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  1. Recently I went to the tank museum in Bovington before the lockdown. The Matilda was a really nice tank to look around and read about. They were surprisingly effective as infantry support tanks. You've done a great job welldone.
  2. Super build I have one I have started in 1/72 scale. Your finish is top notch
  3. Having never heard nor seen this Aircraft I read with intrigue. It certainly didn't have a good safety record did it? You've done a good job and thankyou for bringing it to our attention. It's interesting to see it was influenced by German engineering.
  4. Look at that camo scheme. Love it a really fantastic model. Can I ask where they all given these lovely camo schemes?
  5. I never model German aircraft but I really should give one a go. Your 109 looks great it really does. Welldone. Did they all have colourful unique noses?
  6. I've always liked these jets although I've never seen one for real. Very nice work
  7. Super work I really must have a go you've done the paint scheme so well.
  8. What a great build. I own an air brush but always admire those who brush paint and get such good results. It looks fantastic.
  9. Hello Woody, what a fantastic collection. My Grandfather was an instrument fitter for the RAF during the war and worked on Halifax aircraft before being posted to Aiden. So the Halifax for me is the standout. However, they are all superb as is the finishing. Edit: will you be adding a mosquito to the collection ? Thanks for sharing.
  10. Wow! Great work how did u achieve that sheen? is it varnished?
  11. Excellent trio. Three of my favourite WWII planes. I have a Curtiss Tomahawk IIB siting on my work bench having been inspired by your pictures i think i'll make a start.
  12. Very nice indeed. It's turned out just great infact. I really like the subtle weathering and that white tail is great.
  13. Looks great even if it is huge. I think the weathering is just right. I also like the gloss.
  14. Ditto what the others have said that's a nice looking Spitfire. I do like that camo.
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