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  1. I haven't been around for some time (life, eh?) and have popped back to get some paint stripping advice. I have some FPS and wonder if it can be used on resin parts too? I don't know what paint is on there, I think it's a gloss enamel
  2. I'm afraid that due to personal circumstances, modelling is going to have to take a back seat for a while. So there'll be no 'Rocket' or Johnny Red's Mossie from me. Sorry
  3. What about a stock road vehicle GB? No rally cars, no racers, no F1s, no modded Japanese, no custom Yanks, no hot rods etc.
  4. P38! Props *and* twin-booms
  5. And received! Thanks Bill
  6. If you could Bill, that'd be great. Email addy shoudl be in my profile
  7. Yep, that's the one. If you could dig them out, that would be fantastic! I won't be starting it for some time yet, so there's no rush.
  8. Well, I've got the kit. I didn't realise that it's tiny. I should have, of course, knowing that it's 1:76 I have a problem though. I got it cheap from someone on another forum who was clearing his stash, but he failed to mention that it was cheap 'cos it has no instructions So, does anyone have some 'Rocket' instructions they could do me a copy of?
  9. It actually looks OK It's not perfect by a long way, and I wouldn't be happy with that finish on the bodyshell, but I'm pretty sure where I went wrong!
  10. I done it! But only on a chassis to start with... I used a syringe to decant 3ml of Revell enamel & the same of Humbrol enamel thinner into the mix jar. I followed the instructions in the box on how to set up the airbrush (Badger 250-3) and connected up the aircan (yeah, I know but one came in the box!) A bit of practice on some newspaper and then a deep breath... And it was OK! It looks fine, just waiting for it to dry...before I think it looks so awful that I strip it off and do it all again
  11. Just wondering why aircraft are used in service in bare metal? I would have thought that it made them easier to spot in flight (no camouflage, sunlight reflecting off the surface) and also more expensive to maintain (cleaning, possible corrosion) Does anyone know?
  12. Airfix Dogfighter! It's an *ace* game. I must get round to re-installing it... http://www.airfixdogfighter.co.uk/index.htm Currently on eBid for £6.25 - Listing here Or get the demo from CNet for free: Link
  13. And me! They were the first kits I ever built, about thirty years ago!
  14. I will shortly be coming to the point where I have to paint the bodyshell of a 1:24 Ferrari Daytona. I'm not sure whether to go with: a rattlecan (Pros - ready-mixed, easy to use. Cons- Only need it for this one job, might work out expensive) an airbrush (Pros - I've got one (very cheap - £20) Cons - I've never used one before. Don't know how to thin the paint properly, in what quantities or what proportions (Revell enamels & thinners) ) a paintbrush (Pros - used to use brushes all the time when I was a kid, pretty sure I could still do a decent job. Cons - not as good a finish) What
  15. Nurse! The screens! I loves the Stratos and that one is a beauty!
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