal? Al
  18. Been fancying a Gannet for a while, wasn't sure whether to go for a Revell AS machine or the Sword AEW, have read that both have their issues. Not that I'm likely to notice, mind, as long as the end result looks and smells like a Gannet I'll be happy Due to a birthday list mishap I actually have two of these, which may well be fortuitous! This is my first attempt at a 'short run' kit, as well as my first use of PE and resin for the interior. Its going to be an education! From what I've read the decals can be very thin and awful - we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Have found a couple of YouTube videos covering building this with a few useful hints - if anyone has any others to offer please feel free to do so! The obligatory box and sprue shots: I think I'm going to go with the yellow and black markings for my first attempt.. Those PE seat belts are *tiny* - I can see the carpet monster working up an appetite here.. Also there's a 'film' sheet which goes under the PE - not entirely sure what to do with that? The resin for the operators interior (not the cockpit). Assuming I don't make a complete hash of assembling this, I'll be doing the side hatches open so its at least partially visible And that's about it. Not sure I'll get much done this side of Christmas with the impending chaos, and there's a chance I might be redecorating the modelling spare room in the new year which may cause some disruptions, so no holding of breath please! Apologies to my pair of Lightnings (and the rest!) that have been in the stash for months and were promptly overtaken by the Gannet almost as soon as it arrived Al.
  19. Yeah, nice little option to do that. Interestingly, Airfix provide two canopies - one for open and one for closed. Seems odd since they're the same thing in real life, but I guess there are good reasons for it. Al
  20. Ah, that would explain it. I just bought Mr Muscle, wasn't paying attention to the ingredients.. happily we've got a "self cleaning oven" so I'm not going to be expected to put it to any other use Al
  21. Aldi special Airfix kit bought December 2020, finally got to the top of the pile. Nothing special about it really, but there were (as ever!) some learnings along the way. Firstly, you can use methylated spirits to remove acrylic paint. I initially attempted to brush paint the red over a white Tamiya primer, it became clear after the second coat that was going to be a long and arduous road so decided to get a rattle can instead. Don't ask why that wasn't my first port of call! Before spraying, though, I wanted to get rid of what I'd painted. Tried Mr Muscle oven cleaner but that didn't touch it - but a £2 bottle of meths from Screwfix did the job perfectly. I now have a can of Mr Muscle that I have no idea what to do with - I won't be asking the good lady wife for advice The finish from the rattle can of Humbrol 19 is lovely, the red is so deep and vibrant, if I was trying to do that with a brush I'd probably still be at it! One small issue I did have was that the white primer showed up on the edges of the red when I removed the masking from the canopy. Not great as its really obvious given the contrast with the red. Not entirely sure how that happened. Also - the recommended 2.5g of nose weight is not quite enough (or, my scales are rubbish!). She's ever so slightly tail heavy so I need a small blob of blu tack under the nosewheel. Thought about trying to get some blu tack inside the cockpit but there's not enough room, and it'd probably look rubbish. Lesson there - fill the nose with as much as you can! I was a bit worried about the red background on the Central Flying School titles not matching the paint, but I don't think its meant to. Saw at least one picture online where it didn't. Really happy with the glossy finish from the Pledge as well - looks the biz. I've chosen not to weather her - she's a display bird so going to assume she was kept in top notch condition. Anyway - on with the pics. Next up is, I think, a Sword Gannet AEW.3. Feel like that's going to be an entirely different kettle of fish! Al.
  22. I thought 31 sqn were supposed to be the first Protector squadron? When one of the prototypes flew into Fairford the other year they put it in 31 sqn marks. Al
  23. I remember having Flickr problems like that years ago and never understood why. If you're using your phone to take pics you could install the Flickr app and have it do the upload - I've never had a problem with that. Al.
  24. Revell one is half decent, although the transparencies on mine were so appalling some of the bits were unusable.
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