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  1. Type A Free Trader cargo ship - 14cm long Medical flight Explorer Class scout - 12cm long 20T Ship's Gig / Lifeboat - 6cm long Information on prices and ordering here http://martins-models.co.uk/Sales/Traveller/travelle.htm Cheers Martin
  2. Type H Hunter - 11cm long Chasing a Type S SAR training flight
  3. I've recently produced a few 1/350 scale starship models based on designs from the roleplaying game Traveller. Here are a few pics of them... ( spread across several posts ) Type S 100T scout ship - 10cm long
  4. Holy thread resurrection - someone just posted the pics of your finished model on Facebook !
  5. Sorry - it was a freebie from back when I worked for the DWP
  6. A few more pics |http://thumbsnap.com/CxPxPnEt'>|http://thumbsnap.com/CxPxPnEt |http://thumbsnap.com/I8exuqPY'>|http://thumbsnap.com/I8exuqPY |http://thumbsnap.com/oxNocegF'>|http://thumbsnap.com/oxNocegF |http://thumbsnap.com/5ZB6rB7E'>|http://thumbsnap.com/5ZB6rB7E
  7. Lunar shuttle 'Clifford Simak' approaching the Moon |http://thumbsnap.com/T1v4Vlos'>|http://thumbsnap.com/T1v4Vlos |http://thumbsnap.com/ydI1sRoo'>|http://thumbsnap.com/ydI1sRoo
  8. Underside done |http://thumbsnap.com/MwP23FHd'>|http://thumbsnap.com/MwP23FHd
  9. Recipe.... Take a bag full of Christmas tree baubles, add the moulds for the fuel tanks of my Nuclear Rocket and a few other existing resin moulds.... |http://thumbsnap.com/zGYosXHo'>|http://thumbsnap.com/zGYosXHo Stir in a little inspiration in the form of..... |http://thumbsnap.com/y2r6NNtR'>|http://thumbsnap.com/y2r6NNtR ....throw in a quiet Saturday afternoon and evening, and a day later I have a new resin kit |http://thumbsnap.com/GixV2c7S'>|http://thumbsnap.com/GixV2c7S
  10. H G Wells departing Earth orbit My 62cm resin replica of the old Project Sword Booster Rocket toy ( see build thread here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980924-nuclear-booster-rocket/ ) More pics to follow
  11. The good ship 'H G Wells' - 62cm of resin goodness |http://thumbsnap.com/1nR9v4N1'>|http://thumbsnap.com/1nR9v4N1 |http://thumbsnap.com/MXtTiQQ3'>|http://thumbsnap.com/MXtTiQQ3 |http://thumbsnap.com/PVamUWgd'>|http://thumbsnap.com/PVamUWgd |http://thumbsnap.com/9Mh0wMDI'>|http://thumbsnap.com/9Mh0wMDI |http://thumbsnap.com/Yuk6Dg72'>|http://thumbsnap.com/Yuk6Dg72 |http://thumbsnap.com/OlML4Nd8'>|http://thumbsnap.com/OlML4Nd8
  12. Started painting - not sure whether to go with the toy's grey/blue scheme or something more realistic
  13. Lotsa resin bits - not bad considering I only started making a sketch of the design last Saturday night !
  14. More new resin bits fresh from the mould - core fuselage section, aft transition section, rocket engine, nose transition section/ I've made the centre section of the rocket modular to a) keep the size ( and cost ) of the mould down, and b ) it gives the option of building a short version with only one ring of tanks or a longer version with three or more rings of tanks
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