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  1. Eugene

    Correct paint/clear-coat types... acrylic vs enamel

    Thanks all - really helpful! So, Smithy, you use Pledge Extra Protection as a gloss? Is that THIS stuff and can I just brush it on neat?
  2. Hi all I’m still working on my first project (Mk1 Spitfire) since getting back to modelling I actually have 2 on the go so I can practice/learn as I go! One’s already ruined but grainy paint! I am using Humbrol acrylics (brushed), but I just wanted to make sure I have the process for painting/decals/clear-coat/weathering right... and am using the right stuff (ie, acrylics then enamels or all acrylics?) So, is this his the correct process...? - paint model with Humbrol acrylic - apply decals (to use Humbrol decal fix or not?) - apply Humbrol clear acrylic (or should it be enamel over acrylic?) - apply Humbrol weathering wash - apply final coat of Humbrol clear (or enamel?) thanks all!
  3. Eugene

    Grainy acrylics?

    Thanks everyone - I've bought a couple of Tamiya acrylics to replace the 'grainy' Humbrol ones - it does seem a bit hit and miss with my Humbrols. The Tamiya's seem fine, but then so does the 'free' pot that came with the Spit. I'll just have to do tests with any new pots I guess!
  4. Eugene

    Grainy acrylics?

    Ah, ok, interesting strangley, I bought a Humbrol hobby tray which included a free Spitfire ‘starter’ kit with paint - the 29/brown paint it includes seems WAY better and no grain/gritbissue at all could it be the age of the paint causes the grain/grit to form?
  5. Eugene

    Grainy acrylics?

    Are Humbrol known for grainy texture? The underside colour I’m using (90) is nice and smooth, but the dark earth (29) is the grainy culprit
  6. Hi everyone! I'm returning to model aircraft after about 25 years away from the hobby. I was always a 'capable amateur' but hoping this time around to really hone my skills. I've started small - in the midst of making a 1:72 Mk1 Spitfire. I'm sure I'll have LOTS of questions, but hopefully I can return the favour. Thanks! Eugene
  7. Eugene

    Grainy acrylics?

    Hi folks, I've only just come back to scale modelling after a 25 year gap, so taking it slowly! I've started out with a 1:72 Spitfire and I'm finding that my paint in some areas/colours is really grainy - I'm using Humbrol Acrylics and brushes (I never graduated to an airbrush!) Is this 'grainy texture' due to not mixing the paint enough, not thinning enough, or just duff paint? Any ideas or tips greatly appreciated!