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  1. It isn't a GW product as such so I'd expect it to be around the same sort of price as typical Bandai figures, the recent W40K POP! Figures aren't any more expensive than usual either.
  2. Something I missed is that they're also making classic characters into Primaris Marines too. There was originally some lore hints about how some Chapters won't accept them (like Space Wolves) but that amounted to nothing and they're using them anyway. There have also been even more widespread things like the Blood Angels being almost entirely wiped out, only for Guilliman to arrive and save them at the last minute and re-build the chapter with lots of Primaris Marines. Chapters even have successors that are entirely Primaris Marines, too...there are just so many that it let them reinforce old chapters to make up for the lack of Space Marines in general and rebuild old ones and found entirely new ones. New equipment is also being designed by Cawl (it's not clear if ANY of his designs are something he made himself or found STC plans for though) still, so...obviously they get an excuse to make new awesome models (mostly...) but the lore and implications of what'll happen to classic space marines (and their models) hasn't been very good. I really hope they make a classic Space Marine figure (and other races like Tau and Eldar would be awesome, rather than just Space Marines!) but unfortunately i don't have much hope of it. Primaris Marines pretty much are the Space Marines now, I think the only classic Space Marine stuff they've made since releasing them has been the "Space Marine Heroes" Blind-box series, a few brief cameos in art of Primaris Marines, and I think an event exclusive mini.
  3. I'm not sure how much you know about W40K overall or the current events so i'll try and explain things broadly. Space Marines have existed in W40K for many, many years in the sense of being a relatively small number (I think it was around 100,000 total) of imperfect superhuman warriors, compared to the legions of thousands in the 31st millenium. W40K being a dark, hopeless setting meant that Space Marines themselves, despite being some of the best soldiers the Imperium had, had quite a few flaws and varied greatly. A lot of Space Marine chapters had some of their implanted organs just not work properly or be outright missing for example. Alongside that was the scarcity of equipment and technological innovation - very, very little innovation was done due to the general negative attitude towards technological progress - with the latest Space Marine armour variant being called Mark 8 "Errant Armour", which was the culmination of thousands of years of subtle improvements, and was being deployed in very limited numbers. Basically, Space Marines had been broadly unchanged since their creation (By the Emperor himself) in the 31st Millenium due to the Imperium having so many problems. A 41st Millenium Space Marine was still pretty much on-par with the Space Marines 10,000 years before - outside of the small advancements in technology, the much fewer numbers and current even worse lack of equipment. And then, suddenly, at the end of the 41st Millenium the Primarch Roboute Guilliman gets miraculously revived. The problem is, the reasons for them desperately reviving him (in a very risky way they wouldn't really have considered typically) is that things have got far worse than usual all of a sudden - the Eldar decided that the Imperium needed someone who can act as some form of leader for them and so teamed up with a techpriest named Bellisarius Cawl, who had been asked by Guilliman 10,000 ago before he was put into statis to do two things. The first was pretty much figure out how to cure him of the almost-lethal injury that meant he had to go into Stasis. The second....was pretty much "Make me Space Marines". He suddenly reveals that he's been stockpiling thousands and thousands of Space Marines unbenknownst to everyone for the past 10,000 years and waiting for Guilliman to return (because without him, the Imperium definitely would not accept what Cawl had done). Not only are there now thousands more Space Marines....they're all far better than just Space Marines. These are "Primaris Space Marines" with new high-tech everything, because he also made them all new stuff that's also all just better and all those flaws of the Space Marines like missing organs and such were fixed. Everything from armour, to weapons, to vehicles, to their physiology is just better now all of a sudden... So Games Workshop suddenly decided to shove something into the lore to as good as replace "Space Marines" with "Better Space Marines, suddenly!" in a way that isn't even the slightest bit subtle in both the lore and out of it. The lack of technological progress, the flaws, the lack of numbers etc. aren't really factors with them anymore and it was done very heavy-handedly. Obviously quite a lot of people aren't too happy about that. Those classic, iconic non-Primaris Marines still exist in the setting....but almost everything that's new is Primaris Marines now. Basically the Space Marine designs that have been in the setting for decades are being replaced with more slightly more sci-fi high-techy stuff. This was the typical look of a Space Marine before: This is a basic Primaris Marine now: They're great looking models in terms of quality, for the most part, just in terms of lore and what they're doing to the classic Iconic design i don't think it's a good thing. Still interested in this though! I don't think the part about the bigger size/scale of them being due to the previous wrong Scale is quite true, though. Primaris Marines aren't meant to be "true scale" Space Marines from what i can see, they can't be as Primaris Marines in the lore are taller than normal Space Marines. So if they're meant to be True-scale Space Marines then they're the wrong scale for Primaris Marines, still! There's also that the new Chaos Marines have had a size increase yet are smaller than Primaris Marines. If the lore reason wasn't there then they'd be the right size for true-scale Space Marines, but as it is they're just meant to actually be bigger Space Marines...so the scale is still the same problem as before!
  4. It definitely looks great, a bit of a shame it's a Primaris Space Marine, though. It also seems a bit unclear if this is an action figure (that comes complete/pre-assembled) or something more like the Bandai Star Wars figure kits where you put it together yourself. Normally i really, really dislike Chibi-stylized figures too, but I think all of those except the Space Marine are pretty good! Games Workshop expanding into other forms of merchandise other than just their own products has been great over the past few years.
  5. I remember seeing someone post a picture of a mecha-kit they got from a poundshop long ago that they said might have been Revell, so I was wondering what they were myself too. It seems that during the 80s Revell took a load of Japanese Mecha kits and released them as a line called "Robotech Defenders" or something like that - but they aren't actually related to the proper Robotech series. They're just an assortment of mechs from a variety of different properties stuck together under that name.
  6. I don't mean I want that sort of thing. Just that when it comes to Sci-fi designs now it pretty much always tend to be shiny, curved metal surfaces with bright blue-coloured lights and pointless glowy parts, it kind of gets a bit repetitive. This is what we've seen of them so far and it just looks a bit uninspired to me: There are so, so many things that could be done that would look like superior alien technology without having to use the same stylings that are usually used to show somethings futuristic/advanced.
  7. From the very small preview of it we've seen, i'm not too sure what to think. I like that it's going to be the Victorian-style version of the setting, but I really dislike how the Tripods are....modern sci-fi? By that i mean it's the typical bright, futuristic alien technology with blue lights and shiny metal and all that. I don't think they should have been the original novel sort, but the movie versions felt a bit more grounded and less obtuse about being advanced technology. That's not a huge problem though, I'll give it a try anyway.
  8. I've recently bought a Kit that's missing a part so hoping i can get a replacement for it from somewhere (although it seems the kit is no longer on their site), was the email address you used the one under the "spare parts" section? I'm not sure if that's the right one as that part of the site seems to be about spares for remote control stuff. Do they not typically charge for spares either? I did get something from then a few years ago that I didn't have to pay for, but i assumed that was more of a one-off situation.
  9. Didn't realize the kit also came with the Vickers, i'd only taken a look at the instructions before now! Seems the kit could fairly easily be used to make a LRDG Jeep in that case, might have to get another... I thought something like that might be the case. There's quite a few photo's of British Jeeps in Europe with a vickers mounted on the passenger side, but only photos of them as part of the LRDG/SAS seem to have anything in the rear mount. My plan was to just follow the instructions for the US-jeep with the .30/.50 included in the kit, but change the markings from US to British, I suppose that wouldn't really work then!
  10. I've recently got some of the Airfix 1/72 scale British Airborne Jeep starter kits, of which there are multiple build options - a British Airborne Jeep or a US jeep with canvas/.30cal/.50cal mounted on the back. I know the British used those weapons during WW2, but the only British examples with those i can find are on customized jeeps as part of the LRDG (which isn't really applicable to this situation) and all the other pictures I've found seem to have Vickers and such mounted instead of the US .30/.50. I've not found anything to indicate they were mounted on the back of jeeps in the same sort of way as the US build options in the kit, does anyone know if that sort of loadout on a jeep was actually used by the British too? Just to be clear, like this:
  11. It's still quite a bit off, but supposedly the Micro Machines TIE fighter is 1/294 scale. http://www.rebelscale.com/scale-lists/galoob-micro-machines/
  12. First I've seen of Revell releasing the Bandai kits, is there more information on that somewhere? It's a nice surprise unless they end up more expensive than importing them.
  13. I'll be a but surprised if GW do have them as they're something distributed by a different company aimed at a separate customer base in mainstream shops, even though they're GW products within it and it's a GW thing overall and I don't think they sold the Legends hardback novel magazine collection either. Last time the Warhammer Conquest collection started (before it was cancelled for a few months), the GW staff didn't even know anything about it!
  14. I didn't need to watch a 4 hour review to justify why i disliked it, it was just entertaining to see many of the problems i had with it discussed and shown in a concise way. It really does show just how even within the relatively simple scenes of the movie they were pretty significant problems with logic and consistency, such as within the first part of the movie involving the Dreadnought. I think the start of your 2nd paragraph sort of emphasizes part of why it's bad - if you basically have to go "just don't think about any of it" in order to justify the movie, then it has failed in many significant ways. If it was some silly generic summer blockbuster then that sort of thing isn't really a problem, but for that to be the case with movie set within one of the biggest and most respected sci-fi settings of all time, with very high expectations, an established setting and being a continuation of a story, then that idea becomes a problem. As i said in my previous post, i think it was worse than the prequels. That isn't just hyperbole, it's my least favourite movie for quite a few reasons: but it basically comes down to TLJ just didn't care. It didn't care about worldbuilding and setting up the state of the galaxy properly, about addressing the questions and plot points raised by the previous movie, about properly developing the characters included, about maintaining consistency etc. The prequels, for all their faults, added a massive amount to the Star Wars universe and made a big effort to expand it. TLJ in comparison feels closer to a filler episode. The prequels were something that should have been a good idea but ended up being done in a terrible way with poor acting, overuse of CGI etc, whereas TLJ is the opposite - a bad idea, but it has high production values/quality. Did i enjoy the movie at the time? Of course, it was enjoyable to watch as a movie, it all looked great, it was well acted etc... but immediately after it was over that enjoyment disappeared and i realized that overall it was not good. Being more watchable than the prequels doesn't mean it was well written, portrayed and made good use of characters and plot points already defined previously, was a satisfying follow on from the previous movie or was overall a worthwhile addition to the franchise.
  15. It's not any different from the way they usually do descriptions though, is it? They don't outright say "this is fictional" or anything like that, they just have a description of what the thing is supposed to be like.
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