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  1. Didn't realize the AT-AT was inaccurate too, what sort of problem though? I've had a quick look and I can't see anything glaringly wrong with it.
  2. Was anything actually said about that, or did they just disappear? I remember seeing the AT-AT and a AT-ST (that had some issues) but nothing after that.
  3. Closest thing I can think of is the "Complete Vehicles" book, which is art of ships/vehicles but more of a cutaway thing showing the internals of them.
  4. Well, that's definitely not what I was expecting! I thought it would be some sort of walking-tank that just had similarities to a crab...not an actual crab with tank parts!
  5. My brother is going to Japan next month, so I'm hoping he'll be able to get me some sort of Bandai Star Wars kit while there, preferably the smaller scale vehicle or starship ones. I know that Revell have released the Bandai 1/72 TIE/X-Wing/AT-AT/AT-ST/Snowspeeder here, and will soon be releasing the B-Wing and the double pack with the Death Star + Imperial Star Destroyer, so there isn't much reason to see if he can get those. The expensive Millennium Falcon I don't have an interest in. I'd really like the Blockade Runner and the Super Star destroyer, but I have no idea of those would be the best choice...I'm interested in pretty much all of the 1/72 ships and the smaller scale stuff (except Sequel trilogy stuff), really! What kits would be the more worthwhile/economical to pickup there if possible?
  6. £50? Wow...why is it almost double the price of the other kits?
  7. I'm very surprised to see that the Star Wars kits are so limited. Nothing new from Revell specifically, and the Bandai kits, while awesome, seem very lacking considering what's available. Out of the ones that aren't available - Speeder Bike, A-wing, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced x1, TIE Striker, Y-wing, Combat Assault Tank, U-wing, Rebel Blockade Runner, Super Star Destroyer etc - so many kits in the smaller and larger scales, they only release the B-wing, Death Star 2 & Star Destroyer? That's so disappointing.
  8. Only the Death Star and Imperial Star Destroyer? They haven't released the other small scale kits have they? The Tantive IV, Super Star Destroyer, Jedi Star Fighter etc... seems a bit odd if that's the case.
  9. I suppose it depends on what sort of size you want. 1/144 or 1/220 scale buildings could work, but it would be fairly big if you wanted it to be somewhat of an actual city. It could work better if you could find some form of model cityscape instead. Something like these 1/2500 cityscapes, which seem fairly modular: https://www.hlj.com/1-2500-scale-geocraper-extension-unit-006-city-tunnel-ntk06004 https://www.hlj.com/1-2500-scale-geocraper-basic-unit-low-rise-building-ntk06049 There's a variety of different ones - Skyscrapers, landmarks and even a Castle. The actual movement part shouldn't be too difficult, you could just use 1/72 or 1/100 scale tanks or vehicles.
  10. I don't believe so. There haven't been any new Revell Kits announced, and Bandai's new stuff are mostly boring choices (A repainted X-Wing!) from Rise of Skywalker. Nothing for The Mandolorian that i know of.
  11. Yeah, I saw those recently which was got me wondering! I don't really need the Starter set part of it, but as just the kit itself is more than £6 it seems like a good deal. Just have no idea why those non-starter versions are more than the rest in the first place.
  12. The Starter sets are around £12 usually, but with these specific ships they aren't starter sets, just the normal unpainted kits! Places like Hobbycraft AND model retailers seem to charge around £12 for the ships like the LAAT. and Sith Infiltrator, I really can't figure out why.
  13. I don't mean the Bandai Kits Revell have reboxed. Some of their smaller box stuff are priced around £6, whereas others in the same line are around £12. X-wing, TIE fighters, Star Destroyer & Falcon are all around £6, whereas ones line the Sith Infiltrator, Obi-Wans Jedi Starfighter and LAAT gunship are closer to £12. Same range & roughly same sizes (the scales vary a lot but they're all the same box size) and level of difficulty, so i can't figure out why there's such a vast price difference.
  14. I see what you mean! It sounds pretty bad really, at least based off the premise. Focusing on the people rather than the Martian Invasion itself isn't really what I expect from the War of the Worlds.
  15. What do you mean by that? First i've heard of the other show, but looking at the description for it, I don't see how it's unrelated.
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