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  1. Here is the link to the final reveal : Thanks everyone once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope you all did too
  2. Hi all, here is my Spitfire TR9 G-CTIX (PT462) which I converted from the 1:48 ICM Mark IX kit. Critiques are obviously welcome, but don't be too harsh . This kit was just a distraction from all my school work the past few weeks so it's not perfect! Overall the kit went together well, brilliant abundance of parts from ICM. For £13 you get not only a full 1:48 Spitfire (that you can make several versions of!) with an engine, but also the ground crew with benches, ladders etc. A brilliant base kit for conversions. Here is a link to the build progress post
  3. So here we go... the final post on here. Thanks everyone for sticking around for this, my first time doing a full start-end report on Britmodeller and I've loved it! The only changes made between now and my last post was some minor weathering - faint exhaust smoke, some oil stains on the fueslage and big oil streaks on the underside. Nothing too much, and something that would occur in day-to-day running of the aircraft in the modern day. I'll link the final reveal post here in a bit whilst I make it, in the meantime here are some more 'arty' photos of the finished thi
  4. Hi all, Again, apologises for the lack of updates. school is back on now and work is being piled on at a rate of knots! Here's the first thing I did after the previous update - add the squadron markings on the fueslage. Also added were the yellow lines and red covers over the .50 cals. Interesting that this Spitfire does not have the brownings in the wings, so no need for patches on the yellow line. And then I put it all together. This stage was a bit spontaneous so didn't take any photos in between, so sorry fo
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words! The spitfire has progressed a fair bit over the past week - all major components are either complete or in the final stages. All is left is really assembly and the markings. So, here's the work this week. Apologises for the lack of posting - school (albeit online for the moment!) has started again so I'm a bit more stretched for time. Starting with the fuselage halves separate but the cockpit installed. Note the lack of instrument panel and other gadgets in the rear cockpit - soon to change!
  6. Yesterday's progress - the fueslage cuts have been made and all is well (i think!). They look very messy at the moment but they will be cleaned up once the fueslage halves are joined (they are currently held together by tape). And the front cockpit is also pretty much done (atleast the inner part - throttle, gear lever etc. needs to be attached to the wall.) The instrument panel is Eduard PE that I have recycled from another kit. Several other mods were made to fit PT462 - i.e there is no plate behind the pilot's seat, no headrest and th
  7. I just started work on the fueslage - the scary bit (cutting) has been done successfully! However, I've got to now start work on the cockpits. I have a load of spare parts from other kits that I can use, but I was wondering if anyone had any plans of the rear cockpit? Blueprints would be nice but if anyone has detailed photos that would help massively too!
  8. And here's the finished thing - prop details done. Not going to win any awards with this engine but I rather like it! Next up: the scary bit....
  9. Yesterday's progess - calling the engine done! Still have the props to do, that should take up some time today. As such, ignore the messy prop blades ! A fair amount of scratchbuilding was needed for the ICM engine - all pipes and wires you see have been added, along with the two vertical fastener struts on the sides, along with the one under the exhausts and making the piece behind the exhausts thicker. Also added are ignition rails (i think!) on the side of the stacks, the carb air intake duct on the bottom plus the starter on the left side. Also the first sign of this Spitfire'
  10. Eeek I actually wasn't aware of that! Whoops, will have to find a way around that then. I'll be building it with both cockpits open, so maybe it wont be noticeable? Hahaha
  11. Here is yesterday's progress - added the supports and fitted it to the bulkhead. Also scratch built some more parts for the engine; pipes, the starter etc.
  12. Thanks Dean! That looks excellent. I imagine the problems will crop up when I'm trying to make the 2nd cockpit haha
  13. While I wait for filler to be delivered, I started work on the engine. Only done the two cylinder stacks, rocker covers and exhausts for the time being. In the kit, they only had fishtail exhausts. However, Indy has rounded ends. I found an old Eduard kit which had these, so had to cut off each exhaust and stick them on individually. All is ok so far! Going to build up the engine today and then move onto the fuselage when the filler arrives.
  14. Here's the first thing I'm doing to the kit - marking out the cut position. The shaded in box will be removed from the aircraft and the cockpit section brought forwards.
  15. Starting a new project today - converting the ICM 1:48 Spitfire IX kit into a Grace-canopy TR9. The scheme I am doing is G-CTIX, i.e PT462. First up - Planning. Here is the 'base plan' of a Mk IX Spitfire ... and the plan converted to TR9 spec The red lines indicate what I'll be cutting/adding etc. . The red section will be moved forwards 6.3mm, plus with a 6.3mm piece of plastic added on the back of this section to fill the gap left. I'm completely new to any kind of scratch building so any tips/help will
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