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  1. Well, Clif, if that's your work when you're rusty and out of practice, I can't wait to see what you pull out of the hat when you're back on top of your game... that is excellent
  2. Ooh, that's nice..I've got the Hasegawa 1/48th kit in a Revell box to do. That might be the next project after my HobbyBoss Thud
  3. That's seriously smart. Mish . I've just started the Hobby Boss kit tonight and I hope mine comes out as well as yours.
  4. Cracking work Mr. S. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the plastic on Sunday (I'll be on the Washington Model Club stand).
  5. That's basically just a big pile of loveliness...
  6. Really, really nice. Still doesn't make me want to build another one, though....
  7. I really like that camo, such a different slection of colours
  8. Thanks,darson . After I took the photos , I went over the model with a damp brush and removed some of the pigments,making it look as if they'd been wshed off with a bit of rain. The lighting in the photo does make them look heavier than they are.
  9. Hi folks, Here's the first one off the bench this year. It's the Tamiya Hetzer kit, built OOB, painted with Revell acrylics and weathered with washes, a bit of drybrushing, some chips and a whole load of MIG pigments. The base will get groundwork sooner or later The figure was painted with oils for the face and hands and Tamiya acrylics for the rest. It's been a while since I've painted a figure and I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. Thanks for looking.
  10. And ther amazing thing is that they're all 1/72nd, which makes them even better. Love the Liberator and the Havoc
  11. Erwin, it's 1/32nd. How much do you want for it? At the very least I can reimburse your postage.
  12. Hi everyone, One of the lads at work brought in a couple of kits from his brother's house clearance business a couple of months ago. The first kit is the Hasegawa Arado Ar 234B, which was complete in all respects except that the instructions were missing. The second was the Dragon P-51 kit, which has all the plastic and instructions, but is missing the decals and etched fret. So, I have 2 questions. Does anyone know of a website where I can get downloads of Hasegawa instructions, or even have a copy of those instructions they could scan and email to me? and does anyone know where I can get spares and replacements for Dragon parts and decal sheets? Thanks in advance.
  13. I thought I'd post my F-15 pics here, just to reach a wider audience. The kit was bought at Perth last year in the kitswap for the grand sum of £50, and spent the best part of a year languishing in my stash before the KUTA GB prompted me to actually go and finish it. Painted with a mixture of Tamiya, Vallejo and Revell Aqua paints (which I really like as I like the finish I get with them), finishing the model was surprisingly quick, as I'd got the cockpit and nose section together ages ago. This was also the first model I'd done where I used a proper oil wash. I think it turned out really well, apart from a couple of decal disasters... Here are t'pics.... Left Front Front View (photographer appears to have an inner ear problem, or he's experimenting with Dutch angles) Right top view (that's a 2 foot ruler in front of the model) Cockpit from the right all praise, brickbats etc. gratefully received.
  14. Well, I decided not to finish off the Bf-110 yet, but I've had this sitting round since April last year (2007). I bought it at Perth in the kitswap for £50. Box was a bit crushed, but it was completly unstarted. I'd got the cockpit together and the nose section built, so I decided to finish it off. It's the Tamiya kit, with a bit of Eduard here and there. There are a few bits where it didn't quite fit, and I've got a few of the decals in the wrong places (bonus points if you can spot the upside-down one). Here are t'pics.... Left Front Front View (photographer appears to have an inner ear problem, or he's experimenting with Dutch angles) Right top view (that's a 2 foot ruler in front of the model) Cockpit from the right all praise, brickbats etc. gratefully received.
  15. I'll join in, with my Eduard Bf 110. Fuselage is together, wings are on, but I need to fill and sand some enormous gaps and try and work out how to fit the engine nacelles on the wing... Updated 3rd. December. I haven't done anything more to the 110, but I got sidetracked from that and went and finished the F-15 that i bought at Perth last year (2007). Piccies will follow when I've got a window in my busy schedule...
  16. I had similar problems with the wingtips too, which is why I didn't post any pictures of the underside (that and the huge fingerprint on one of the radiator housings)...
  17. That's very nice indeed...puts mine to shame, to be honest. I do like that scheme. In fact it was a tossup between your scheme and the one I finished mine in, but I went with mine cos I liked the invasion stripes. What did you think how the kit built up?
  18. Sorry, I must have been editing my post as you were making yours. Put simply, there's no locating pins, quite a bit of flash on some of the parts, the plastic's a very shiny light blue, but it all fits if you take care, dryfit 3 times and be prepared to spend a lot of time sanding. Watch out for the fit of the upper wing roots (I shimmed mine with some plasticard at the leading edge) and sand down the radiator housings a little if you want them to fit in their slots. Don't forget to polish or Klear the canopies as they're a bit cloudy on the sprue.
  19. I'd like to thank everyone for all the nice comments about my Spitfire. . To answer a couple of questions, in the first place the kit is not "bad" per se, it's just a bit off here and there with the fit although the resin parts fit beautifully into the cockpit and wheelwells once they're separated from the pour stubs. It's nothing a little application of Modelling Skill (of which I have a seriously limited supply) and some Elbow Grease wouldn't solve. To answer the second questionthe panel lines are incredibly fine and shallow, so I didn't do a wash because there was very little for the wash to flow into. It was an interesting and fun build, if a bit of a slog sometimes and it was the first time I'd used resin parts on a model. Would I build another? Maybe not, but it was a good way to expand the skills.
  20. Hi Folks, As promised in my poll, here are a few pictures of my PCM Spitfire, dodgy invasion stripes, silvered decals, bad construction and all. I bought the kit in July from Hannants on a trip to That London. (Think I might have seen Bob von Booby Buckle in there that day :-) )
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