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  1. Thanks and it is that balancing act between what can actually be seen and what drives you crazy because you now what is there.
  2. Last few items now, starting today on the Eduard photo etch ladder so have some folding fun to come.
  3. I suspect somewhere in the Fleet Air Arms past, there has been a dictate to use as many warnings, lines, dots etc on their aircraft for exactly the purpose of irritating future modellers. Seems like I have done 1000's of decals and the sheet still seems to have 14,361 still awaiting my attention .... has to be a battleship next to get away from these little blighters.
  4. The older members of the forum will know what I mean what I say I have just hit a Hamlet moment. The moment when you have primed some of the final parts ready to paint up and push to finish the model and then you think .. now where did I put the rails for the red top missiles ...... oh ******* .... I guess she gets 2 x rocket pods and 2 x empty pylons.
  5. A rather nice brass refuelling probe that came in the Wolfpack wingfold kit. A tight fit and I have to do a bit of filling now, but almost a shame to paint over that brassware.
  6. Lovely work, only time I have had the pleasure of being winched into a helo was into a Wasp - wasn't wet though from a field near Dartmouth.
  7. Now I need to set myself deadlines, make sure the landing gear is completed before the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix.
  8. Main landing gear next, stock with a bit of extra pipework from electrical wiring. Glad it doesn't look this rough when viewed at a normal distance.
  9. I like the results you have got, sadly my marker pens are years past useable but I need to add some new ones to my shopping list. What I ended up doing was using the red/green I had, but overpainted them with XF-19 Smoke which has knocked them back a bit so they don't stand out too much. And the rather harsh light has shown I need to do a bit of touch up on it's nose/
  10. Nearly there, but a conundrum which I am sure has been tackled before - what colours for the lights ? When I look at a picture like this (http://www.gengriz.co.uk/images/Sea Vixen References/P7110114.JPG) They are very dark, quite a contrast from exceedingly red/green that I have available. Any suggestions on how best to achieve a realistic look that gives a hint of the colours whilst not standing out as a sore thumb?
  11. Another weekend and another few steps towards completion. Slight issue with one of the decals for the ejection seat warning and I have had to put in a different one from the kit, but I suppose it gets the message across a little clearer.
  12. Great subject and nice looking model. My maternal grandfather flew in Coastal Command, mostly Hudsons but he did fly the B17s at some stage. I need to go and look at his photo albums, I think there is at least one of them that he flew. My other grandfather was Lancasters in 3 Group.
  13. Starting to look a bit more business like, although I have a few bits to re-attach from fat fingers and thumbs.
  14. They are much nicer than the out of the box version, suspect they will be driving me mad when I get to try to finalise them. However, madness is relative - today it is these little nightmares that are driving me up the wall. I do not want to see ones like this ever again !
  15. At least she is now in the right colour scheme.
  16. Fixing some visible seam lines - something I need to get better at hiding in the first place.
  17. Rubbed down and top surfaces primed, now to find all those flaws.
  18. Finally starting to look like an aircraft and ready for some filling.
  19. The Pavla resin airbrake did need a lot of thinning out on its internal surface since it was fouling the bottom of the cockpit. Eventually got it thin enough that it didn't cause an issue for joining the two halves of the fuselage.
  20. Finally a good weekend and things starting to come together ]
  21. That is certainly the intention, fair winds, calm sea and should be good sailing from here on in. Today's work with mixed results, I tried to get the tube from the cone to the right hand side in with the help of a drill and some paper clip wire. Didn't manage to get the angles quite the same on both.
  22. For some strange reason I seem not to have much excuse not to be working on this now .. and canot believe how long this has languished on my desk waiting attention. Wings primed and work started on the wingfolds.
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