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  1. Thanks Houston! For too long have modelers been pampered with nice kits that fit properly, have good instructions and impeccable decals; it's time modelers remember that this hobby is about tempering the soul through suffering! Per aspera ad astra!
  2. The fuselage halves are taped together to be able to work on the pilot and cabin openings. I am going for a 3-pax version, of which seem to be more adaptations than for the 5-pax: Hardened, trained real modelers should be always on the look for useful stuff. I was doing my daily 7.000 kilometers run when I found this street iron lid, and I thought: "Why, this will be good for sanding the bigger parts". So I ripped it off from the sidewalk and brought it home. It's only 150 kilos, and probably needs a handle added, but hey, it was free! So you, wimps, with your sanding sticks
  3. Now a note on the meandering and ever-forking paths of subject-choosing: As I mentioned at the beginning, a large number of FF49c were converted to civil use, and therefore are eligible for any more-or-less straightforward civil conversion from any of the kits on the market (there are several) without having to deal with cabins and canopies. But if you want a cabin as I do, there were the LFG conversions and a few others. Having consulted the modeling underground in the form of fellow Ornithopters (a secret modeling organization), friends Sönke, Alain and Tracy came up with some addi
  4. Because of the nature of the molding process no detail is imprinted on one side of the parts, thus the aileron outlines have to be engraved on that "blind" side, being the wings just one surface, not upper and lower parts as usual. The positions for the aileron connector struts are marked at this stage, and metal control horns added: The new, larger vertical stabilizer is fabricated, and the elevators separated to be posed a bit deflected. All are given metal control horns, and rib detail under the horizontal stabilizer engraved:
  5. Such elegant plane, such attractive livery! Excellent model!
  6. A nice model, in spite of your reservations, good to see it built!
  7. With all that activity, the Aerovan will soon have lost a lot of weight and have a wasps' waist! Well done and a worthy addition to the variety of the diorama!
  8. Photos show that at least some of the civil planes had a different cutout on the lower wing, marked here with pencil until I determine the specific plane to be modeled: All the "rib tapes" were engraved: It's not easy to go half way into a thin styrene sheet to mark the position of the struts, and here I went through. A plug is in place now until I can redo the spot. On the lower wing, the struts positions closer to the fuselage were intentionally drilled through, as they connect with the floats struts and I plan to go all the way with a single length. The w
  9. Dear Jörgen: I realized you live in a Parallel Modeling Universe where kit assembly renders perfect results. How can we get there? Perhaps by bribing @Space Ranger...
  10. The spares cornucopia may provide something useful for the exhaust, absent in the kit: And as I have suspected, the tail needs to be enlarged (up to the red line): No marks or good, clear indication of where the struts precisely go in the kit's plan, so their location is measured and marked: The surface under the wing has of course no detail. I found several methods to add "rib tape", today I used a two-blades-together approach:
  11. Thanks, very kind words. It is true, the more you make, the faster you make them, and you accumulate more resources and techniques. But you have to allow yourself to make mistakes, and never let go. We impose ourselves such unreachable standards and goals, we forget how fun it used to be. We have top recover the fun, and still match the challenge, but joyfully. Or bitchingly, whatever works for us. It took several tries -and hours- to get my first carved laminated wood prop right, now I can make one in minutes, yawning. I could (anybody could, actually) make more detailed m
  12. Indeed! I have seen during the research phase before opening the thread that there are some photos online. They will be useful to an extent, but I am going for the cabin versions. Machines also differed from each other (different canopies, float struttery, tail, etc.). Appreciate the survey and no doubt you took pleasure in the probing too as you researched the site.
  13. Some parts have been already glued together, and a few ancillaries readied. The passenger seats will be later adapted to the chosen final layout and modified accordingly: Here are some of candidates: The extended cabin version reputedly for five passengers:
  14. Thanks Jörgen! I have so many nice kits in the stash, and yet I gravitate towards the Vacuform Maelstrom!
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