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  1. Thanks! I think the idea behind it was a safer plane, delaying the stall (at the expense of induced drag). But hey, it flew like a charm! Appreciated! Well, that's the general ebil plan!
  2. Thanks very much, JR! Another Payen admirer! What are the odds! In case you haven't seen it when first posted many moons ago: (EDIT: I see now that you visited that post already at the time!)
  3. Some scholars state that conventional designs are not necessarily the best for all uses, but more unusual arrangements would scare passengers and investors off. Look at Rutan: admired, but seldom copied or really mass-produced. You know humanity: lowest common denominator. And we still have a soon-to-be ex-president (several, actually) to prove it!
  4. Nice choice! (I am biased!) I suggest you change the photo into a link, as there may be some issues if you just post the photo, it happened here before.
  5. Thanks, Frank! One of my preferred models because of that cuteness. Cheers
  6. Thanks, Chris. This was posted almost two years ago -of a model built 13 years ago-, but still one of my favorites.
  7. Thanks, Gary, and I have to agree: one would like to pinch that little wingtip and say "coochee-coochee"
  8. Appreciated! Strangely enough, besides making now some progress with the Fokker F.32, I have no idea of what is next. So many interesting candidates...
  9. Thanks, SAT! I would go into hibernation now, but Mrs Moa has a one of those "To do before year's end" list. Sigh... Thanks again, Chris, you all are very patient with me!
  10. Thanks! I think at least it looks slightly better than the part in the box! You are biased! We all know you play with little ducks in the bathtub!
  11. I have to confess that I have a tendency towards the bizarre in the field. Cheers!
  12. A civil plane, in spite of its cockades (as explained below), the Fokker C.IV C was one of the protagonists of a rather eventful world-renowned saga. (I am replicating here the text written for the seaplane version, as it's pertinent to both models). Here is the step-by-step building article: And here is the seaplane version model completed: A country at the southern tip of South America, still partially in its agricultural/ranching-economy slumber, far away from the hubs of financial power and technology, dared to dream of an almost mythical feat: to circumnavigate the w
  13. Keep that bum warm! Yes, a pane of thin glass, the model on top, held with one hand above my head, camera on the other, anxious about the glass braking, or the model sliding away and not being able to achieve sustained flight and safe landing, trying to avoid reflections from the grass and tiles, concerned about the neighbors watching me as I contort into the strangest poses, not being able to scratch my nose as it of course now starts to itch, and generally avoiding stumbling on something as I move around for the better angles, and trying not to keel over due to sheer disorientation.
  14. Thanks, but I think I made up for the rigging fabricating in metal all the struts and that spidery floats arrangement!
  15. That's the most detailed, sophisticated, well-built, realistic model I have seen on my very long modeling life. From now on is Lego for me in my spare time.
  16. We, multi-talented, ductile Argentinians. (Not sure the ladies were pleased with those disrespectful gaijin fooling around with their shamisen. I can almost hear them asking to their suffered hostesses: "Tea? Fish? Where is the yerba mate and the carne asada?")
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