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  1. Allez allez alors!!!! ehave a wonderful time in France!!!
  2. That's it!!!!! Are you going to resin cast it?
  3. Well done Crisp!!! Those blades look great now!!!
  4. ...I meant Paint work!!! ...anyway... I palouste you Palouste he/she/it Paloustes we Palouste you Palouste They Palouste
  5. Nice to see some progress Bill!!! Both frames look great an the recce pod reallylooks the real thing in terms of shape and size!!! they just look a bit...upside down, but if you want to see them from the top , it might be enough to turn them!!! I see Palouste everywhere in your threads... That's ok unless you start seeing them in your dreamss...that'll mean you need to concentrate on something else!!!
  6. What a welcome update!!! This and the buccaneer's are what I've been waiting for a loooong time!!! May be you can give me a push to come back with mine too!!! The last pictures show pint work seems to be even on all her surface, so...let's wait for some Future and decalling now!!! and the Paluoste is growing well!!!
  7. massimo

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Looks like thee poor thing's under attack by some sort of crocodile and tortured by sme sort of vice machine... ...anyway I'm only sure about one thing... once the fuselage's closed, there caan only be more light than in these last pictures!!!!! poor guys are all very worried by this night flying session!!!
  8. That intakes' masking is better than a steak!!!
  9. Hi mates, I managed to get to Old Warden by 10AM (2hours 30 min drive from pontefract) and I bought my ticket there. Lets say ...I was in time, considering the gate opened at midday and the flying at 6PM!!! It was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect and I parked at the front row ( I was third getting in!!!) My biggest problem in the past air shows was that I took too many pictures too early and I run out of batteries for my camera and this time I wanted to do thigs right, so I decided to use my phone for the close in pictures on the ground and use my camera for the flying actiity. During the day I used my car as a battery charger for my phone. Due to the warm day and the sun shine , every now and then I sat in the shade inside the car, with the doors open to catch the nice breeze and the radio on Classic FM, ideal for the atmosphere of the day. AND IT WAS A LOOOOOOOOONG DAY!!!! The flying was superb , whith the edwardians taking off in the dark at around 9PM. camera's batteries lasted until the very end and one was spared. Everything perfect, butI hadn't considered a small detail... ...with the car doors open , the key in, the radio on, the phone being charged..... ...THE CAR'S BATTERY WENT FLAT!!!!...WHAT AN IDIOT I AM!!!!! Anyway , as soon as I realized it, just before WW1 aircraft took off, I asked for help to oneof the Staff, and a few minutes kater, another guy came with a quad and battery cables. No way!!! The quad wasn't ideal and nothing happened. He came back after the airshow had ended with a bigger vehicle and on our third attempt with the tractor on full power, my car's engine came back to life! I waited for the traffic tpo clear while I was charging the car's battery with the engine on and when nearly all other cars had cleared the aerodrome, I was on my way back to Pontefract. Just after midnight I was in bed. As I said , it was a terrific day , first time for me in Old Warden. I could see some aircraft I had already seen in 2000 at the BoB 40th Anniversary airshow in Duxford, like the spit, the Sea Hurricane andthe Lizzie. Now a few pictures. That's all. Good night! Massimo
  10. Sorry to hear your back is causing you troubles! No sanding allowed!!! Get well soon!
  11. Just watched an old B/W movie about the Dambuster Raid on TV. Yesterday at 6 PM she did the opening passes at the Shuttleworth evening Show at Old Warden. Always a fantastic sight!!!And the sound of those Merlins!!! My first time at Old Warden...what a great day!!!
  12. Hi mates, ..not much of an update, as in the few days I've been in Pontefract, I was so tired in the night that I didn't spend any time modelling. The only update is relat to some wings rivetting, something absolutely new to me... Here's a picture. Now a question off topic: TOMORROW I'M OFF AND I'VE PLANNED TO DRIVE TO OLD WARDEN TO ATTEND THE MAY EVENING AIR SHOW. I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE AND I'VE TRIED TO BUY A TICKET ONLINE TONIGHT, BUT ON THE SHUTTLEWORTH COLLECTION SITE IT SAYS THIS PRODUCT ISN'T SOLD ANYMORE. DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF IT'S POSIBLE TO BUY A TICKET AT THE GATE? WILL ANYONE BE ATTENDING THE AIRSHOW OR WILL YOU BE ALL HAVING TEA AND BISCUITS WHILE WATCHING THE ROYAL WEDDING?
  13. I don't know if it's more insane delaing with those PE flaps bays ot this riveting thing, but the result is outstanding!!! No words....