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  1. Dr Lurrrrve

    Ideas Please

    I'm coming to the stage where i'm ready to do a panel line wash on my pale pink Spitfire FR.IX. Not sure whether i should go for a gray or brown wash. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks Rob
  2. Great work Max! Nice Spitfire. Keep up the great work. Rob
  3. Hi guys, Anyone who has back issues of SAM going back to March 2000 i would be really grateful if you could help? I'm looking for an article in the March 2000 Vol.22 No.1 issue entitled "A Surreptitious Spitfire - Improving the Occidental Spitfire IX". The article contains an out of the box build as well as a build using resin improvement parts. Would be really helpful to get hold of a copy of the article if anyone can assist? Best regards Rob
  4. That is one great looking Spitfire XII my friend! I may even be tempted to buy one myself now based upon your build. Keep up the great work. Its an inspiration!!! Regards Rob
  5. As my eye sees it i was also thinking 118 US Tan. The brown colour worn by the Dak looks very much like the tan worn in the US South East Asia scheme from the Vietnam era. Depending on how close a match Humbrol 118 is (i find the Humbrol colours tend to be a little darker than the real thing) you may need to adjust by adding 94 as suggested or a touch of white. Regards Rob
  6. I would like to know how Turnerdad achieves that beautiful natural worn/weathered effect in the cockpit and engine bay. The effect on the interior green is subtle and yet so effective. A beatiful build so far and i'm keeping a close eye on it as i have a 1/32 Tamiya Mustang to build in my stash! Rob
  7. Hi Edgar Thanks very much for your response on this topic. Much appreciated. Best regards Rob
  8. Hi guys Need your help! I need some markings for a special project that i'm doing. The Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire VIII in the markings of 607 (County of Durham) Squadron RAF whilst deployed to the SEAC theatre around 1944-45 period. The aircraft i want to model is JG559 AF-N, which was regularly flown by Aussie Flt Lt Wilf Goold, who i had the great honour to correspond with a number of years ago. (See link to artwork i found of this plane) http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircra...re_mk8_004.html I've worked out sizes as follows scaling up from 1/48 SEAC Spitfire VIII decals that i have, including those for AF-N, these being: White code letters (actual approx height 13 inches x width 11.5 inches - 10.5 mm x 9 mm to 1/32 scale) SEAC roundels (acutual approx 16 inches diameter with 5.5 inch diameter centres - 12.5 mm with 4.5mm centres to 1/32 scale) SEAC fin flashes (height 17 inches x width 17 inches - 13.5 mm x 13.5 mm to 1/32 scale) black serials (actual 8 inches high - 6 mm to scale ) Despite searching the net for suitable decals for codes, roundels and serials i've not had much luck. The white code letters and fin flashes i may be able to mask and spray on as they are of a simple design but the roundels and serials could pose a problem because of their size and complexity. I have thought about seeing if i can get some custom masks done but not sure how good these will be and whether i can get these done at a reasonable price. Would appreciate any ideas or recommendations that Britmodellers may have. You guys have helped me a lot in the past! Thanks Rob
  9. The build is looking good and considering that i got hold of one of these last month i'll be keeping a close eye on how its develops. I agree, the quality of the kit is fantastic and worth the wonga! Can i ask which brand of US cockpit interior green that you used - looks good!!! Regards Rob
  10. Hi guys I have my Mustang and its a fab kit. Quality is really good. Looking forward to starting it but rather than doinmg it in USAAF colours i'm keen to do an RAF (Canadian) or RAAF aircraft. Looking at Hannant's recently released sheet for Mustang IV and IVa they had louvered vents on the nose (which are not included in the Tamiya kit) and as i understand it, sometimes were fitted with the uncuffed Aeroproducts prop. Any idea whether anyone is looking at doing a conversion set? Thanks Rob
  11. Am eagerly anticipating the release of Italeri's Hurricane hoping that it is going to raise the bar on Hasegawa's good but difficult to find Mk.I Wondered whether anyone had heard any news on when it is expected to be released here in the UK? Thanks guys Rob
  12. A simply beautiful bomber Mossie. I would be interested to know how you did the upper surface camo - freehand, masked or White Tack method! Love it. Great work. Rob
  13. A brilliant build! That NMF looks fantastic. The B-36 sure was a beast among bombers. Looked so advanced for its time. Keep up the great work. Rob
  14. Thanks guys Going to give this a go! Regards Rob
  15. Hi guys Can never seem to get great results in painting modern aircraft undercarriage white. White paint usually ends up looking patchy and generally not very realistic looking. Currently use either acrylic Tamiya or Gunze matt white glossed up using Johnson's Klear before weathering with Tamiya Smoke. Does anyone out there have any tips for getting a getting a good finish including what paint to use and application technique? Many thanks Rob
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