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  1. What a wonderful model and setting you have achieved. Congratulations, Stuart. Cheers
  2. A beaut, Stuart! Looks really nice! And the diorama is fantastic and suits the model perfectly. Congrats!
  3. You ate your teachers too? You may be taxing your welcome to this planet, Martian
  4. I am afraid you have been flagged by the Men and Women in Black, Martian. They told you not to eat your neighbours' pets, didn't they? You Sir (a terrestrial courtesy title) are insatiable, and incorrigible. You shall build civil models from now on as atonement. Cheers
  5. Yes Ian! Nice choice. Drop the other projects, get at it. I have a vac kit of this plane, but will have to extricate it from the dungeons. Will follow with attention! Good luck!
  6. Thanks, Murdo, you are very kind. In this particular case, "outside the box" meant...a sort of corrugated box!
  7. Nevah! I stand by my word! I have used those decals in many, many models, including more civilized versions (for Airfix and Italeri kits) of this very plane! And the first one names you! Reconsider! you still have time, it will be no effort: you will only have to make a completely new model!
  8. Yeah! boil the damn thing! Pierce it with a pitchfork, submerge it in acid, expose it mercilessly to political discourses and disco music! That'll teach it!
  9. And don't make us send the Superglue Squadron or the X-acto Phalanx. They do things that make even @Martian Hale pale.
  10. Horatio I think it's time the Modelling Department of Unconcluded Affairs (which I represent) takes that kit from you, proven you hadn't done anything untoward to it. Abandoned kits are the main concern of the Department, and our mission is to provide them with a new home, where they will be nurtured and can finally grow into healthy models. You have now three days to build it, or turn it to the authorities. Resistance is futile. No Kit Left Behind.
  11. Thanks for your kindness, Unfinished project. And elegant plane to start with, which lends its charm to the model. Cheers
  12. Those delicious bubbles you also see in the general area are the result of the French recipe for resin, which includes Champagne*. Always the gourmands, the French! *Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC, not to be confused with my hero AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) Cheers
  13. As it pertains to Dujin kits, they are not referred as "parts", but as UROs (Unidentifiable Resin Objects).
  14. A wonderful rejuvenation treatment to an ageless classic! A pleasure to contemplate! Cheers
  15. It looks so good that it deserves to be civil. You cruel, cruel Martian. Doing that to a nice model. Makes my little styrene heart cry. Elvis hasn't left the building -yet- but some serious knots were indeed developed: The decals are intended for two-eyes, two-arms life forms. Any use by extraterrestrials I am afraid voids the warranty.
  16. Thanks very much, Greg. So much fun to be had, so many models to build, and a lifespan that is nowhere near the 500 years necessary to a half-decent job. Cheers
  17. Hi Tony: You may get it from Arawasi: http://arawasi-wildeagles.blogspot.com/2019/05/welcome-aboard-new-book.html They also have related publications Thanks Smithy! Glad you enjoyed the model. Cheers
  18. Thanks Sroubos, glad you enjoyed it. Cheers You are very kind, Gary. Cheers Thanks for your kind words, François Regards
  19. A different and unusual finish of an iconic plane in civil guise. Well done! Cheers
  20. Hi Adrian R.A.Y. is right, that's how I do it. I created a free Flickr account, uploaded the photos, and while logged in, you click on "camera roll", then click on the photo you want to link, right-click on it, and select "copy image location", and then do a "paste" on your thread, the link will turn into an image. There may be other many ways to skin the cat, that's what I do. I agree it's not the fastest or easiest or more convenient way, but at least there is a way:
  21. The mockup, though, illustrates the point that tubular braces run from both sides of the ceiling to the center of the catwalk, although in a more inconspicuous way than in the real planes.
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