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  1. On the RAF variants that the new Airfix offers, should there be a MDC (miniature detonation cord) on canopy? How it will be implemented
  2. If I understand correctly, the versions of the new Airfix kit use ejection seats with D pull handle?
  3. Now i started to doubt whether to do MDC or not
  4. So on the planes that the new airfix gives (1971 and 1972) there was no MDC? I would be grateful if anyone confirms this information. Thanks
  5. Colleagues, tell me such a moment. When did the MDC (miniature detonation cord) appear on Royal NAVY buccaneers S2 canopy ? In the variants that the new Airfix offers, should there be a MDC on canopy?
  6. Thanks, it turns out in the flight state it is open, and in the model it can be made as an open hole with a square profile pipe inside
  7. Thanks, I looked a lot of walkarounds, but did not find a good photo of this unit. There are many photos from afar, but it’s hard to see inside. If someone gets a good photo of this place, please drop it here.
  8. Can you please tell me if this is a window or just a hole? Airfix offers this as a window and gives clear plastic. From what I know in this place inside the auxiliary power unit. It seems to me that this is an air intake of an auxiliary power unit, therefore there should not be glass there. Who has a good photo of this place ?
  9. Hi, what color of the pilot instrumental panel on HP Victor B2? Its black or gray? It is b2 that is of interest, and not b1 or k2, who have a picture? Thank you
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