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  1. I've got quite a few of the Foundation Novels but i've yet to read them, I get the impression this will be a typical high-stakes action sci-fi thing though. I expected a bit more depth than that really. Other than the direction they're taking the story, what do people think of the overall look of things? I know there's novel covers (which vary) but was there ever any artwork showing the sort of thing Asiimov imagined the setting looking like? Its all very modern futuristic sci-fi stuff and I was hoping for something a little more retro inspired.
  2. Quite like the conversion set! I'm assuming it will be in Space Wolf themed colours? If that's the case, I'm not sure how well wood would fit with that if that's the only wooden part, I've not actually seen anyone do that before! Perhaps some sort of dark obsidian or granite-like stone (maybe with glowing runes) or bone (a big feature of Space Wolf Iconography), or even gold/brass (something like the figurehead on on Logan Grimnar's Stormrider) could work.
  3. Tried searching for Robert Taylor and Rodny Diggens together but couldn't find a collection featuring both their work together.
  4. These actually do include the art name + artist on each page (the 2nd style doesn't though which suggests a different origin) and there's quite a lot of different artists for these pieces of art. So based on the assumption that these are page numbers from a book, it must be at least a 200 page artbook consisting of aviation art spanning the past a century, with a large amount of different artists included....and it's seemingly landscape format, too. I suppose looking up the artists and trying to find a list of what they've been included in might be a way to find out!
  5. Short version: Page numbers and format of these suggest they're taken out of something, so looking for the specific collection (Possibly a book?) containing all this art together (seems to be 2 different things as the Short Stirling has a different format to the others), each piece already has the art name and artist on them! Long version: Last year while at a Museum Air Show event (UK) I bought a few pieces of art. They're just various flight-related artwork from a variety of different artists, on paper (better quality than standard a4?), nothing fancy but they were £1 each and I thought they would look good framed. I realized afterwards that every piece has a number at the bottom on both sides (45/46, 197/198, 91/92 etc) with the other side being the next number like page numbers. There were 2 different styles of page, one with a line border around the art with the art's name at the bottom of the page and the back of it having text talking about what's on the front artwork. The other format, like the top right one in the first photo, has art on both sides (a different piece). Tried searching for some of the art using the names, and I've been able to find quite a few of them, but what really seems odd to me is that I found a lot of these 'prints' or whatever they actually are, being sold at absurd prices on Ebay and such - they have the exact same page style as ones I bought or saw there, just with a frame added. They seem to be the same and not higher quality or something like that. Here's photos of some of what i havet: I really can't figure out specifically why they seem to have page numbers on them and considering others selling them have the same things including name, border etc as mine, that makes me think they must come from something specific (E.g. taken out of a book to sell) or be available somewhere as a collection. There isn't really a noticeable theming either - Most of it was military themed art but there were some others like classic passenger planes too, consisting of aviation from WW1 all the way up to modern day. Some of the others I got were things like the F-117 Nighthawk and A-10 Warthog. There was helicoper art too and even things like an Ekranoplane, so all sorts of different things with no obvious consistent theming beyond aviation - but they all had the same page style. One of the prints actually isn't proper a4-size, it's slightly bigger and off-cut, which also suggests it was taken out of something. Does anyone have any idea where specifically these might have came from - is there an artbook or something with these?
  6. Hope no one minds me asking in this thread, but where is the best UK place to get kits? I've thought about getting one of the cheaper models, preferably a Hobby Grade kit at as close to £10 as I can get, but pretty much every UK-based site I've seen is out of stock of nearly everything except for some that I think just look ugly (The basic mass-produced mobile suits). I've checked every UK-based site that I can find and I just can't figure out how to get an alright kit without having to resort to importing and paying shipping + potential customs and handling fees which would end up doubling the price at least.
  7. You've mentioned being unsure about whether to go for 2 legs or 4 legs, but have you already decided on other important aspects about it? I think there are quite a few other considerations that would influence how to progress - the most obvious one is just the basic theme. You've said Sci-fi but that could cover all sorts of things here! For example: A Steampunk Mech that's more of a 1800s design like a combination of a walking ship and automaton with large boiler engines, brass, pipes and anachronistic weapons A Dieselpunk design could be something something that's more like a bulky walking tank with a casemate/chasis as the body and a tank turret as a head. Could use WW2 tank or plane kits as a basis. Zee-rust (the idea of making something 'futuristic' looking in a way that makes it now looks outdated) or retro-scifi e.g. that sort of bulky, unsophisticated, industrial design yet still somewhat sleek design of classic sci-fi ships like Alien or 2001, or maybe a more sleek yet odd style something like the sci-fi art of Chris Foss for a slightly otherwordly Atompunk, maybe something soviet cosmonaut inspired Etc. Quite a few different themes that could contrast nicely with using modern soldiers/equipment for the other side of the diorama. I've thought about doing something similar to that Diorama idea a few times before, although my idea was with a 3D-Printed Combine Strider from Half Life 2! Edit: Did miss what you said a few posts above, woops!
  8. Nice work! That kit looks pretty good for such a low price, I didn't expect there to be anything based on Avatar either! Where did you get it from?
  9. Sounds like a good idea. I've not seen much of classic Doctor Who, I quite like how no-one in that video has any sense of urgency about there being a living gargoyle! It's just handled so casually!
  10. Any particular reason for that one? Having a look at Amazon it shows it as £26 + £5 postage, there are quite a few cheaper options for a first kit!
  11. It's been a while since i've built any (probably about 15 years ago), but it's something I'm hoping to get back into at some point. What specific kit did you go for? There's quite a few different types and quality levels and such, whatever you went for though it'll be a colored plastic snap-fit thing (they're more like action figures, they're pose-able), although obviously you can paint it yourself. I'm also curious as to where from, some stuff can be a bit difficulty or overly expensive to get here unless you import it from Japan!
  12. Very nice work! I managed to get the Zaku one of these, hadn't considered doing something like this with it! My brother went to Japan a few weeks back so that's where I got mine, but before he went I had a look at Rakuten to see what sort of thing was available in the Gacha section, there were some there for reasonable prices although I have no idea about shipping.
  13. Didn't realize the AT-AT was inaccurate too, what sort of problem though? I've had a quick look and I can't see anything glaringly wrong with it.
  14. Was anything actually said about that, or did they just disappear? I remember seeing the AT-AT and a AT-ST (that had some issues) but nothing after that.
  15. Closest thing I can think of is the "Complete Vehicles" book, which is art of ships/vehicles but more of a cutaway thing showing the internals of them.
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