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  1. Tie_Dye_Jedi


    I just build whatever scheme/decal that is on the box art of the box
  2. Well its Christmas time again and while shopping for gifts for others I magically ended up in the hobby section of the toy shop in the local shopping centre, amazingly I managed to escape with only purchasing a 1/72 airfix RAF red arrows gnat kit which was cheap and I could use it to try using a wash for the first time, I convinced myself. My original time frame for this was one day but I couldn't get my air brush working which extended the build to two days. The kit was painted with tamiya XF-7 and clear coated with Tamiya TS-13, decals were set with mr mark softer and panal lines w
  3. Hi I kinda have lost my mojo for 1/20 plastic F1 Kits for the time being and have always wanted to build a Big Huge wooden ship like HMS Victory, HMS Endeavour, Cutty Sark etc, but it would be insane to start at that level so I reckon I'll give the artesania Latina HMS Endevour longboat a try first. obligatory box shot contents... Hmm somethings missing? Yep definitely missing something, looks like there is no planking or masts, DOH! so after some back and forth emailing i got this package sent to me with the replacement parts. Keen
  4. The paint arrived 23 of October which was about 11 days (including weekends) transit from the US, not bad. I can't use it until I get something to clean the airbrush with, then I might do a spoon test comparing the gravity paint with TS-44 and the decals.
  5. Picked up the FW14b and the MP4/6 from eBay for a reasonable price. I will wait till the new year and start buying detail sets for these bit by bit so it doesn't hurt my wallet too much... Tim
  6. I ordered a pot of lablatts blue from gravity colours in the US today, only a small order as a test to see if it is worth importing more in the future. at least I can use it with the FW14B
  7. Thanks John The decals were tricky lots of air bubbles and heaps of decal softening solution, masking and spraying would have been a lot easier. Regards TDJ
  8. Thanks Hugh I used Ts-36 fluoresent red (I can't get zero paints in OZ) and it looks great in person, the photos tend to make the paint look darker also the more coats you do it tends to get darker as well BTW I visited the Donnington motor museum last year and it was great I took heaps of photos and didn't want to leave, sadly no MP4/4 there but there are plenty of other Mclarens there Hears a snap of an MP4/5B
  9. Hi Something that I have been working on for the last 8 months The decals are from f'artice and the paints are tamiya TS rattle cans and acrylics The build has stalled recently when the clear coat has eaten in to the blue decals in some areas , I'm thinking of just touching up with some paint from zero or gravity colour matched paints whichever I can get shipped to Australia (probably gravity) which I can use on a FW14B that I have in the stash Engine needs a little touch up and I forgot to paint the Renault badge on the engine block
  10. Hi My First Build in 20 years coming back to the hobby. Built straight out of the box with only the tobacco decals added, everything has been hand painted except for the white and fluorescent red on the body and wings. I will have another go at this in the future because I know I can do better, just a matter of finding this kit at a reasonable price.
  11. Hi This is one of my first builds I finished on my return to the hobby, it is not perfect but learnt a lot from this project. Not an F1 car but I was a huge Nigel Mansell fan as a kid and I have fond memories going to the indy car races in Surfers paradise. I finished this kit a year ago and I will have to go back and redo the decals as they have yellowed quite a bit , from now on I will be buying new decals for old kits no matter how good they seem, lesson learnt. When I build up my skills I will like to add some piping to the radiators, it l
  12. can't seen to get images to appear https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4364/35602827914_38a03cba7e.jpg
  13. Hi My name is Tim and after lurking around for awhile I have registered on BM, a little about myself My modelling history started in the late eighties and finished in the mid nineties, when I discovered guitars, booze and girls I decided to get back into modelling because the price of die cast cars are getting quite high and after watching James May toy stories it reminded me how rewarding the hobby can be. Im not the fastest builder, juggling work, domestic/family duties and social activities leaves little room for modelling but I will eventually finish a build sooner of l
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