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  1. Miss-cited, sorry bout that, Laurie, nothing to do with you, I meant to chastise @busnproplinerfan
  2. I posted that info on my recent builds, ts ts, not paying attention aren't we? SBS Model set.
  3. Another beautiful civil Dragon Rapide in BM! We trust you with it, it will be surely lovely. Aren't they great?
  4. So it does, Stuart. But all the panes (4 surfaces) are flat. What could possibly go wrong... Thanks Chris. A man of faith
  5. Given the nature of the vac molding, on a male master, we have to take advantage for the cutting of the cleaner angles: More refining will be needed to get those clear panes seating right, and the forward-raking windshield at the proper angle, subtracting and adding small bits of styrene as needed:
  6. You tamed that kit! Congratulations! That on itself deserves praise, but you also placed it in a gorgeous scene, lively and with an aura of nostalgia, giving it historical context. Excellent job. Thanks for posting.
  7. The color of that surface is a bit speculative, as we know it was metal but doesn't reflect metallic as the wheel caps do. So it was dulled or painted. Cheers
  8. More details are revealed as photos continue to be studied: NC333N shows a hard-edge colored upper leading edge that was driving me crazy, but now I see it appeared after the company changed name and it's associated with TWA under right wing and Transcontinental Air Transport - Maddux Air Lines and Western Air Express small text on fuselage. This is most likely also associated with the 7 diagonal stripes on top of each wing. Little by little some of the particularities and timelines are sorted out, which helps when the time comes to chose a specific subject to model.
  9. I am thinking of a particular one, though. Although now that you mention lawyers, there are also some that do not meet the barr.
  10. Sometimes pictures reveal especially important information for the modeler, if they are taken from infrequent angles. In this case we can see that the blue areas on the side go over the belly and converge on a point mid-line, while on the nose belly they are arched as on the sides:
  11. A splash of flash! Is it the photo (or my aging eyes) or the compressor blades are braced in the one on the right and not on the left?
  12. I think the mix of Alclad pale grey gloss base and white aluminum I just re-spayed on looks better. Difficult to tell from photos, though:
  13. The airbrushing went very well, but I now see an issue. If from certain angles the reflectivity of the metal hue compares to photos, from different angles the metal looks too dark. I will re-paint on a much lighter metal hue, white aluminium, possibly mixed with some gloss white. Pity, because the application was flawless, and we know what happens when we start to mess up. Fingers crossed:
  14. Hi Adrian Yes, much fun to be had ahead! The Taube (9,9 meters) is less than half the length of the Fokker (21,29 meters).
  15. Hi Stuart It's Humbrol gloss 40 enamel with a touch of Model Master chrome silver enamel. What will be misted over now is another mix I made long ago to simulate the metallic grey of certain German types. I used it on the B.F.W. M.20, Rohrbach Roland, and Focke Wulf A.16. I know I stated the mix somewhere in those builds there, but I don't recall where or what is in the mix exactly. I mix by eye, don't measure anything, and am not good at keeping records. A bad habit I developed as a painter
  16. Your builds are the kind where each step of the construction is as enjoyable as the finished product. The parts, contradicting Gestalt, are equal to the whole Fantastic job.
  17. Yet another extraordinary jewel. The subject and build are both superb. That engine on the back must have been something, possibly wanting to turn around at the least opportunity. Long ago I had a Renault 4, and was carrying a large amount of clay in the back, very heavy, on a mountain road. The road was unpaved and on a slight curve the back of the car just swung all the way to the front, taking the car in the process off the road. A rock stopped the car from going over (no rails then on the roads). Phew!
  18. I will posit a theory about the color, that involves certain degree of association. I think -as said above somewhere- that the Western Air Lines color used then was on a deep side of red, or burgundy, a color in a way somewhat similar at that used on the Latecoere monoplanes. Now, as an artist, I used many times what is called "Indian Red", a maroonish hue of red: Perhaps the company associated that color with the Native American Indian of their then logo, in a way reiterating the original equivocal reason of why native Americans are called "Indians", as the Spanish explorers were looking for a passage to India, in Asia, as it is universally known. The truth is out there...
  19. Continuing with the search for the Murphy lacquer sample of the red/maroon tone of the Western Air Lines livery, I found yet another car chart https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0271/7931/9375/files/1924-murphycarcolors-pg01.jpg?588
  20. Fine-tuning the wing-to-fuselage interlock took more time than I would have liked. Little by little, I ended up having to pack 2.5 mm* on the right hand-side of the fuselage where the wing seats to get a leveled wing, and modify the kit's engraved airfoil leading edge that I had previously carved out, which was off by a significant way. So subtracting and adding plastic, and checking all the time, the joint is ok now, although some Milliput will be necessary when the real assembly is done. *That is equivalent in the US to about 1/300th of the length of a poor-taste tie used by certain ilk of deranged presidents. I know it doesn't feel like much progress, but these little shenanigans take some time to fix.
  21. Thanks, Dennis. Having sorted out a number of things for obscure aircraft, you would think these conversions/adaptations would be attainable for me, but the arcane and intricate mysteries of these Lockheed planes only manage to give me headaches.
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