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  1. Oh, the galactic joy! If it is for these august forums then it shall be built by August. Starting the clock. Very happy for you, Master Sandpaper would be so proud of you if he had ever existed! You may even qualify for Modeling Heaven (where no kaboomba is allowed) with a number of such builds.
  2. This is going to be a somewhat demanding painting schedule. First I will apply gloss white as a better base for the red. Then red over the white areas (top of wings and horizontal tail, top of elevators, ailerons and flaps, upper section of three cowls plus engine louvers -the round shield), then the light blue bands on the rudder. And then, masking the red, the aluminium tone. The wheel pants have their own requirement, being a black design on aluminium, so gloss black is going first, then masked, then the aluminium:
  3. Two dorsal antennas are added before masking off the white and proceeding with the red top color:
  4. Moa

    Airspeed Oxford

    Thank you both for your replies Cheers
  5. This one is an interesting proposition for many reasons: 1) Relatively good documentation exists, plus a not small number of photos. 2) It is volumetrically simple (a box fuselage, constant chord wings and stabs). 3) It has a couple of attractive decoration schemes that do not require too complex decaling or painting. The other side of the coin is the sheer size, the large number of details inside and out, and of course all those struts and rigging, not to mention alignment issues and the handling and storage difficulties. But what is modeling for if not to challenge us?
  6. State of the union: White metal parts are cleaned up and polished in preparation for priming and painting: Da Monsta (just a parts' pile-up):
  7. The fuselage is finally put together, a nerve-wracking business:
  8. By the way, the kit's original "shells" have the wrong window curtains. No photo of the several dozen I have shows that kind of curtain (as molded in the parts), but a parallel two-rail (above/below) endeavor:
  9. Moa

    Airspeed Oxford

    Is this kit unavailable now? I am looking only for the civil version. Cheers
  10. Stuart, i think a modeler can only once in a lifetime tackle this beast. i just closed the fuselage and it was a titanic endeavor. I still have a long road ahead, and when completed, i foresee no second HP42 in my modeling horizon ever, whatsoever, at all. A dornier DOX, on the other hand...
  11. Looks like a wonderful -if very laborious- project, but the motivation is strong it seems. Superb job on those castings. I am always dodging dealing with resin (not one more modeling complication, please!) but it is so very useful, especially for scratchbuilders. Looking forward to this one Cheers
  12. Even as great as this model promises to be, may I suggest just a little teeny tiny change? It's a matter of some minor tweaking, totally doable at this stage: proceed to disassemble it completely and reassemble it as a civil passenger carrier, it will take only a minute or two and would make my Preiser figures so happy. And when they are happy, they mate and reproduce, augmenting the supply. Far from me to suggest changes or criticize other modeler's build, but being this only a minor nothing, and potentially the cause of so much improvement, I thought I just contribute my two cents (pennies? shillings? twopences? quarter farthings?). Cheers He who what when why
  13. Call me a tools' snob. An engineering dilettante. An accessories' iconoclast.
  14. The landing gear is added: The openings are occluded: In brief the model will be ready for priming.
  15. If you go back you will see how the windows are already there (masked now) and how it was all made. cheers
  16. I add them temporarily, only in a few photos, as you may see in previous models. I have added dogs, which are far more obedient and stay still for the snapshot, while cats tend to wander. In this one a dog misbehaved and cocked the leg, the basterd:
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