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  1. Great one, Laurie, always a pleasure to see a classic in civil livery. I got a couple of Fly kits, still unassembled, but they look better than the Mikr Mir flying egg we both have the displeasure to build. We live in hope. Tuning in for this one, as I like the old brick too. Just in case, I would have the sandpaper handy.
  2. How wonderful to see those beautiful lines in a civil guise! Thanks! Beautiful model!
  3. I learned my lesson (sort of), and the second model assembly is much sounder. Horizontal tail and lower wings are added before painting: The lower surfaces color is airbrushed, vertical tail in base color white, metal guard on prop blades masked and airbrushed too:
  4. Nice finding! What is the code or type number of the sheet under your model? I only see offered specific size, not mixed ones. I couldn't locate on their list a generic sheet that would combine various sizes and colors, which would be far more practical than a ream of the individual ones. Cheers
  5. Scratch master in my case is abbreviated to "schmaster", which better describes the level I tend to achieve . But, by all means, compliment verily and truly deserved, you are doing a brilliant job!
  6. Hi Stuart Yes, they are Archer Fine Transfers resin-printed decals. That is, they have some 3D to them. They are very effective and they can be applied before (for a subtler effect) or after (for a more visible louver) painting. They come in different sizes, grouped in strips that you cut to size as needed. They require a somewhat careful handling and they won't curve much, as they are resin.
  7. That's a nice job! (and that's a big model!)
  8. Fantastic, and such a great subject! Cheers!
  9. Silver surfer, yeah, right, another wannabe surfer dude. We here in California will have none of it! (And I will shut up now, before I am kicked off this thread! Sorry Chris!)
  10. Louvers are added as per photos of the original: The oil cooler, cylinder banks, two pipes that run down from the nose, and the lower wings, are all attached:
  11. That may work when you have a rock-solid LG attachment, otherwise it may be as disastrous as advice given by your friend "Star Lord" of the Guardians of the Galaxy! (By the way, can you pull some strings and get me a date, I mean an autograph, from Gamora?)
  12. Alclad is airbrushed on the first model, to match photos, a slightly darker hue is used for the fuel tanks:
  13. Yes! Nice to see it moving forward!!!!!
  14. The first model so far. I forgot to paint the replacement strut material, and about the necessity of adding the horizontal tail and the fairing I fabricated (missing in the kit). I have to stain the prop, re-make all the struts, and paint the metal areas, plus paint the fin green: A different approach for model two, where the horizontal tail and its fabricated fairing are added at this stage. This second kit had much more surface blemishes, thus requiring even more work than the first. Bad resin kits are surely a pain in the tailcone. Of notice is that if you square the tail
  15. What is scale modeling, but the never-ending endeavor of reaching the horizon of perfection?
  16. Nice color choice. These last few days it looked as if what you had there wrapped was the body... of a mummy! Glad to see it's a car body!
  17. Thanks, Terry! The fact that the racer was obtained by further clipping an existing already reduced wing area version -the "Ridotto"- was no doubt a serious gamble. Surely drag was reduced and manoeuvrability improved, but at the probable cost of pilots having to use nappies.
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