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  1. Hi There Sorry to be a complete pain and many thanks for these new instructions but the numbers given for building the undercarriage nacelles in your instructions mean that you end up with one very skinny and one very fat nacelle. This was not a major problem for me as I have the original Smer kit and as I will be building that with the skis I could replace mine. The correct build for part 5 should be 22 to 25 and 23 to 24. The Smer numbers are 42 to 43 and 44 to 45 Which are the same on your actual sprues. Again many thanks for the quick response and despite what sounds like moaning I'm really enjoying the build. These are great kits of important subjects and fill the holes in my IL-2 collection. Cheers, Alistair
  2. Hi Jan, Many thanks for your quick reply, No criticism was intended just a pointer in the right direction. I will keep an eye out for the download. Cheers, Alistair
  3. Hi There, That is fantastic news. I will be keeping an eye out for news. Cheers, Alistair
  4. Many Thanks for that. I will give it a go. Cheers, Alistair
  5. Hi Roman, I noticed those missing bits but figured I could fudge them and have some spare photo etch for the Gunners Seat. The numbering confused me at first but I got used to using the sprue map instead. As, I said I've just started it so can take my time and try to get it right. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction over part 63. Is it a connector for the rear machine gun on the Black Death 2 seater? Cheers, Alistair
  6. Hi there, Just a quick question,. I started on your IL-2 Black Death today and noticed what may be an error in the instructions as follows. First the Black Death Instructions. Second The interim Gunners Station Instructions As you can see Part 9 in both sets of instructions show the same pieces to use and part 68 is crossed out on the sprue map in both sets. I'm assuming that part 68 is the one to use for Black Death. Just wondering if I'm correct in this and would be really grateful if you could confirm my thoughts. If you could also advise whether part 63 is used in either set that would be brilliant as I can't find it anywhere but it isn't crossed out in the sprue maps. Many Thanks in advance, Alistair
  7. Hi There, Thank you, most kind. Cheers, Alistair
  8. Many Thanks for your kind words. Cheers, Alistair
  9. Hi There, It was decided by Innis that our next project would be a Mustang, but an RAF one. I had a couple of Mustangs picked up from Aldi, but no RAF decals. I managed to get some cheaply but they were for a Mustang III. Still, The Wee Manny would like an RAF version so these were used. The kit was finished quickly as he wanted it done before his Holiday and we had a couple of minor disasters. He was doing a panel line wash whilst I was in the Kitchen cooking Enchiladas and I lost track of the time so the wash was an absolute nightmare to get off cleanly. My fault entirely as was spilling glue on the nose when I was fitting the undercarriage which the melted the Sharkmouth decal. I covered it up as much as I could and to be fair it looks ok from three feet away. So, here it is, warts and all with Airfix's famous wonky Mustang undercarriage and a toothpick aerial as the kit ones were so mismoulded and flashed they were unusable and stuck on a base made from the cover to a scented candle from B&M. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Alistair
  10. As you should be. That looks really good to me. Cheers, Alistair
  11. Hi There, Thanks for the reply. I've just realised that there were a couple of internal pieces that went in the wrong way round and that probably didn't help and that's entirely my fault. I'll pass your comment on to the wee manny. He's been quite overwhelmed by the response. I hope that it peeks his interest a bit more. Cheers, Alistair
  12. Hi There, Really looking forward to this one. What a fantastic idea. Cheers, Alistair
  13. Thank-you for your kind words. I'm having a blast building but the look on the wee mans face just lights up the room. Cheers, Alistair
  14. Thank you for your kind words Many thanks for your kind words. I may be exaggerating the fit problems slightly but the nose to fuselage join and the canopy were real problems. Cheers, Alistair
  15. Hi There, So, some backstory for this one. Innis is absolutely fascinated with German experimental stuff at the moment and so we started the Horten. This was started at the same time as my Bell X-1 but due to my trip to New York and then his holidays we didn't get round to it until a couple of weeks ago. It needed some careful planning regarding sub-assemblies and painting so we left it until then. As this was his project I let the wee man take the lead so most of the build and painting is his. I did some fiddly stuff, the masking and what little weathering we did on it but all decisions were his. I think he has done a pretty astounding job on this considering it was a bit of a pig to put together. The fit was appalling in places and the decals were some of the worst I've used so far. Didn't want to stick and lie down at all and I eventually resorted to using UMP Extra strong to get certain decals to settle. Any errors and omissions are mine and mine alone, but the sheer joy on his face was worth every minute and, of course, getting a 10 year old interested in the hobby is pleasure enough. Painted with Vallejo ModelAir RLM 81,82 and 84, Revell Aluminium and weathered slightly with Mig Washes and Oils. On with some pictures: And finally on it's new display base
  16. Hi there, Thank you for your kind comment. I have watched Iron Sky numerous times. It's a fantasically good terrible film. So enjoyable. Cheers, Alistair
  17. Sterling work, Sir... a day for celebration. Sorry. Watching this unfold has really made me want to build the Starship One. Cheers, Alistair
  18. Hi There, Right Forum this time..... This has been built as a surprise present for Innis when he comes back from his holiday. I picked it up from those wonderful people at Creative Models when they had it as one of their special weekly offers. I wanted to try using the AK Extreme Metals and Gauzy Intermediate to see how they looked together. The paints used were Ultimate Primer, Vallejo Model Air and Extreme Metals Aluminium and Polished Aluminium. I was trying to do this as quickly as possible between Innis going away and work. I realise now that I need to get the primer absolutely flat and perfect for the NMF so there are some lumps and bumps. I also think that I need to use my H&S with the 0.2 needle to coat the Intermediate Agent as the Sparmax Max 3 laid it down a little thick and caused numerous pools and runs. Well I caused it but the H&s will give me more control I think. still had a blast doing it and am looking forward to giving it to the wee fella on his return tomorrow just before we leave for Perth and the Scottish Nationals, my first time there and really looking forward to it. Hope to see some of you. Oh Yes, really must try to remember to blow the dust away before clear coating after putting the transfers on. The transfers look silvered in the photos but it really doesn't show on the kit. On with the pictures Many Thanks for looking and any advice/criticism gratefully received Cheers, Alistair
  19. Beautiful Work. Puts mine in the shade. Cheers, Alistair
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