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  1. It's a nice kit, with good detail, and only needs some love and a bit of patience to overcame the limitations of the short run nature of the molds, something any modeler with a bit of experience will be able to do. I have a general good impression and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, with the caveat that it won't be a shake and bake build, but most kits aren't either.
  2. Hi Bill, I just checked comparing the assembly with photos, and it seems that the legs need shortening by about 2mm. I think I will remove/relocate the bar at the top of the leg that locks into the wing grove. Thanks again for the heads up! Cheers
  3. Mark, you are indeed more than kind. Now, about the "subject matter"...ts ts! . When are we going to be treated with a civil build by you?
  4. Look at that wing root chasm! bigger than the socioeconomic gap! This will need some styrene packing:
  5. Oops. I missed this line the first read. Will have a look! Thanks, Bill!
  6. I think I may replace those not-so-good engines for better Engine & Things resin ones, they are more credibly shaped and "see-through", instead of being half engines on a disk with not great definition. This will necessitate the addition of a firewall, but will allow me to thin the trailing edge of the cowl for a more realistic look, separating it as in reality from the nacelle: (Notice that the manufacturer lists the plane as "Granie" in the leaflet inside the pouch)
  7. I just could not live with the mediocre props, and replaced them with better resin items from Khee-Kha Art Products: After the light sanding of the wings from inside, they still did not "close" properly, especially at the trailing edge, due to some molding particularity -greatly exaggerated in the sketch below: Again the scrapers come useful:
  8. Actually it is included in the decal options for this kit.
  9. I know, Bill! Looking forward to it! Still not decided on my subject, but getting closer. Cheers
  10. Oh, on this one, you won't be learning anything from me, more likely the way around. I will keep this as simple as I can, very low key.
  11. Well, yes, although 1939 is not that modern. Most likely, though, I would be doing a converted machine from the 50s. Thanks for your kind offer, but I am going underground livery, most likely
  12. That's how we listen to music in this home! pedalling!
  13. Now, you would ask yourself: how planes are piloted? well, with a control wheel in part, which are included in the sprues, but not in the instructions. They anchor on the I.P., by the way. My 1/72nd pilot is terribly upset with KP's instructions' producer!:
  14. As per norm I tend to really complicate my life with kits, but for this one I will try to make my life easier, as a divertimento, to take breaks from the Fokker F.32 and the Friedrichshafen FF49c, which are complicated enough. But an easy life isn't really in the cards for modelers, and beloved wanted her new gym bike assembled. Pft! only 34,604 parts, weighing a ton, so Xmas day is spent thus:
  15. The kit wants to you to put a sort of disk as an exhaust, that won't do: Small tubes from the craft store will be better: The location is drilled and later the tube will inserted. By the way, only one cowl had the exhaust position marked, I had to mirror the other side: A nice addition are LG scissors, absent or poorly rendered in many kits. They are quite ok, but many of these smaller parts would have been better as photo-etched details:
  16. The tail also needed some sanding: Ejector marks removed and edges trued: Paired parts are given their numbers with a permanent marker before extracting them from the sprues: Again, the edges needed truing, and again, don't overdo it: Glued, ignoring the instructions, which will have you embrace the engine between the two cowl halves, making sanding, cleaning and painting more difficult:
  17. Ejector marks being removed. The plastic is on the hard side: The props are not that crisp, and the blades are a bit thick, thus there are sanded and polished: The mating surfaces need some careful sanding to improve fit and thickness at the tip, but do not overdo it: Some parts are being glued before painting them:
  18. After the customary wash, it's noted that the ejection pin marks should be removed, otherwise they will get in the way of a good fit: The wings and vertical tail will most likely need some very careful sanding from inside to avoid a too thick trailing edge and ensure good fit: The care for the surface detail is evident, praise should be given:
  19. Contents, clear parts separately packaged and decals inside the instruction booklet: Nice decal sheet, with many options, including "Songbird", a nod to the American market: Sprues: A fair rendition of the inst. pan., but not exceptionally good engines, still ok: Nice surface with subtle, refined detail: Some attention to the smaller parts: Again, fine-tuned hand in the masters: Nice clear parts:
  20. (Image from Wikipedia) The sort of chubby, but well proportioned and cute Cessna Bobcat is a very attractive plane, in its own stumpy little way. Created in 1939, it was then bought in numbers to do the ole bang-piff-pow, but fortunately reverted to a civil role later on. I had recently acquired a nice little 1/72nd Cessna T-50 Bobcat kit made by Kovozávody Prostějov (KP), the thinking being that the plane was -and still is- so common in the civil market that I would have paint schemes galore to choose from. A folder was created and many photos were gathered. Recently a
  21. I have seen worse, Dave! I call "flash" all my excess weight, I know there are parts for a beautiful model somewhere there.
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