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  1. I'd say the overall colour looks about right to be honest. The jet in the photgraph is far lighter in colour than anything I've seen, whereas yours is pretty much spot on. To be honest, there are no two jets on our line the same colour anyway! Thom
  2. As discussed in a build thread, this is the arrestor hook...
  3. Gents, having followed this build (and the others) in speechless admiration, I've posted a couple of pictures of the hook in the GR4 reference thread. You'll see that there really isn't a lot to see. It's just a big bit of bent metal. Thom
  4. That must have been a fun course. Imagine walking out to the jet worrying about getting chopped, only to be confronted by a hoofing big axe!
  5. Right, I think I'm going to go any buy one then. Fingers crossed I turn out to be an airbrush-ninja and not a jummie. Then again, that might be a false hope, judging by my other skills.... Edit to add: Right. Bought one today. A nice dual action number that was reduced in the sales. Off I go to the Airbrush forum to get the good gen!
  6. Hey folks - pick your brains? Until recently I've painted my models using Tamia rattle cans - the TS series, I think. I've had good to average results but far better than my efforts with an airbrush so far. Since I build modern jets I like the easy coverage of large areas. However, they seem to have pretty much disappeared and I've had some terrible experiences with Humbrol spray cans so I'm after a steer towards some decent spraycans for large areas of grey. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy an airbrush and get good at it? Thom
  7. Thom

    Hasegawa Tonka GR4

    Man, that's a disappointing looking kit. I was hoping for a new tool, but it's really nothing special at all. JP233? Prototype tanks? 2 skyshadows? I still think the best option is the revel kit with a MA flir.
  8. The Revell one is a scaled down version of their excellent 1/32 kit, and comes with a really decent set of stores and a massive decal sheet. I've had 4 now, and only one had any problems. They simply build up into excellent representations of the real thing. The Hasegawa one is okay, but I thought the cockpit was poor and I don't like the radome as part of the fuselage moulding, I prefer to put one onto the front, like on the real jet. T
  9. Hey, looks awesome. The middle 'vent' is actually a sight glass for the oil system - it's got a glass face and a silver back and you should be able to see oil above a line etched on the glass. The idea on hawks is that you never have to open a panel to check any system volumes or pressures - except the engine gearbox - as all the gauges are on the skin or in the wheel wells. Nice idea but not sure it works too well! HTH Thom Edit to add: A couple of years ago, 'Pads', whose aircraft is depicted here, was on 100 Sqn. Since he had accumulated several thousand hours hawk he was rightly considered a guru in flying the thing. Unbeknown to him, we arranged for his name to be put forward to join the Red Arrows, quoting the extensive flying history he'd built up. Pads was somewhat taken aback to recieve a very humourous letter back from OC Reds thanking him for his application and advising that should the Red Arrows ever secure funding to build wheelchair access (!) to the jets he would be called up immediately. Thankfully for us, he took it quite well, but it was a close run thing...
  10. They're trying to reduce the fatigue on the airframes across the board now, although there isn't any specific problem (yet!)
  11. Looks like a good fun build. Just one point, at the moment the jet isn't allowed to fly with the outer pylons empty - the stores help reduce the bending moment on the wings in flight. The one exception is for a straight transit between Marham and Lossie, where the jet may be flown at ML in a clean fit provided the crew agree not to actually enjoy the increased capabilities of the jet in that fit! Thom
  12. Some jets now have AMLCD TV Tabs fitted - recognisable by the flat top, lack of light sensors and black buttons (vice white on the old ones). The screens are colour not green and black, but the software only displays green anyway so really not worth the faff! They're fitted in the F3 'pit pictured above. That could be the reason. I think the latest PMFD is one too, but since I don't look at it often I can't be sure. Jets have either fit, but I've not seen one with one Tab of each type. Thom.
  13. Hey buddy, no worries. I'm just slightly embarassed that my effort may not look quite so good as yours. Still, I've got the kit to start and I can but try... Was there anything in partictular you wanted to see? I carry my mobile at work so I can always grab a quick snap of anything, provided it isn't classified! As far as I can tell, the britmodeller fraternity are pretty well bang on when it comes to Tornado references (which is why I've never posted one of mine yet - I'm nothing like brave enough!) but I can always go out and grab a quick snap of anything. edit to add: the handles mentioned earlier are all positioned on the canopy sill, positioned so that they are level with the TV tabs when the canopy is closed. They are matt black all over - no colour whatsoever, and a similar shape to the stick top of a regular GR4. Thom
  14. Or, to be more accurate, lack of! For some reason, the Revel kit of the GR has a bulkhead behind the pilots seat. People seem to be asking where the wiring loom from the nav kit goes, and what the blukhead looks like. Well, there isn't one. These are two photos taken looking down either side of the front seat. you can see right into the navs footwells. Hopefully this will help people wondering where all the wires go! Thom
  15. That looks amazing! just a couple of things you could add: In both cockpits on the left hand side are two P shaped handles - think Pirelli "P", long and flat - which fire the MDC / Manual Canopy sep. In the back, on the front right hand corner of the right hand console is a voltmeter. It's mounted on a bit on metal bent into a cube, with the face on the top surface. Its about a 1 inch high cube. I've searched my pictures and I'm afraid I don't have one of it, otherwise I'd post it. I don't know how you intend to display the jet, but the SOP on the ground is to wrap the arm (white) and leg (blue) restraints around the stick, and to lay them over the nav hand controller pedestal in the back. It's quite noticeable when you look at the cockpit. Regarding the back of the front cockpit. There is no bulkhead. There is a bit of a back wall behind the seat onto which the MDC cross shaft is mounted, but it doesn't extend to the floor. if you look behind the seat you can see into the navs footwells, which have footrests shaped like rudder pedals on sliding rails. also, on the right hand side of the rear cockpit, about half way back is a flat plate. On the outside edge. In the jet, the command eject lever sticks up there. It's about 2 inches long and black and yellow. Think of a big toggle switch and you won't be far wrong. Edit to add: I've posted some photos which show the space behind the pilots seat which should clarify my points above. See my thread in the GB forum. HTH Thom
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