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  1. Hi no i haven't. Got side tracked with it at the moment . On the card front i looked everywhere i could think and drew a blank on the size (not being big enough) i will have a look wicks bnq to see how flexible it is and if it will work with the curve of the roof. Thanks very much David
  2. Hi thanks i have seen that hanger build and had the same idea but joined my two halves together in a similar manner but on a flat surface. i put weights on it to hold it flat while it dried but on taking of the weights i didn't stay very flat and to be honest i was never going to be very happy even before i started with a joint in the middle that i thought impossible to hide .. i will have to keep searching . posting pics .. only have pics on my mobile and not a very computery person.. i only found out how to post a new topic today by chance visiting the home page for the first time since coming on here lol. i could pull your car into thousands of pieces and put it back together but the only this i have ever pasted is wallpaper. lmao
  3. Hi folks have made a start at building my CPM 1/48 hanger. and on glueing the roof cover sections together and them sticking. pva. as soon as they touched.. out of line with each other and having to use a damp cloth to separate them and reset them in the right position it has all gone a bit wobbley.and the joint looks dreadfull. not happy at all. can anyone tell me where i might be able to purchase via royal mail, a sheet of this micro corrugated cardboard big enough A1 to do the roof in one piece ? any help gratefully received. i was going to put a pic of it on for you to laugh or cry about but don't seem to be able to load it from my phone gallery??
  4. absolutely fantastic. i can't imagine the man hours involved in building such a masterpiece .
  5. Hi my exs grandfather was on the Repulse ,.he came off to do some kind of extra training and sadly lost all of his mates when it was sunk.
  6. Food for thought ?? I purchased a Testors 1.48 scale Supermarine S6B racer on ebay that i intend to build . i have previously seen one by Airfix In my humble opinion beauty doesn't come greater than that .
  7. Hi Ian . very interesting. definately something to consider. it will be interesting to see how the girderwork evolves. thanks
  8. Hi i have searched trying to find a scorce to purchase an aircraft hanger kit of 1.24 scale .and wondered if anyone could be of help to me in pointing me in the right direction .i have seen the 1.48 builds and am in awe of the brilliant workmanship involved in the finished articles .i did read an article of a member F4TCT who was on the autocad .trying to re produce drawings for a 1.24 build and talked of laser cutting or water jetting saying "it will happen" but am unable to find any follow up on this i have seen that he later biult a 1.48 scale so not sure what happened .any help much appreciated . thanks
  9. Hi F4TCT just was wondering if this project came to be as i am looking for this scale of hanger to fit a lanc in that i plan to build thanks
  10. Hi folks . not sure if i am re visiting my childhood or what but have a wanting to build a WW2 themed display. i have collected a few 1.48 models and have an idea in my head i will share at a later date . one thing i can say is it is a bit ambitious and is not going to be a five minute job . i hope i am posting this in the right place.???..here goes.
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