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  1. TheVoidDragon

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    I didn't need to watch a 4 hour review to justify why i disliked it, it was just entertaining to see many of the problems i had with it discussed and shown in a concise way. It really does show just how even within the relatively simple scenes of the movie they were pretty significant problems with logic and consistency, such as within the first part of the movie involving the Dreadnought. I think the start of your 2nd paragraph sort of emphasizes part of why it's bad - if you basically have to go "just don't think about any of it" in order to justify the movie, then it has failed in many significant ways. If it was some silly generic summer blockbuster then that sort of thing isn't really a problem, but for that to be the case with movie set within one of the biggest and most respected sci-fi settings of all time, with very high expectations, an established setting and being a continuation of a story, then that idea becomes a problem. As i said in my previous post, i think it was worse than the prequels. That isn't just hyperbole, it's my least favourite movie for quite a few reasons: but it basically comes down to TLJ just didn't care. It didn't care about worldbuilding and setting up the state of the galaxy properly, about addressing the questions and plot points raised by the previous movie, about properly developing the characters included, about maintaining consistency etc. The prequels, for all their faults, added a massive amount to the Star Wars universe and made a big effort to expand it. TLJ in comparison feels closer to a filler episode. The prequels were something that should have been a good idea but ended up being done in a terrible way with poor acting, overuse of CGI etc, whereas TLJ is the opposite - a bad idea, but it has high production values/quality. Did i enjoy the movie at the time? Of course, it was enjoyable to watch as a movie, it all looked great, it was well acted etc... but immediately after it was over that enjoyment disappeared and i realized that overall it was not good. Being more watchable than the prequels doesn't mean it was well written, portrayed and made good use of characters and plot points already defined previously, was a satisfying follow on from the previous movie or was overall a worthwhile addition to the franchise.
  2. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    It's not any different from the way they usually do descriptions though, is it? They don't outright say "this is fictional" or anything like that, they just have a description of what the thing is supposed to be like.
  3. TheVoidDragon

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    I think something that shows just how poorly all the characters were handled, even those that aren't from the original trilogy is General Hux. In TFA, he was shown to be a pretty competant leader of an equal Status to Kylo, to the point he even stood up to Kylo and belittled him. In the OT Vader was overshadowed by Tarkin in ANH, but in TFA there's a much closer Dynamic between Kylo and Hux with the two of them basically being sides of the same coin. TLJ however, decides to reduce Hux to an incompetent, pathetic, fool for comedic purposes. Just compare these, there's absolutely no way you can say they're the same character: If the movie can't even portray a character from the very previous movie in a way that lines up with how that character was and instead made them the opposite of their character traits just for a few quick laughs, then it had no chance at understanding the others. Just Imagine how they'd portray Tarkin if it was him instead...
  4. TheVoidDragon

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    It's something a lot of people have an issue with as well. It's one of several things in the movie where it simply chooses visual spectacle over any semblance of in-universe logic or consistency; the scene looked amazing, but it causes so, so many problems with the logic of the Star Wars universe now. The movie in a lot of places goes for "This sound/looks cool, that's all that matters!" , a single cruiser that was around the same size of a typical Star Destroyer, managed to severely cripple a ship many, many times its size and take out 10 Star Destroyers with something every ship like that would be capable of doing...it's just utterly absurd how we've got fanfiction made canon now. It's a cool looking scene, but it's an absolutely terrible and stupid one beyond that, and that's something that emphasizes a large amount of the movie - the idea of "It looks cool so that's all that matters, don't actually put any thought into this, we didn't!". Beyond visual spectacle i really don't think the movie has many redeeming qualities. What i find most annoying is the whole "It's subverting expectations!" defense that gets used a lot with the movie in general, to try to cover over all the problems. Subverting expectations can be a great thing to do in a movie...but for it to turn out that if your expectations were anything at all then they're going to be subverted is absolutely terrible writing.
  5. TheVoidDragon

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    I watched a 4 hour long youtube review going through pretty much every significant point of the movie yesterday, while i already really, really disliked them movie to the point i consider it worse than the prequels for quite a lot of reasons, it made me realize that the film isn't just subjectivly bad, it's objectively broken. Here's the first part of it for anyone interested: It's obviously fine to like the movie for those that do, but there are a huge amount of quite significant problems with the movies internal consistency, continuity, direction and especially writing to the point it's closer to fanfiction from someone who doesn't quite understand Star Wars.
  6. TheVoidDragon

    Space Marines

    Very nice work, I especially like that Chimera and Leman Russ!. Is the Chimera chassis scratchbuilt? I can see the upper half is from the actual kit, but not sure what's under the Plasticard!
  7. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Out of context it reads like it comes from someone who's never heard of Revell before but somehow ended up in a spokesman position and they've only just suddenly noticed "Wow, we make model kits themed around WW2-era Germany?! How did we let that happen?!", but reading the article again however...it's just an utterly absurd leap in logic made by the ones complaining, it sounds like people have basically: Suddenly noticed Revell making a model kit based on the Haneube II For some reason those people thought it was a real thing, as the packaging makes no mention of it being fictional and it has a seemingly historical basis with it's general theme of WW2 Came to the conclusion that, because the packaging doesn't say it's fictional, they must be claiming it isn't fictional and that it was a thing that was actually made. From that determined that they are therefore claiming Germany in general must have had advanced, science-fiction technology during WW2, to the extent they had technology that was literally impossible Jumped to the idea that this means they must somehow be using this to cast doubt on facts and are somehow supporting the conspiracy theories about the Nazi's having extremely advanced technology during WW2, because apparently making a kit that's fictional means they must think they "built a space ship". Then think that by association that means they must glorify Nazi's and War Then after these complaints Revell thinks making this kit in general (not just the kinda unclear packaging, the actual kit) is bad because it's fictional and they aren't sure "how and why the toy was developed". So basically, it's a leap from "The packaging doesn't say it wasn't real, that's a bit misleading" to "They must glorify Nazi's and War". The whole thing is just baffling.
  8. TheVoidDragon

    One for the Star Wars collectors..

    I'm really not sure what to think of this! On one hand it's an empty crisps packet...on the other, it's a promotional themed packaging that hasn't been produced for 30+ years, and with the crisps themselves not being made for quite a while. that's also related to one of the biggest and most popular franchises of all time....but it's still just an empty crisps packet.
  9. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Maybe I've just missed something but what do you mean by "re-write history" in this context?
  10. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    I really wonder who complained about this. If it was people in the intended audience (scale modellers with Sci-fi or alternate history interests) than it seems like an absurd double standard considering all the other fictional kits that get released and don't say they're fictional, while if it was people who don't have an interest in this sort of thing than it's absurd that they'd cater to those people and remove it from sale. The response from Revell of what seems to amount to "We don't know how or why we made this thing" just makes it even stranger.
  11. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    I can understand the complaints about something which, at a glance, appears like it has a historical basis with the description reading more as something that's factual than it does fiction - but Revell apparently "trying to work out how and why the toy was developed and made available for sale." seems to be going too far if that's not referring to just the packaging but rather not being sure why or how they made it in the first place. There's no problem with Revell making fictional kits, as long as that's made clear.
  12. That 2nd one isn't an R3 droid, is it? It would have been cool to see a collection of an R2, R3, R4 and R5 together, although i don't know how they'd really do the R3's opaque dome easily.
  13. TheVoidDragon


    Went to see this a few days ago, initially i wasn't going to bother as TLJ had really made me somewhat loose interest in Star Wars (despite being a big fan right up until that movie and really looking forward to TLJ beforehand) because of some terrible decisions they made with it, but Solo actually turned out to be far better than i expected. I wouldn't say it was good but at the same time there wasn't really much i had a problem with and it was an enjoyable movie, better than TLJ surprisingly. Still feel like it was somewhat unnecessary and that we didn't need to have pretty much every Han Solo reference in the original movies explained, but it has somewhat bought back my enjoyment of Star Wars.
  14. TheVoidDragon


    That idea sounds a bit strange to me in the first place, really. Why would someone think Sandtroopers, Snowtroopers, Spacetroopers etc might not be a variant of stormtrooper? General Veers on Hoth had an Imperial Army uniform, but if that's the standard issue uniform then it makes sense for him to have that - he isn't a Stormtrooper directly, he's a general.
  15. TheVoidDragon

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    With the crane if there isn't room at the front, perhaps you could have some sort of replacement for part of the hull itself. Something like a large under-belly mounted winch system built into the bottom back portion of the boat hull, like instead of where the engines would be you could replace part of the hull with a big cargo/storage platform along and the crane/winch, so built into the ship itself. You'd obviously have to move the engines elsewhere but it would leave space on the deck for other things.