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  1. What do you mean by that? First i've heard of the other show, but looking at the description for it, I don't see how it's unrelated.
  2. Aren't these slightly wrong? The First Order F-11D blaster rifle has white parts on it (which I think looks silly), they aren't entirely black (unless ROS is changing them and I've just missed it).
  3. A few weeks/months ago while at an Air Show (UK) I bought some fairly nice quality paper with various flight-related artwork on them, figured they were nice art and would look good framed. I've realized since that every piece has a number at the bottom on both sides (45, 197, 91 etc with the other side being the next number, so seems like a page number), and most of them are double-sided with text on the back talking about what's on the front, implying they're pages from something. They're also all the same format (other than 1 or 2 that are different, but they had a few of that style too though) and they had other non-military stuff too. The numbers and style makes me think they must be taken from a book or something, and i've tried searching for some of the art (they all have the name on them) but not been able to find anything about them. I have found a lot of these prints or whatever they are at absurd prices being sold by someone on Ebay though, the same ones I either have or saw where i got them from, just with a frame added. Here's a photo of some of what i have to show the style of thing i mean: Really can't figure out specifically why they seem to have page numbers on them and considering others have the same things i do in the same style, they must come from or be available somewhere. Does anyone have any idea where specifically these might have came from? One of the prints actually isn't proper a4-size, it's slightly bigger and off-cut, which also suggests it was taken from a book or something rather than printed themselves. Just to clarify: Not the actual art itself, i'm trying to find if these are just taken out of a book or something along those lines/why there are so many pieces of different art by different authors with this format + page numbers + text.
  4. The Helmet collection (the small ones) stuff is pretty nice, bought a few myself recently - AT-ST Pilot, Endor Helmet and Y-Wing Helmet. They seem to go for £5 - 10.
  5. Whatever happened with this and them having the Star Wars license? Can't find anything about it!
  6. Imperial Star destroyers are the iconic light-grey Empire designs seen after the Clone Wars ended, either an Imperial-I class or Imperial-II. The First-Order Star Destroyers however, are called Resurgent class Star Destroyers. Despite it making more sense if it had been done the other way, they are entirely new variants of Star Destroyers made just for the First Order, after the Empire was defeated. That goes for everything the First Order uses actually, nothing is left over from the Empire directly - it's all entirely new, latest technology stuff made just for them while they were in hiding. Their TIE fighters for example are far superior to the Imperial versions, and likewise so are their Star Destroyers. The Resurgent is significantly bigger (almost twice the Length of an Imperial-II), more powerful, has additional special weapon types etc. It's just better than the Empire's Star Destroyers in every way. Resurgent is on the left, Imperial is on the right. The Remnants didn't just scatter and then come back. They scattered, set up a new faction and somehow got enough resources, manpower, money and influence to the point they seem to at least rival, and possibly outclass, the Empire - they captured the galaxy in about a day despite loosing their main base. They build the absurdly huge (far bigger than even Imperial Super Star Destroyers) Supremacy and Starkiller base etc.It's absurd really, it feels like these sort of things were just arbitrarily decided without much thought when they were throwing together the sequels. It's all new stuff they have, and it's all better, and there's seemingly more of it - all while the New Republic did the opposite and lessened their military massively because they basically "didn't want to seem like the Empire". The dormant star destroyers are of interest because it's a huge fleet of those original Imperial-class Star Destroyers, something that hasn't been used for potentially 30 years and shouldn't really have a reason to be seen in the sequel trilogy, especially not on that scale. Neither the First Order or the Rebels use them. As for the model kit, there isn't one as far as i'm aware.
  7. The trailer looks alright, but it seemed a bit lacking to me. There wasn't much in it (and in the way the trailer's edited) that makes the Martians seem like they're that much of a big deal, it all feels kinda small scale.
  8. First I've seen of some of those new designs, and while they are still nice...it all looks so uninspired, still. Compared to the prequels there's almost nothing new about them. The Sith TIE is somewhat interesting and different, but even that's a recycled concept for First Order TIE fighters from TFA - and there were many other better concepts.
  9. Which is a line that doesn't make as much sense as it used to! He gets called Obi-Wan only 2 years before A New Hope.
  10. Tthose are the original Star Destroyers seen in A New Hope/Rogue One, ESB onwards had a different variant of them, and the First Order doesn't use Empire-era Star Destroyers either. Will be interesting to see what they're for, I'm assuming it's to do with Palpatine.
  11. A few days ago I got an Airfix Robogear T-rex kit for £5, it's new other than missing 1 small missile (which is a different coloured plastic and doesn't appear on the box instructions?). I'm not really planning on selling it or something, I got it because it looks like a fairly cool model, but I'm still curious about the usual sort of cost for them and I can't find too much info about it. The only one I saw on ebay was £20 and other than it being for a tabletop game I know nothing about the Robogear stuff, so i can't decide if i should build it or keep it boxed for now. Anyone know anything about it?
  12. He didn't. Obi-wan wasn't 80 years old in A New Hope, he was close to 40 by the time of Revenge of the Sith, so about 60 in A New Hope. Alec Guiness was 63 when he played Obi-Wan.
  13. Seems unlikely really as the end of the Obi-wan/Maul thing has already been shown by the Rebels show.
  14. About 20 years. He goes into hiding on Tatooine immediately, at the end of ROTS. He's there to watch over Luke. There's nothing to indicate he ever leaves the planet between ROTS and ANH so it'll probably just be something set on Tatooine.
  15. It'll just be set during his the time Between Revenge of the Sith and A New hope, when he's hiding on Tatooine.
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