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  1. Is anyone else having problems with the photos i just see spacer.png...
  2. What's this, some paint?!? I laid down a first coat of Mr surfacer 1000 this weekend and now touching up a few rough bits, mostly around the cockpit, with filler then more sanding. Overall really pleased with how it looks, got to love an F14!
  3. Still slow progress here... landing gear nearly done then finally some paint?!? Before adding fiddly bits: After, with thin copper wire, bits of stretched sprue and plasticard used to busy things up (starboard gear still needs wires...): Thanks for dropping in!
  4. Thanks gents, afraid progress is glacial at the moment with real life and work not allowing much modelling time but nearly there with the second wheel bay and have started adding more detail to the undercarriage. Update later this week hopefully!
  5. Awesome, I've got a B-24 lined up for my next WIP so it'll be great to see another one coming together!
  6. I'm calling the first wheel bay done, now on to the second once I've replenished supplies of thin copper wire... Managed to make a pilgrimage to Duxford at the weekend as well. Key here was the 5k 80th Anniversary BoB "dash" they were hosting in the morning which got my better half interested - after a successful run around the air field we had a very enjoyable couple of hours in the museum, so much so that I've had a request to build a Vulcan or Blackbird next!
  7. Evening all! The last bit of detailing before getting some paint down is on the rear wheel bays. Not bad ootb: But definitely more interesting with some stretched sprue, plasticard and thin wire add: Bit more to do on this side then same treatment to the other wheel bay plus tidy up and add a few wires on the undercarriage itself to finish. Cheers, Sam
  8. Great work making a single colour, simple paint scheme really interesting with the shading, weathering and chipping, love it!
  9. I built one of these late 70s airfix lancs last year and it's actually a lovely kit - didn't need much filler and "looks" right to me. Fuselage on mine is indeed slightly twisted but only if you look hard. I also tried to use the original decals but they silvered quite badly and if i was doing it again I'd chuck them and start with a modern set. Looking forward to seeing yours come together, good luck!
  10. Simply wow! The weathering is so effective and the overall finish is inspirational, keep 'em coming!
  11. Evening! All the main bits together now and edging towards being able to get some paint on! Plenty of filler used already and fully expecting there to be a more once the first coat of primer is down and flaws get highlighted. The biggest battle has been the join between fuselage and nose section - there was a big gap which filled ok but have struggled to redefine a nice panel line there. After a few failed experiments i ended up "melting" a bit of stretched sprue into the gap with plastic cement then sanding flat once dry. This wa
  12. Evening all, after much deliberation I've picked a scheme and purchased a decal set so i can model NE-106 of VF2 Bounty Hunters: A bit of online research seems to show a plausible load out for this aircraft including laser guided bombs, sparrow, sidewinders, and a phoenix - perfect so that i can make use of the extras sent by Tony (thanks again @Tony Oliver!)
  13. Morning all! As I mentioned earlier the Revell cockpit was pretty horrible with thick, slightly misty plastic which didn't fit particularly well anyway. I got the Rob Taurus replacement which looks much better: Now this part is meant for the Hasegawa model so I knew there would be a bit of playing around to get it to fit. First off I slowly snipped away the excess plastic, checking regularly to see how it fit and actually, it's not that bad: the worst gaps are at the back and these could have been reduced if I had a second go and used a finer, sharper pair of scissors
  14. Ah, and just spotted this one which i think is even better than the Emil! The chipping and oil weathering here are incredibly effective. What's next?
  15. Hi John, great to see you're back! This is fab - great scheme, love the mottles and the weathering is spot on. Cheers, Sam
  16. Evening all, nearly got the nose and cockpit section finished and was about to fit the canopy when i spotted the black and yellow handles (ejector seat?) which appear to the right of both consoles. I scratch built them from wire and plasticard - should do the job! I was happy with the painted one (black stripes still needed) but wasn't very repeatable so i made two more which will look the same - these ones also have extra long stems to make painting a bit easier. The cutting mat grid is 10mm and I've left the knife in to give an idea of scale, these are fiddly! Hopefully in the next post I'll
  17. Gorgeous build!
  18. This is awesome! I have a coastal command liberator lined up next and this is providing great inspiration!
  19. Added some detail to the front wheelbay with various wires, plasticard, bits of sprue, etc to make it all look a bit busier:
  20. Finally starting to look like an F14 now I've glued the main fuselage together. The fit is a bit iffy and currently working on filling and sanding seams as best i can. After this I'll get back to the nose section; I'm going to add more holes around the panels and have a go at adding some detail to the wheel well.
  21. Seconded!! The cockpit and interiors are gorgeous, looking forward to more.
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