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  1. I've had this on preorder since May, date has now been pushed back twice from June to December and now February...
  2. Think it's because I put them on google photos, am trying again with imgur... (photo courtesy planespotters)
  3. Nice one, cheers. It is the revell intended set I've ordered, going to use an Aires 1/32 resin G cockpit I have for reference
  4. Odd you can't see them, I've put them on imgur instead so should all be below
  5. Now that Telford is done I've made a start on the Starfighter. I'd initially intended to make it out the box as A: I don't often build 1:72 and B: I've got a huge backlog of other kits to finish, but having popped the box and seen the kit pit I've ordered the Eduard PE set. Kit is typical 1981 ESCI - it doesn't fit together and is the soft Italeri plastic that may as well be camembert. Or brie. Popped in to musuem today who were gracious enough to let me have a walk around her on the provision I touched nothing and watched out for the pointy bits. Progress will continue when the PE turns up
  6. Generally as Rod has said you won't find any issues unless you leave things soaking but have looked into it. You didn't say which brush you've got so I've assumes the Neo CN, which has a screw in nozzle as opposed to the Evo's air cap based. I've not seen any PTFE nozzle seals (I'd imagine they'd be damn near impossible to fit), but Airbrushes.com carry Viton O rings which will handle most solvents. The rear needle packing is PTFE already in the CN. O-ring https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=21407&product2_id=21056 Viton's chemical compatibility chart https://www.calpaclab.com/viton-chemical-compatibility-chart/
  7. My entry to this will be a G model as flown by the Danish Air Force, now living at the Midland Air Museum in Coventry. Both kit and decals are in the post so here's a couple of photos of the real thing:
  8. Nice one, just ordered an Italeri repop from Model Hobbies
  9. Hi all, I'm Andy, 25 from Stevenage. Been reading the site for a while but the time has come to poke my nose in, going to go take part in the F-104 STGB. Been making models on and off since the age of four and now do it for work (albeit buildings, not aircraft) Particular interests are 70's on era US, Hornets, Fishbeds and Starfighters. Usually build 1/48 and 1/32, but I'll build whatever takes my interest. Photo is my latest build, the eduard Mig 21, with Aires cockpit. Is of the full size at Duxford, Hungarian air force reg 501. Lives on a cockpit section of an ex Yugoslavian Air Force Fishbed that I'm yet to be able to track Cheers
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