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  1. The Akan paints are made after the original color samples found in the russian state library (ex-Lenin-Library). https://www.rsl.ru/en You have to keep in mind the scale effect and lighten up the Akan-colors. The Acrylic colors (water-based) need aprox. 10-20 % white or light-grey to look right. Just try it on an old model or paper to find the tone that suits you. (Above informations are from 'Mr. Akan' posted on russian forums) To me the Akan-paints are the best solution to paint a model in realistic soviet/russian colors.
  2. Have you read this article before? RAAF Foliage Green Maybe this will give you some ideas And thanks for your detailed construction report!
  3. I've never heard of this type before. But regarding the copper wire i found this (translated): 'Henrich Focke relied on the normal fuselage of a DFS-230 freight glider. A rotor of a Fa 223 was placed on this. The rotor axle was put through to below the fuselage and ended in a rope drum. Here a rope was wound up, whose end was anchored to the ground before take-off. When the tow plane pulled the pattern, an initial number of turns was thus achieved, which was then increased by the airstream to the speed required for take-off.' I'd say that is an interesting technique. http://www.luftarchiv.de/hubschrauber/fa225.htm Interesting projects you are working on.
  4. This one? https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hurricane/RAF-257Sqn-DT.html
  5. Some pictures of the original on Asisbiz.com 109_1 109_2 109_3 This kit has a good reputation. Enjoy the build!
  6. I'd say the Revell kit in general is the best in 1/72 (GR/IDS/ECR). The IPMS Tornado SIG is a good source for information: Revell-Hasegawa-Tornado
  7. Personally, I absolutely prefer the Revell kit. Although there is a small problem with the shape of the nose. Here the pros and cons are well summarized: Italeri_Revell_Tornado
  8. My vote for scheme B :-)
  9. I'll give it a try........... Summary of the 71st fair For its 71st edition, the International Toy Fair maintains its position as the No. 1 event for the industry with the highest international share of both visitors and exhibitors ever. From 29 January to 2 February 63,500 specialist dealers and buyers from 136 countries (2019: 66,876/132) came to the Nürnberg exhibition centre. The decline in the number of visitors is due to concerns about the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the mood among exhibitors was excellent: 2,843 companies from 70 countries (2019: 2,886/68) offered a comprehensive overview of the market. On the visitor side, 66 percent (2019: 62%) came from abroad. In the country ranking, Great Britain and the USA achieved the highest growth. The demand volume at the International Toy Fair was also stable. Shay Mugrabi, CEO of the Israeli wholesaler Hot Stuff Toys, is among the many returning visitors: "This is the best fair for toys worldwide. Every year we find new things, exhibitors and services here". Paola Zuzunaga from the chain store Caramba travelled all the way from Peru and says: "The International Toy Fair is unique because it offers international brands and variety. The exhibitors are playing this ball back. 92 percent of them are very satisfied to satisfied with the course of the fair and praise above all the quality of the trade visitors. "This year's International Toy Fair was by far the most successful for us because of the first-class audience", Craze Vice President Florian N. Lipp emphasizes. "We met the most important international decision-makers from all distribution channels within a few days." CEO Alexandre Pariente of Safari adds: "We always come back because there is no comparable event that brings together so many potential business partners. The exhibitor has been loyal to the International Toy Fair for over 25 years. So far the text of the fair management about the overall situation. Now a few thoughts about it: It is noticeable that with regard to visitors, the high percentage of foreigners is mentioned, but not the figures in connection with the overall decline. We had a different impression in the classic model building sector. In this sector, which seems to be developing more and more into a niche existence for the fair, the decline in visitors was clearly visible. Furthermore, the event was overshadowed by events that made us think. Heller already had no stand of their own last year, Hasegawa had disappeared this year, our beloved stand of MB (Masterbox) was sorely missed. Toro Models have merged with MG Models (stand sharing). Several booths have become smaller. These changes may be due to health reasons or high stand fees. There are now a considerable number of distributors who have taken over sales for the manufacturers in whole or in part and are present at the International Toy Fair. (Glow to be, MIG Jiminez, Modellbau König etc.). The advantages of these distributors or the retailers are also explicitly mentioned in the fair report. I could well imagine that in future more and more manufacturers will orient themselves in this direction if stand fees are not adequate to sales. This would then of course have advantages in terms of the financial outlay for an own stand and the associated logistics. The disadvantages, however, would also be the loss of direct contact with the customer and the lack of an own basis for negotiations. However, a sales partner also involves costs. Since a large number of manufacturers are currently still operating on two tracks in this context (own stand and presence with distributors), the system still seems to work, or rather a win-win situation is still guaranteed. However, we as "normal" visitors as well as the retailers would have the disadvantage of seeing only boxes of the kits at some point, if the number of stands of the manufacturers would decrease further, because distributors usually don't have much space for the resulting models. In a way, the retailers then buy "the cat in the bag". This makes it much easier for manufacturers of finished models, which are popping up like mushrooms, especially in the automotive sector. However, the future will show. The trade fair and the manufacturers are logically oriented towards supply and demand. There is also the question of whether vacancies will arise in the future due to a lack of exhibitors in connection with rents. At the moment it seems to be more of a cut-throat competition (the big ones eat the small ones, as everywhere else). We, as far-sighted reporters, have already prepared ourselves for possible forthcoming changes and increased the number of box presentations in order to make it easier for the inclined reader to transition to a possible different situation without presentation patterns in the future. As we all know, man is a creature of habit. So a timely habituation cannot be completely dismissed. ............................................................................................................................. ......The rest should be self-explanatory
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