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  1. Only the dual kits (e.g. SSD + ISD) contain clear stands with nameplate stickers, for some reason.
  2. Even has Sith eyes! PS: I wanna hug him so badly.
  3. The kit turned out great and weathering is truly in scale!
  4. I would just discolor some panels with a filter/wash like on the sequel A-Wing:
  5. I like your approach with the aluminum engines. It goes very well with the blue. The A-Wing is one of Bandai's best kits, imo. It's a joy to paint and assemble.
  6. Looks great. I like the streaking. It's not too pronounced. What paint did you use for the base coat? It also looks like you gave the whole thing a rough wash?
  7. I think he used Gunze H70 RLM02 Grey and the Panzer grey he's referring to is H32 Field Grey, as far as I remember from another thread.
  8. It's a nice little technique. The increased drying time makes it easier to apply the wash on larger surfaces before the wash starts drying and makes it easier to wipe off excess wash with a slightly wet cloth or Q-Tip. It also improves the flow of the wash and reduces the typical water marks from acrylic washes.
  9. How exactly did you do the chipping/scratches? It looks awesome!
  10. Hi Andy, what will happen with your Flickr album after tomorrow? Will you pay for a sub or move to a different plattform? Would be a huge loss to lose all those pictures from all your builds. Just noticed, i posted this in an old thread.
  11. I have both Stynylrez (actually AMMO One Shot Primer) and MRP lacquer primers and never had any issues with lost details. They don't even hide scratches from sanding.
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