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  1. I'm in for a couple of 1/72nd Wasps. Can't wait! Nige
  2. Very interesting, I reckon that would be 20 pounds well spent. Nige
  3. Thanks EX-FAAWAFU, all useful info. Questions regarding the Mechanical Handler. Was it used for both SHARS and Seakings? Why was it referred to as the "Lynx Mangler"? So a lot of flightdeck equipment to be included, along with Crew. I am looking to use the two Fujimi USN sets as a start point for figures. Nige
  4. More questions for the Forum, regarding mobile plant. How many Aircraft towing Tractors would Invincible have had onboard in 1982? Also, has anybody got details/ drawings of the Mobile Crane. What colour would these machines have been painted, did they retain the yellow or were they toned down to reduce visability? What other plant was onboard, such as starting carts, oxygen charging carts etc? Nige
  5. Thanks Jun, much appreciated. I didn't know there were eleven Sea kings in 820 NAS. I had been planning for nine. Having said that, allowing for Aircraft in the Hangar, or flying on my chosen days (18/19th May), I will probably have a maximum of maybe seven or eight on-deck. I think I need to add 'Falklands-The Air War'to my collection of books about Op Corporate. Nige
  6. Thanks Dave, that would be Awesome. I am actually waiting for the Xtradecal sheet to be delivered from the UK, ordered last week. There certainly seems to be more info around for the Sea Harriers compared to the 820 NAS Aircraft. Nige
  7. To introduce my-self, my name is Nige and my specific area of Model Making interest is the construction of 1/72nd Radio-Controlled Warships. My chosen subjects, are Royal Navy vessels that took part in Operation Corporate 1982. I have a few on the 'Slipway' that will keep me occupied for a fair while, but am planning on constructing HMS Invincible R05 later. The build itself will not begin for some time yet, but following the six 'P's principle, "Proper Planning Prevents P*#s Poor Performance", and to give myself an incentive, I have begun acquiring her Air-Group. Given the knowledge that exists within this Forum (and seeing the success the Gentleman had with a similar request for information on Hermes' Aircraft recently) I have joined-up to ask for help with info on Invincible's Aircraft. Regarding the Sea Harriers, I think I have identified the Aircraft aboard on 18/19th May 1982 as follows, a total of Ten, but am not sure of the 'Side Numbers', can anybody verify or correct as appropriate? 801 XZ493 001 801 XZ495 003 801 ZA175 ? 801 XZ498 002 899 XZ451 100 899 XZ456 ? 809 ZA174 ? 809 XZ491 ? 809 XZ491 ? 809 ZA190 ? Regarding the Nine 820 NAS Sea Kings, I think I have the 'Side Numbers', but need the matching Airframe ID's: 820 ? 010 820 ? 011 820 ? 012 820 ? 013 820 ? 014 820 ? 015 820 ? 017 820 ? 018 820 XZ918 020 XZ574, but which 'Side Number'? Apart from the above, did she have any other Helicopters aboard 18/19th May? I read somewhere that she may have had a Wessex assigned for a period of time. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Nige
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