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  1. I wish your words were true, Adrian The vac, from my subjective point of view, is behaving better than the injected kit. Truth is that we need an updated kit of this iconic plane, with plug-in parts for the changes seen throughout its life. I am convinced any of the players will release it by the time I am done suffering here. Cheers
  2. The vac kit gets another coat of primer. The vac was much easier to tidy up than the injected kit, since the halves of the components had a much better fit: Every few years I need to replenish my stock of lights (remember the vac uses 6, and the injected kit at least 2):
  3. Thanks, Jan Due the mysterious vagaries and reveries of paint, solvents, weather and airbrushes, I never know for sure how things will come out. It's never consistent, no matter how similar are all the involving factors. This one is actually so-so. I will wait a little and decide if it merits very light sanding and re-coating. Since this is the base for the metal color, things have to be nice. Cheers
  4. The cabin roof vents that were absent from the Encore kit and sanded off during tidying of the RarePlanes vac, are replaced with shaped bits of styrene:
  5. Because of the nature of vacuum-formed molding, some edges are a bit round. In this case both, wing root and fuselage wing position, are so. This is remedied by sanding just a bit of both ends, and then adding a thin styrene sheet strip to the wing, later to be contoured, and the small gap puttied. This also helps with fit, otherwise a bit indifferent, and rigidity. I opted in this build not to use added spars, that are advisable in other cases, though. :
  6. Very pleasant build of a classic. The tires completely change the proportions and make it a bit Tin-Tin -like. Enjoy both, model and plane!
  7. Hi Adrian Yes, there are drawings, some of them good. I have a couple. By experience, I tend not to trust them a lot, especially when there are useful photos at hand to consult. But of course they are useful to an extent. It was more a comment about the kit's provided (or not) information.
  8. While the paint dries, the individual subjects of the decal sheet have to be separated (continuous carrier) and trimmed closely. The white backgrounds we are warned in the instructions are needed for some of the images were prepared beforehand, and were posted somewhere above in the thread. If you do a white undercoat as I did, you could also mask the areas that need to be white before applying the final color: At the moment of application, I may even separate the individual letters of the wing registrations. We will see how visible the carrier is when I apply the smaller motifs.
  9. Some progress has been made, now a bit of rest as things settle down:
  10. The vents that go all around the aft section of the gondola were commissioned as decals and came with the sheet: They are applied: The "metal" window frames are added from the vinyl masks also provided withe the commissioned sheet. Little by little, detail after detail, it's coming to life. The gondola struts and the re-positioned (in the midst of the front struts) wind-driven pumps or (generators) still have to be painted:
  11. Mounting the biplane tail components now. Not a complicated affair, but Airfix is no help whatsoever here regarding the rigging of this area. They just ignored the issue. Looking at the instructions I also realized that only a partial, faint and vague indication is given regarding the control leads that unite tail and fuselage. The elevators have some little holes where the control horns are supposed to be (I guess), but no parts for it and again only a faint indication for the rigging. So if you want this area to look like something real, to the photos and references you go, yet again:
  12. The thrill, the excitement, the adventure of the modelers' life: "Dear diary: today, one more coat of primer on the vac!":
  13. The Encore model is given a black base for the aluminium that will follow:
  14. Primer on, still a few little things to touch up: Size compared with the Beech 18:
  15. What I hope will be the last light coat of primer before painting commences. You may notice that I have removed the cover-all protective masks on the windshield -that I use while I work on its seams- and not new masks are on for a more delicate work and painting: And the other model gets some putty limited by masking on panel lines. Have to be more careful doing sanding later on a vac like this one, since there is a little flimsiness to it and it's easy to overdo it and get haircracks in the seams (that's why the wings are not yet on, to make handling the fuselage easier):
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