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  1. Hi, some progress from last time. I finished both ejection seats and started work on Skyhawk cockpit. Fujimi cockpit is bare, so I tried to replicate padding on cockpit sidewalls and created big pouch on starboard side. Eduard PE was used for instrument panel and side consoles. I am quite satisfied with result. Much more work was needed for front wheel well of SHAR. It is open when engine is not running, so some improvment was needed. Plasticard and stretched sprue were used here. I made wheel well roof and front bulkhead. It looks more busy now... Engine fan was primed with black primer and painted. All comments are welcome. thanks for watching, Frank
  2. Most of the last weekend I spent finishing this little fella: But I managed to add some details to cockpit sidewalls and paint most of the cockpit. Airwaves PE were used for instrument panel and side consoles. I will add HUD after fitting the instrument panel cover. My eyes were tired and even more tired looking close up pictures. But in will be fine inside tiny cockpit, I guess... Thanks for watching, Frank
  3. Congratulations, she looks beautiful! I only wish I could finish a kit in a month. And on that level...
  4. Yes, works very well. Very useful for seams on rouned objects, like aircraft spines, drop tanks, etc. Bought it on evil bay.
  5. When Pappy mantioned the 'hump', I didn't had a kit in hand and I didn't had a clue what he's talking about. Anyway, as Pappy said, easy job for scraper, sanding paper and some elbow grease. Humps are removed and panel lines rescribed. Thanks for watching, Frank
  6. Thanks you for your comment. I didn't know about this either. I have a vague idea what you are talking about, but I'll check the references. It certainly sound easy enough to do. Do you have any pictures? Thanks, Frank
  7. I didn't know about this... I 'll probably leave it as it is. To much butchering and I am afraid I will run out of time. Thanks!
  8. Hi, As usual, I started with cockpit. Ejector pin marks in SHAR cockpit needed to be filled and sanded. Well, visible ones at least. Then I turned my attention to the ejection seat. Italeri ejection seat is rubbish. I have Aeroclub white metal seat which is much nicer, but too wide for cockpit tub. I checked my stash, and found nice extra MB Mk.10 ejection seat in Special Hobby Mirage F1 kit. Airwaves seat belts were used and some plasticard for seat top. Coat of primer will follow, than painting. Thanks for watching, Frank
  9. Hi, I am joining the fun with venerable ESCI Sea Harrier FRS.1 kit in Italeri package. Here is pic of box content: I'll be using some aftermarket goodies: Airwaves PE, Aires engine nozzles, Master pitot probe, Aztec decals set and NewWare masks. I also have old Aeroclub white metal ejection seat, but I will use spare MB Mk.10 seat from Special Hobby Mirage F.1 set with modifications. I will also build SHAR adversary, A-4Q from Hobby 2000 A-4B kit, rebox of lovely Fujimi kit: And some aftermarket accesories: Eduard PE, Quickboost ejection seat, Aires wheels and NewWare masks. Decals from Aztec set will be used. I hope I will be able to show some progress soon
  10. DASSSAULT RAFALE B ECE 5/330 Cote d'Argent, Armée de l'Air, NATO Tiger Meet, Kleine Brogel 2009 kit: Hobbyboss 1/72 Builld thread:
  11. Deadline is here, and I can say that Rafale is finished. Last days were frantic, I cut some corners (eagle eye get the cent for every grey on grey stencil omitted), and I wish I would do some things better. But, looking back, I can say that was enjoyable build. So, here she is: Dassault Rafale B, EC 5/330, Tiger Meet 2009, Kleine Brogel. I wish to thank fellow modellers for great support during the build. Thanks for watching, Frank
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