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  1. Through a Facebook group, friend Esteban Bodzak gives me this information on the Comets: Comet 4 LV-AHN "Las Tres Marias" Jan 1959 to retirement 1971 1st colours: style 1 (thick/thin, tall) titles, plain pinion tanks -- this was a montage and the typography was wrong, so ignore; 2nd colours: as above plus style 3 (ultimate) titles; 3rd colours (1964 onwards?): as above plus logo on fin, fuselage registration in cheatline Comet 4 LV-AHO "Cruz del Sur" Feb 1959 to crash Feb 1960 1st colours: style 2 (bold, tight-set) titles; 2nd colours: as abov
  2. Just to add that Eastern Express are definitely going to launch 747-100/200 and 400 kits in 1/144. How long that takes is another matter -- most likely not before 2022 and 2023-4. Their 747SP is about to hit the shelves. Cost is likely to be excessive, sadly...
  3. I stand corrected! I was wrong on the span, definitely. Still, the other changes are visually minor, however great they are in service. Thanks once again -- PS FlightGlobal's online archive has now disappeared, very sadly...
  4. Nah... nah... nah..! Relax, don't worry, be happy :) The wing is more than essentially identical between a 747-400 and a 747-8. Boeing modified the flap track fairings and fiddled with the nose profiles here and there. And, err... that was it! The thickness is, of course, unchanged, as it has been since 1969. The chord is unchanged from a 400. The span is unchanged from a -400. The flap track fairings aren't that big an issue, but can easily be reverted to -400 shape.
  5. In 1/144: - Revell make a 747-400 . You can find an old boxing with RB211s and British Airways Landor (1985-1997) decal. The kit has quite a lot of intractable shape issues. The decal is good; - Zvezda and Revell both make (different) 747-8s. They are much superior in shape to the Revell 747-400, but do need cutting up a bit to shunt the fuselage and wing. They also need aftermarket RB211s, available from Braz, inter alia; - Revell made a 747-100/200. You can find old boxings of it quite readily and cheaply. I seem to recall a British Airways Landor (1985-1997) decal boxing. The
  6. Moa, your modelling is an inspiration that leaps across periods and subject matter and I am happy to have attracted your interest! Thank you for your contributions!
  7. Proplineruk, thank you for the tip re. the Welsh Models Comets! (Now, if only they didn't cost well over a ton..! And, having said that, where would I shoehorn one of them without the missus raising hell..?) Fascinating, that about the AA Comet 4s, thank you! I had always assumed only the 1/1A and 2 had the curved windscreen panels. The Comet had quite a few winsdcreen layouts, mostly subtle changes here and there. I know for sure the front four panes on the 4B and 4C were taller. (Still not very clear on whether the Nimrod didn't end up having even taller windscreen panes all arou
  8. Many thanks to Jure Miljević and Bzn20 for some fascinating input! AA seems to have had a fairly ecclectic attitude to naming aircraft (and indeed painting them in a uniform manner). Lovely colour, though, and once I have decided on one of the many schemes the few AA Comets wore, I shall design and print my own decals and go at it Incidentally, it took me ages to work out what the writing on the AA Comet fins said. It is "DE HAVILLAND/COMET-4 (or COMET-4C, and yes, with a hyphen)/TURBINAS/ROLLS-ROYCE AVON". This, plus a 'credits panel' in English on some early a/c... Typographical
  9. Wow, never knew of that clip. Thanks!. The Transport Wings Comet, hmm-m... I had one 20-odd years ago and sold it unbuilt. As I remember, plenty more problems than the Mach 2. Never seen the Welsh Comet 4s.
  10. Jure, kolega, najlepša hvala (huge thanks) for this excellent information which I did not have! --- I have both the Mach 2 Caravelle and Comet 4C kits. The Comet appears to be based on the Airfix Nimrod. This means the engine intakes and the entire forward halves of the engine tracts are very much deeper than they should be (the Comet had thin and spindly Avon turbojets. The Nimrod had much fatter Spey turbofans.) Other than the wrong engine housings, the kit has inherited all Airfix's Nimrod faults, which are niggling, but not too offputting, to me at least. Among them i
  11. Aerolineas Argentinas Comet 4s saw a considerable number of variations in their colour schemes. Photos are few, far between, and of crap quality. Some a/c seem only to have a single photo online -- period! Sources are scanty and iffy... All in all, I need help! My research shows this: Comet 4 LV-PLM/-AHN "Las Tres Marias" Jan 1959 to retirement 1971 1st colours: style 1 (thick/thin, tall) titles, plain pinion tanks; 2nd colours: as above plus style 3 (ultimate) titles; 3rd colours (1964 onwards?): as above plus logo on fin, fuselage registration in cheatline
  12. Brilliant work, and lots of it, too! The nose is amazingly true to life!
  13. I'm getting some popcorn... (John @Viking, I have some Comet 4C drawings basically cadged off the old Aeromodeller effort and done up by myself. Drop me a PM with your email addy and they are yours.) Peter
  14. I feel that's the reason Amodel keeps popping up amid all the criticism. Its intake and centre section area, while not perfect, are really rather decent! The Comet is a huge sculpture all over, really...
  15. On window decals, it's worth noting the Caravelle had the Comet 1/2/3 windcreen. Comet 4 was as close as damn it identical to that (front four panes were flat, but that was all). Comets 4B and 4C, though, had slight height increases to the forward four panes, as shown in the Guy Montagu-Pollock illustrations. Though minor, this really shows in real life. All this, time, the Caravelle stayed with the Comet 1/2/3 arrangement until the VI-N inclusive, going for an altogether different layout from the VI-R.
  16. A spiffy addition to the topic, that, what!? I like whoever-made-it's sense of humour. I take it the mysterious "upper-surface air-scoops" are none other than the fixed slots on the inboard side of the pinion tanks. (I'll take especial care to cavort about the room while I bask in my accomplishment!)
  17. Thank you so much for this, John and Tommo! I'd say, personally, the AA nose is the same as their Caravelle. (Which are lovely and of which I have two in the stash...) Here is a brilliant set of Comet 4 and 4B/4C noses, by friend Guy Montaguy-Pollock. The Comet nose is a tad shorter than the Caravelle's and its windscreen sits a tad higher in the fuselage. A personal view, this, entirely unsupported by measurements...
  18. May I add to that a request for the underside of the fuselage at the centre section? Ta in advance!
  19. Wow! What a brilliant visual comparison! Thank you so much, John! On noses, I feel that AA is indeed too tapered -- looks like their Caravelle if you ask me. (The Caravelle did indeed have the same nose, but a longer radome, and the nose merged into a slightly wider fuselage in which it sat slightly low, giving an appearance entirely distinct from the Comet.) The Airfix is indeed too blunt, as is also the Amodel, I'd venture...
  20. S'ppose by the time you add this and that to an Airfix, it all comes down to the same thing, money wise. Thing is, I like fiddling with plastic, personally. Be nice if I finished the odd build, too...
  21. Thank you, Dave, for a wonderful roundup! This thread's now taken us full circle from Airfix and Amodel, via Welsh, onto Authentic Airliners. Yet again we learn that if we want perfection on the Comet front, we have to dish out sixty-odd knicker (plus P&P). Half that price gets us half the perfection. A third or less gets us a hodge-podge, as already stated above by John (Viking). Unless we're in for a long improvement project, that is... The Airfix Comet is cheap and easily available. It is essentially geometrically sound. It is also sufficiently sturdy/"fleshy" (i
  22. Nice! Quite possibly... The whole kit is skewed in different directions. There again, most kits are skew-whiff, each in a different way or ways, so perhaps the best policy is, least said, soonest mended! In my old age, anything that passes the "looks like" test will do! :) Absolutely! I'd add the engines' undersides to the list -- each pair kind of merges into a single lump about 2/3rds of the way back at the bottom, but in this area Welsh appear to have just copied Airfix, with its four discernible jet pipes. I've not seen the Welsh kit and am just judging by pho
  23. Welsh used to do a nice Comet 3 in BEA's original 1946 paint, as flown at Farnborough!
  24. Question was asked up-thread. Same length as the Comet 4 (i.e., not B or C). Meaning, the Amodel still needs a plug behind the wing.
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