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  1. A bit of ColourCoats AMT-12 has ben applied. There are some touch-ups required but I think that'll do for me. It'll probably look a bit better once the strutty bits and the decals are on and it's not so stark. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
  2. Thanks Adrian, It's getting there but I will admit the paint issues have knocked my enthusiasm a tad. Cheers, Alistair
  3. Thanks Chris, I'm desperately trying not to fixate on that at the moment. Cheers, Alistair
  4. Thanks very much. Enjoying may be a relative term at the moment but if the AMT-12 goes OK then I'll start. It is a rather lovely wee kit though. All the issues are entirely self inflicted. Cheers, Alistair
  5. Well, it's been a wee while for any updates on this. The first attempt at freehand camo was a complete disaster. I'd used MRP for the AMT-1 and didn't like the look as I thought it was too dark. Second attempt was with Vallejo Model Air AMT-1 but it was, in my opinion, far too light and for some reason the ColourCoats AMT-4 or AMT-12 refused to lie down over the Vallejo as it was fish-eyeing. And finally we arrive at attempt three and back with the MRP but layered a bit more this time with 5 or 6 light coats and it looks a bit better. ColourCoats AMT-4 has also been applied, so, just awaiting a remask and AMT-12 applied. Some of the strutty bits got some AMT-4 as well. Apologies for the lack of progress but work and stuff got in the way. I'll get the AMT-12 on tomorrow. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
  6. Thanks very much. That is a cracking photo. Thanks so much. Cheers, Alistair
  7. Thanks for the news Duncan, Now I need to go and check the roster to see if I need to book time off. Cheers, Alistair
  8. Thanks so much. Thanks very much. Cheers, Alistair
  9. Thanks Chris, No WIP on this one it was just going on in the background. Didn't take too long though. Cheers, Alistair
  10. Thanks very much. Would that have been Leeming, I spent a very enjoyable Summer Camp there when I was in the Cadets. Cheers, Alistair
  11. Thanks very much, I saw it on the sheet and quite fancied the look. Cheers, Alistair
  12. A 1990 kit in a 2012 boxing and it was a bit of a battle. I managed to lose the air-brake part but as I was building it closed I just filled the space. The fuselage was significantly warped and the wings were squint. Filler and clamps were used. In saying that It was still fun. Decals from Xtradecal X72216 Royal Air Force Update 2013-14. I had used stuff from this set for my 617 GR4 and thought I might as well use them on this as it was an interesting scheme. Primed with Tamiya Neutral Grey. Painted with Tamiya Light Grey, Nato Black, Nato Green, Rubber Black, Flat Yellow, Italian Red and Flat White Mr. Color Gloss Black ColourCoats Light Aircraft Grey. Finished with Mr. Color Super Clear III Gloss. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
  13. Thanks that's very kind of you. Thanks so much for your kind comment. Cheers, Alistair
  14. Thanks very much for your kind comment. Cheers, Alistair
  15. Many Thanks Q, I may have to take a trip to Straiton in the near future, yes. Cheers, Alistair
  16. Thanks for the info. I think Rocket Fighter is available so I'm off to see if I can source one. Cheers, Alistair
  17. Thanks so much. Although I will admit that I had to go and google Kraftei. Not a phrase I've heard before. Cheers, Alistair
  18. Thanks Craig, The photos show up some flaws that I'm not particularly pleased with but it looks OK in the cabinet. Cheers, Alistair
  19. This was one of the ones captured by the British at the end of the war. It was taken back for testing but only as a glider so there were no 's Cheers, Alistair
  20. Thanks very much Stew, She's about the same size and width as the 1/72 Vega. Not very big at all. Cheers, Alistair
  21. And I'm done... I think. RFI Here. To everyone who reacted, commented, helped and encouraged me along the way my heartfelt thanks. Your support has been fantastic. Cheers, Alistair Edit: Just realised I haven't painted the Navigation Lights. I'll get round to that after I go and do an Airport Run.
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