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  1. Final coat on the bottom now, hopefully not a million miles away from where it should be colour wise. Using what I had on the shelf and Tamiya's mix of 2:1 XF-7 red and XF-10 brown, I found that it came out more of a brownish purple, so increased the red by about 30% to end up with what I have here, that looks to be a 'closer' approximation of what Jamie has published in this thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034309-hull-red/ It will do for this model, the next I will move over to Sovereign's rather than making do.
  2. Postman has brought some goodies this morning. A copy of Roger Chenseau's KGV Class Battleships and a set of barrels from RBM to replace the kit ones.
  3. First coat of the bottom colour on. There is an awful lot of spraying to do to cover that, is there a technical term for the discomfort of holding an airbrush for too long ? I can think of a couple but definitely not safe for polite company!
  4. Advice greatly appreciated! Always something new to learn. I went a certain shop to order some paint but sadly they seem to be off for August This is my learning one and made do with what I had on the shelf, the next .. well ....
  5. Glad to see that the 507A isn't looking as dark as it did when I first opened the pot of paint.
  6. A bit of progress for the day, seam removed, new shafts, gaps filled and a coat of primer applied.
  7. That is a striking model, what is she ? Well thankyou! You have saved me some work
  8. Purely roundness, will most certainly be painted over. Camouflage wise, I am keen on her March 41 scheme - business like and no messing around.
  9. I wasn't aware of their stuff, but now I have looked .. err ... next model I think .. pretty impressive!
  10. Up to the challenge without a doubt! One issue I have now that I didn't have when I did the rigging for the Brig was that my eyes are not what they were when I did that, I could tie the rigging without needing assistance. Now that is quite a different matter ... I need to get to the optician to get a better pair of glasses for fine close work.
  11. Ha, that ship has sailed already .. all in or nothing, so some Eduard photo etch is on the way and a wooden deck. Have to improve my skills and experience so there is only one way to do that!
  12. Not impressed with the moulding here yet, seam lines everywhere, filling to do around the struts and the gap around the prop shaft where the bearing would be. Shafts will be replaced with some brass rod I have.
  13. First job to get rid of the very visible seam lines and get the hull cleaned up, washed and ready for it's primer.
  14. The more that I look, I would tend to agree with you. Lacking rails and decent ladders would just end up being more irritating then the 'fun' of applying them.
  15. Hello, New day and a new challenge. Just having finished a Sea Vixen after a series of aircraft I thought I had better dust off a Tamiya HMS Price of Wales that I have had gathering dust and start with a new challenge. I haven't done a plastic ship for many many years so time to make a change. Previous ship building was a wooden HM Brig Supply by Jotika. However over to heavy metal and my first conundrum is do I do this as per the kit, or do I add in photo etch. I have used some on the aircraft and that is fiddly enough but this seems to be an order of magnitude up from that. Any suggestions over what to use without driving myself to distraction and never finishing ?
  16. You are right about the coal hole, I just couldn’t face blacking it out after the work on the seat and all but since I haven’t glued it down, once I have a case for it, I may prop it open and properly black it out.
  17. This is the moment of trepidation, putting ones work up for the eagle eyes to spot all errors, flaws and defects but this is a journey where ever model is a step improvement on the last. I am ever on awe of the quality of models that the members here present and learn something from every thread I read. 16 months with a 9 month break in the middle and I am happy to declare this finally finished. The build log is here for anyone who wants to have a laugh https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053927-rn-faa-odyssey-1-airfix-sea-vixen-faw2/page/4/ This is a special model for me as my father was met officer on HMS Eagle on her final round the world trip in 1972 and this aircraft would have flow off her then. Great aircraft, lovely lines and I have enjoyed 'nearly' every minute of the build. Edit to add in details of aftermarket parts: wolfpack resin wingfold kit Pavla resin airbrake CMK resin wheel set Quickboost resin ejector seats Quickboost resin air I takes Eduard photoetched cockpit.
  18. Finito ! Well the ladder will be added later once it has recovered from a reverse Ikea experience having built it and then clumsly put something down right on top of it ... Dummkopf!
  19. That is indeed a sad sight, but a clean up and a fresh coat of paint and she will be looking all shipshape once again.
  20. Vixens on HMS Hermes - South China sea 1967. HMS Eagle
  21. That sounds like a fun challenge, I hope we will see a restoration log ! This aircraft I chose as being part of 899 Squadron onboard HMS Eagle on her final round the world deployment in 1972. My father was onboard as a Met Officer and I have a faint memory of meeting her when she came back to port. I suspect the Vixen had flown off by then but it is nice to do something that had a link.
  22. The solution was easier then expected, just forward of the front wheel still in the wheel well., you can drill a hole upwards and into the nose. Insert a few lengths of solder and now she is sitting as she should.
  23. A bit of a break over lunch and inching closer, however I was sure that I put the requisite number of grams into the nose but she is a tail sitter! I am sure that the real ones didn't go round propped up by an oversized bottle of Gorilla Glue so I need to see about getting a bit more weight into her wheel bay.
  24. Thank you - far from perfect but improvements with each new model build. Hopefully this evening the wings will go on then just a bit of fettling around the wingfold and she will be done. As far as getting yours out of he stash - to quote Mrs Doyle 'Ah, go on .... ' If these are of assistance here are some of the additional references I used: https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/seavixen/walkaround.php https://www.seavixen.org/image-gallery http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/p7hg_img_6/fullsize/
  25. Finishing off the wings ready to mount I realised I hadn't dealt with the pitot tubes and it got me looking at two different brass ones that I have. The ones I mounted are the Air Master AM-48-099 set which look to me much closer to the scale that I can see in the photos here: http://www.gengriz.co.uk/images/Sea Vixen References/vixenphots.htm Also I had the ones supplied in the Wolfpack wingfold kit which look quite oversized, did the Vixen sport different sized pitot tubes during it's life or is the brass one in the picture just made too large ? There are some decals I have only just applied which I had also forgotten about, so over to the Micro Sol to see if I can get rid of the silvering.
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