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  1. 7 hours ago, Beard said:

    I'm pretty sure that a UK-based Vb would've had a VHF radio installed so don't think you'll need the wire from the mast to the tailplane. It still would have the IFF wires mind.



    Thanks so much.

    When I referred to the rigging I meant the IFF wires but didn't know that's what they were, but I'm really grateful to be pointed in the right direction.

    Also, thanks for the link. That's really useful.




  2. Today I attempted a little chipping, a Flory Dark Dirt wash and some oil weathering.

    Once that was done and dried a matt coat was applied after the undercarriage and exhausts were attached.

    When the matt coat had become touch dry I painted the nav lights and put a drop of Krystal Klear on the spine.












    To be done,

    Rig the aerial wires,

    Fit the wheels, aerial, prop and pitot.

    Not necessarily in that order.

    Then unmask the canopy and fit the rear view mirror.


    Thanks for looking,




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  3. 1 hour ago, GREG DESTEC said:

    Looking good 👍


    I always breathe a sigh of relief when the transfers are done. 


    I must dig my one out and move it up the to do list.


    Cheers Greg

    Thanks Greg,

    If you do decide to go for it watch the decal instructions.

    It tells you to cut the decal for the starboard leading edge walkway line 05.mm and 7mm at the ends but doing this causes the walk forward part to be partially under the roundel.

    I think it should be a 7mm cut at the left end and 0.5mm at the right.

    Of course I only noticed when the roundel went on and it was too late.

    Yet again I made the mistake of believing the instructions. :banghead:


    I've given it a clear coat this morning and will attempt some light weathering later.

    Not very confident or good at that stuff yet so it could all go horribly wrong.




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  4. 3 hours ago, Jabba said:

    A good start and any progress is good progress.

    Thanks very much and you are right. 

    It's a start.


    2 hours ago, RichG said:

    Yes I had an "S shaped sprue" on an RN version of this kit. I didn't notice at first, but into the build the fit with the wheel well / lower wing component was off. It looked absolutely fine and I put it down to a mistake I must have made and cut the part to fit. But when I came to try fitting the cockpit tub in it was not even close🤏.  Again it looked perfectly OK on its own but when compared with the same part from another kit it was a different shape! Then when I checked the sprue I could see the warp which had only effected those parts in the middle. Airfix replaced the part no problem but I do wonder if this subtle warping is behind the occasional reports you hear of poor fitting in Airfix kits. In reality the tollerances are tight & fit should be perfect (and in my experience is) and if its not then worth checking for warping.    


    I know it has its critics but I really like this kit, which  I think really captures the look and sit of the Spey F-4. Really looking forward to the end result 👍





    Thanks so much.

    I've seen some horror stories and pics of the warping and all looks ok here. I've done a fair bit of dry fitting and it all seems to go together.

    I am in no way a Phantom expert, I just loved watching them from the box but I'm hoping to get something Phantom shaped from the box.




  5. A few little bits and pieces were done during my night shift tenure.

    The fuselage was masked off and the Sky band was sprayed.

    This evening I gave it a clear coat in preparation for some stickers tomorrow.




    The wee pool of Aqua Gloss was wicked off carefully


    Wheels, undercarriage legs, doors, exhausts and spinner were all painted and given a bit of a wash.










    Th fit of the cone to the spinner backplate was less than stellar which necessitated some PPP and a repaint but has come out OK now, I think.


    More tomorrow.


    Thanks for looking,






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  6. 19 hours ago, Dandie Dinmont said:

    Reminds me of the time my dear old dad tried to make a delicate adjustment to the fit of his false teeth by popping them into the oven for a couple of minutes to soften them. Needless to say, he forgot they were in there until they had melted beyond all possible hope of repair. Since he did this the week before Christmas, it was turkey soup and puréed sprouts for him that year.  So you see Mark, things could be worse and I’m sure you’ll have fixed everything up admirably by the end of the build!



    My Dad managed to sneeze his right down the toilet just before Christmas as well.

    It happened just as he was flushing. Oops.

    Lentil soup for him.

    2 hours ago, 2996 Victor said:

    Thanks, Craig, that's hugely appreciated! Everything will be alright in the end, and if everything isn't alright then its not yet the end!




    The positive waves are just flowing out, Moriarty

    I like this.




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  7. 18 hours ago, Dandie Dinmont said:

     I imagine it looks superb in the cabinet! I assume it’s next to your Komet but a bit further back because of the whole scale mismatch thing? 
    Great job!



    Thanks Craig,

    It's sitting much as you describe for the moment.

    Might get shifted later on if I rearrange thing.




    4 hours ago, Eric Mc said:

    It definitely worked. I may acquire one of those.

    One of those lucky accidents that I may try to repeat later.




  8. 15 hours ago, desert falcon said:

    Just been down to the basement this evening to pickup this kit from the stash and thought I would search BM to see if anyone had a wip on it and then I found yours :) 


    So thanks a lot for that, will continue to follow your progress with interest! 



    Johnny b 

    Glad to have you here.

    I only hope you find something of interest in my ramblings.




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