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  1. Not over my house but over my current place of work, CH53's, Chinooks, Apaches, Super Cobras, Lynx, Seakings, MI-8's and an MI-26 Halo (it's huge). Not forgetting various marks of Herk including a gunship a C-5 galaxy, C-17's, AN-12, 747, 737 and all manner of other stuff, so quite an interesting place for a spotter.
  2. Steve, Coming along very nicely. I did my last F3 see off on this jet on it's last flight and have just recieved the decals for my eventual 1/48th build, so your build is inspiring and nostalgic.
  3. sooty


    The best I've heard was the "Carbon fibre death provider" used by my Harrier chums. As for what the F3 guys called our Typhoon replacements, I know what I called them and I don't think I should write it down. We did refer to them as the "Buffoon's" for various reasons. Whether this is what armadillos is refering too you'll have to ask him.
  4. I think the last photo's a cracker. Do the typhoons still do a fiery cross or is that another tradition they decided to do away with when they took over.
  5. sooty


    I, and everyone I've worked with has called them tonka's, but we never call the tanks hindenburgers, we call them big jugs (which I think is better). While we're on the subject the part that everyone calls the wing glove is in fact known as a nib. Had to clear that up it's been bugging me for ages.
  6. I miss the hallam, much btter than these schopf things we've got now, been on two wheels a couple of times myself and always liked the way you could start them with the gearbox dipstick
  7. Steve, the F3 could sweep it's wings fully back with big jugs on no problem, so if you wanted to build it like that you could. Just as an aside this was the jet I did my last F3 see off on when it took it's last flight to leeming
  8. sooty

    Italeri F3

    Steve, I don't mind you posting the pics, I took them for people to use. Hopefully they've been of use.
  9. sooty

    Italeri F3

    Funny you should say that, I went to start putting some filler on this morning and I can't find it anywhere, god know's where its gone. Think I'll have to get a couple of tubes though. The Italeri kit doesn't go together anywhere near as good the Hobbyboss one
  10. Very nice, you cant beat a firebird. Got one of these on the go at the moment, doubt it will end up looking that good though.
  11. sooty

    Italeri F3

    Just to prove I am building here's a quick update. The model at the back is the hobbyboss kit and will not be included in the group build as it was quite far gone when the group build started.
  12. sooty

    Italeri F3

    Well something strange has happened with this build. I appear to have five, yes five, part built Tonka's on my desk, 3 F3's and two GR's. At least I don't have to worry about U/C bay colours as the F3's are all gonna be wheels up. I'll post some pics when they look a bit more interesting.
  13. All of the upper fins recess into the fuselage jon, If you want photo's I'm sure I have some somewhere. Unfortunately the scar isn't cool and it's obvious I banged my head of something sharp.
  14. Coming along nicely, as to whether 1435 used AMRAAM's I can tell you they most definitely did. I have a scar on my head to prove it.
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