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  1. Oh, so beautiful in its rugged riveted majesty! Well done, a pleasure to see, uncommon and well-built!
  2. That's a truly beautiful model! And in record time! And of a plane that does wonderful things and renders a very useful service! Excellent job and ably dealt with the tricky parts. Now I REALLY want one of those
  3. Luxury! We will dream of a TV set! We had a discarded cardboard box with a cut-out in the front, rats dressed as Spock, Kirk and Bones, and we would do their voices! We had to do it at night, or our parents would eat our rats! And if you tell that to the young people today, they won't believe you! Seriously, impeccably done, and the treatment of the finish is perfect. And in fact I was watching some of the episodes these days again!
  4. My dear Spaced Ranger: We really don't. There are 1/72nd homunculi inside that drill pedalling like mad. We call it a machine to avoid paying social security.
  5. Thanks, Jörgen, it was simpler than I thought, took only a few minutes. These are the times when I would like to have learned to use resin, to make a few copies. But I hate it, and the smells, and the mess, and the short shelf life. So I often have to reinvent the wheel for my models. Appreciated. Most of it will be almost invisible, but so fun to make!
  6. The area that fairs the cylinders needs thinning its walls from inside, as the plastic is too thick here: At the same time the front is opened, as photos show you could see the engine nose there:
  7. Of the several different early engine exhausts I found of the spares bin, guess which one precisely fits this engine and this plane? You guessed: none. So one is fabricated:
  8. Looks absolutely splendid! but what about scale? is it a kit? is it scratch? Did I miss the info (wouldn't be the first time)?
  9. Not only that, the flimsiness and ridicule, but the only "parts" provided -as per photo- are just the "W" that unite the inner parts of the floats with the fuselage, most likely not right, by the way. All the other struts are blatantly ignored. You are on your own. I say!
  10. In a pinch, or having no access to stranded wire but instead to a craft store, these may be used (although they may be short for some uses): https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kTrvFxmelPU/X-JSJ_3kZxI/AAAAAAAA0mk/2UkgJqxN1WUxBIvb3mW712k0BUmQlTYxgCLcBGAsYHQ/s1280/IMG_3122%2B%281280x960%29.jpg
  11. The kit's interior goes through its dry-run trail: Unlike every resin interior I have built on my entire modeling life, it fits:
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