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  1. How exactly did you do the chipping/scratches? It looks awesome!
  2. Hi Andy, what will happen with your Flickr album after tomorrow? Will you pay for a sub or move to a different plattform? Would be a huge loss to lose all those pictures from all your builds. Just noticed, i posted this in an old thread.
  3. I have both Stynylrez (actually AMMO One Shot Primer) and MRP lacquer primers and never had any issues with lost details. They don't even hide scratches from sanding.
  4. Well, in germany, everything below 22€ is completely free of charge. It's only the higher priced kits which are risky.
  5. Revell announced the Bandai kits for the 1st quarter of 2019. Some shops have listed them, already: http://www.jumbliesmodels.com/revell-m18/star-wars-t94 And yes, they are either more expensive or the same price as importing them.
  6. They'll only bring the ships. They have no plans for the figures, yet.
  7. Tyvm. I've actually tried dark earth with some dark greys, but not with plain flat black. Gonna try it out, next weekend.
  8. Do you remember which paints you mixed for the soot? I'm desperately looking for a dark brown-black color to airbrush soot and blast marks, but my own mixing attemps weren't successful so far. Yours seems to be pretty much what I have in mind.
  9. What did you use for the brown soot around the blast marks? I like that tonage. Nice paint job! I love the trails behind the ship and engines. They look great. The mounting holes from the ion cannon on top of the canopy are a bit disturbing, though. It's hard to see in those pictures, but is the droid damaged, too?
  10. There's an official picture with a X-Wing next to it:
  11. Really nice weathering! Brings even a Revell kit to life.
  12. Yes, it's the start of the new droid line. And the next droid will have an additional serving tray for R2 as a goodie.
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