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  1. Awesome work, I just resumed my work too, may I know where you got the spring for the screws of the exhaust pipe?
  2. Wow, i didn't know there is another transkit for the F40! Nice!
  3. Uli never reply my email, but lucky my friend willing to made me a pair. And for the shocks, I just apply 5 thin coats of red paint to made it look glossy, and for the spring, I used few layers of semi gloss paint and few layer of thin clear coat only. And for the color of the body, I havn't started to think about it, well may be keep the Ferrari Red! I still scare about the part that I need to do the air vents opening.
  4. Hi Rich The CF decals are waterslide, I just apply the Mr. Mark Setter on the surface, place the decal and then apply Mr. Mark Softer as the last stage. The outcome is very good.
  5. Dear all, with the permission of Wayne, I will like to post some of my process photos so far! Hopes can help some of you! The first step was to stripped the paint. Then the front tub Seats were using the stockings provided by the transkit, the outcome is awesome! For the Dashboard, I decided to use flocking. Flocking was used for the inner tub Right now try to finish the from suspension part and thanks for Wayne's posts to help my life easier. I wish I can finish the front suspension part in the coming week!
  6. Thanks! I have started for a month, so far I have scrapped the body paint, finished the front tub, inner tub, dashboard steering column, seats and the rear shock absorbers. For the front absorber, I have broken the upper part, I have tried to contact Autograph for the part, but been a week, still no reply, lucky my friend can help me mold one. However i also broke both tie rod heads, the white metal is very soft and fragile, I think I can glue it back. In the meantime I am doing the front part of the Frame, today just installed the Upper control arms and tomorrow I will try to install the lower part and have the rotors on see if the angle is acceptable. OMG the instruction is killing me!!!!
  7. Hi! I am glad that I find your post, I finally starting my Pocher F40 with the transkit which I bought 15 years ago. I am so confused at the start, the manual is so simple, you need to figure it out by yourself, luckily I have your detail posts on your WIP. Thanks and your work is awesome!
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