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Mark 1

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    Annesley Woodhouse Notts
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    1/72 scale RAF aircraft
  1. Mark 1

    SR71 Blackbird

    Cheers guys, I'll get my credit card out now. Mark
  2. Mark 1

    SR71 Blackbird

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a kit of the SR71 in 1/72 scale. Several times I've been hovering over stalls trying to decide to buy one or not, but always in the back of my mind is a piece I read in an article 100 years ago about a certain one being a bit of a dog, unfortunately I don't have the article any longer. Seeing as my modelling skill levels are at best rudimentary, it will need to be able to fall out the box half made. Cheers Mark
  3. Brilliant Darius, you've just pushed mine to the top of the build next pile. Anything to be wary of in the build?
  4. You should have a butchers at the one at Newark Air Museum its great inside, a bit cramped for long flights I imagine. I think they had started repainting it when I was last their in October. Here's a pic I took back in August 2005 of the Blenheim cockpit, I assume they're at bit further on with it now though.
  5. Nice Heyford Ratch. Was it an easy build? Glad to see the glass has made a return to the forum too....
  6. She's tucked away in doors now, or was in October last. Their recently unveiled gnat is sat right at the side of her too, beauty and the beast me thinks.
  7. A lovely model Phil, i must drag mine out of the stash sometime, think it's the revel kit though, long while no see. Excellent canopy masking, very crisply done, did you airbrush or brush paint it?
  8. Mark 1

    Big question now....

    Whirlwind..........lifes too short to be friggin with the riggin
  9. Mark 1

    Gloster Javelin

    I made the Airfix mk9 last year and it went together faultlessly, no filling or sanding at all. looks like a javelin so that's good enough for me.
  10. Lovely model, what scale is it and where did you get that base from?
  11. You might just get away with enlarging the image using the printer software, I think increasing by 150%.
  12. Mark 1

    New Builds

    According to my wife there are two distinct types of models on the go at the moment, "flavour of the month" and "all those others you havent finished yet". Flavour of the month this month is a scratch built hanger I'm making. All those others you haven't finished yet includes 1/72 Airfix Dambuster Lancaster, think I might finish this as a RR testbed one day. Airfix Hercules Airfix Tucano for the ATF group build, just a little past the October 15th deadline on this. Airfix Lynx HAR8 Revell Seaking MPM Defiant Airfix Recovery set Airfix Jaguar GR3 Italeri Jaguar T2 Airfix Vulcan Airfix Mosquito started in 2004 1/24 Tamiya Celica Next months flavour might be 1/72 Testor Swift or 1/48 Aeroclub JP5
  13. Hi all Just to keep this post going here are my matchbox builds. Strike master same again but a marked as a jp5 piston provost Fury I
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