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  1. What a coincidence! How did you feel about this incident during the crazy cold war time?
  2. On the September 13, 1987, the soviet Su-27's vertical tail cut one engine of norwegian P-3C while intercepting over the Barents Sea. We can't insure the incident was a "brave pilot with superb skill" or "flight accident caused by pilot negligence". From my point of view, this is a fascinating topic to present. We can find two version of this incident: damage on the left or right vertical fin. After comparing the details of two side, I prefer the latter one. These pictures were released by norwegian milit
  3. This kit goes......not well, needs lots of putty except for main fuselage.
  4. I found these picture too, but I considered it as the same one, just in different peroid . So two individual aircraft shared the same code truly happened in russia!!?? haha~
  5. Let me point out some of the differnce between in service(top) and retired(down),I was so cofused while building it.....
  6. YaK-141(initially called YaK-41M),the first supersonic vertical takeoff fighter of the world. Compare with YaK-38, which is absolutely more comprehensive. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Yakovlev was fund by Lockheed Corporation, which was developing the JSF X-35. Unfortunately it never went into service in the end. Right side is present as retired condition, there is so many differnce between in service condition. Does anybody knows why? Th
  7. At this point I want to see how far the acrylic paint can go, but I will try to use oil paints after have more budget for modeling, thanks a lot for your suggest!
  8. My works almost coloured with normal acrylic paint and some Vallejo, weathering by thin acrylic paint and poster paint, then apply clear coat spray as finish, all done by paint brush except for finish.....not a mainstream modeling technique.
  9. As I can see this is 100% real one, absolutely stunning work!
  10. I confess that I intended to collect pictures which look dirty enough as reference for practice stronger weathering @@
  11. Rafale must be one of the most elegant fighter of the world, may be due to this fact, it's rarely to see a dirty looking work. As far as I am concerned, there is no clean marine plane on the earth, so this is what happened...... Rafale can carry two MBDA apache like this, however it seems that uncommon showed on any loadout chart....... By the way I'm not sure whether the fuel tanks can carry like this...... I didn't glued the fuel tanks
  12. I used nEOiMAGING4 to desaturate and blur the photo. Take picture outside seems to be better than indoor.
  13. Owing to the front portion within the Warsaw Pact. East Germany received advanced version of soviet weapon to against NATO. Ye-6T-3 as one of the canard nose intake jet (another one is Ye-152M), canard increased lift and improved agility. However may be it also caused some flight control problem, after the prototype was crashed, the project had been canceled. Just let me assumed that the problem was solved and exported to East Germany and piloted by Sigmund Jähn, the first german in space (such a complex ´_ゝ`). The modification was based on Revell 04346, which is plenty of indented rivet
  14. Proposed by Arado company in response to the Amerika Bomber project, that would capable of striking America from Germany. It has never been built, but looks futuristic and evil at the same time. The cockpit is well detailed, it is a shame that almost can't see after glued the fuselage. Thanks for your watch. I pressed enter by accident and submit article just after insert the first photo, this is so dumb.( º﹃º )
  15. I found the T-10-17 prototype with anti-flutter weight, on the other hand, the B&W photo shows no red star on position if it is left vertical tail? huh......
  16. According to the refference, Su-27 red 36 left tail hit the P3B engine prop and damaged, but I noticed that the widespread black and white picture of it looked not like left tail! Anybody get some idea?
  17. The P.13a was an experimental interceptor aircraft designed in late 1944 by Dr. Alexander Lippisch, as conventional fuels were in short supply, proposed to powered by coal-burning ramjet. It never past the drawing board. The mesh drum holding coal granules and revolving, ignited by gas burner once it reached operating speed(red box). Huh......yes, it could not get there on itself, maybe need to shot off or towed. This PM Model's kit was extremely simple and not fitted well, must have to add some panel lines on it.
  18. Thanks for your kind comment, and nice hind.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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