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  1. Only just seen this thread, but I'm very glad this is the case! I've been to the Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets day only 3 times (only found out about it about 2 years ago) and very very much enjoyed it, so it's just absurd that this has happened at all. It's baffling to me how a beloved one-of-a-kind part of preserving our aviation history, that has had a huge amount of work put into it by many people, could be considered of lesser worth than the ability to store and sell more cars. It's not as if any of it can be easily replaced, so I find this whole situation just disgusting from
  2. The original miniatures looked quite interesting on their own, but the extra stuff you've added to them works really well! Considering one of them very much like a Dreadnought rather than being their own desgin, I wonder if any of the others are based off something too?
  3. What do you mean by this? Things will become more expensive to import from there?
  4. Apparently it's around 25cm tall when completed. Are those 2 extra figures in scale with the rest of it? Can't quite remember how big a person should be in comparison to an EVA!
  5. I think so, I just found it on a site and it worked. EF10 was the code that worked for me.
  6. Thanks! 10% off code so got it for £29! About the price it should have been in the first place I think, no idea why it's £50 RRP...
  7. Quick update on this: Solved it. Was in a charity shop today and saw an aviation artbook "Brace by wire to fly-by-wire: 80 years of the Royal Air Force 1918-1988" and bought it without really looking at it much (normally just get them when they're cheap). Realized after that several of the pages in there are the exact same as a few of the 'prints' I have here, text on the same back page and all. That book doesn't have all of them, but it seems there are a few other artbooks in the same sort of collection, these are definitely just pages taken out of that artbook or one
  8. I hoped they'd have released some of the other kits here by now, but it's been quite a while and there's still been nothing at all about the smaller vehicle boxes (other than the Death Star + Star Destroyer box) or things like the 1/72 Y-Wing and A-Wing.
  9. Overall it's pretty great, especially the lighting, just a bit of a shame there isn't a bit more going on around them, like maybe some asteroids to make it not seem so empty.
  10. This is always the first one I think of on the topic of short sci-fi stuff : They're pretty unique and interesting sci-fi plane designs, too.
  11. It could be be something like that, but Revell already has/had the license to use the trademark and certain ship designs and I doubt other ships like the Razorcrest would be too expensive to get the rights to as well. Other than something like the box-scale TIE fighter, most of the Revell stuff released for the older movies over the past few years have been reboxings which is somewhat understandable, but it's that alongside that they had the license for TFA/Solo/TLJ and decided the best use for the ships from those would be what's pretty much a toy ("build and play" snaptite kits).
  12. I wonder what the reason manufacturers aren't making many Star Wars kits recently is. Revell stuff has been primarily reboxes of their old kits and had a few "build and play" toys but nothing that's just a normal kit recently. Bandai has theirs, but they're intended for a specific market. It just seems like very little is being done overall.
  13. A few things I'd like but it just doesn't seem worth it due to postage costs and customs fees. Put a few things in the basket to see what postage and such would be like...£16 worth of items, but £16 shipping so the price is already doubled, and then I'd have to pay even more because customs fees. It's just so offputting with how much extra would get stuck on any order, already becomes over double that with the postage, and then i'd have to pay more because over the £15. Even just buying 1 of the Tomica Star Wars: Slave I at £1.77 jumps up to over £7 with the shipping cost for just that single
  14. Yes, the Bandai Star Wars kits that have been released here are mostly 1/72 scale. While Bandai does have kits of lots of different star wars models, many of them like the A-Wing and Y-wing aren't officially sold here unfortunately, Revell have the distribution license for the Bandai kits here and so far there's only a few of the ships available, which are the 1/72 X-Wing, 1/72 TIE Fighter, 1/72 B-Wing, 1/48 Snowspeeder, 1/48 AT-ST, 1/144 AT-AT and 1/144 KSE Firespray (Slave One).
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