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  1. Hi planhazzs iv used this and its brilliant. i even hot some on the canopy, panicked thinking it would fog up. but no.., it did not effect the clear parts. just go careful not to touch clear parts as its not good practice
  2. Lostpanther

    Panel variation creating adding filters

    Oh wow, some great ideas here. it seems the hobby is only really limited to the versatility of your imagination. fir now i shall go with oils as they are plentifull here. again thanks for your time
  3. Hi guys. Thanks for your advice, i think a little of everything you all said has helped. i repaired the damage. then gave it some extra gloss coats. i went and purchased the exspensive odourless oil thinner from hobbycraft £12. the outcome worked brilliantly, nit one blemish and iv been able to weather at my hearts content. again thank you guys
  4. Hi again I wanted ask about applying filters. I have base painted and Klear varnish coated my model pledge multi surface 'water based'. Is it safe if i mask up panels and airbrush watered down acrylic over the top. I want to make my NMF look aged and burnt on random panels. What would your method be for filters or adjusting panel colours. Regards Matt
  5. Hi guys, thanks for your swift response. In hindsight i shoukd have probably removed the mask after the final varnish coat. i was worried the varnish over the mask may make the removal less seamless. has this ever been an issue before? and sadly i did try to polish it l. You were absolutely right, big smudge. thankfully i gave it anouther dusting of klear and it repaired the blemish. regards matt
  6. Hi Guys I ran into trouble today. I have spent an age slowly making my Mig-21 beautiful. It is painted in its base coat ‘AK interactive Aluminium’ and Klear coat varnished. I use an airbrush and our UK equivilant of Klear varnish ‘Pledge multi-surface floor polish’. I gave the model 2 thin coats of varnish, 4 hours between coats. then waited 19 hours before applying my oil wash. The wash is made of oil paint and white spirit. I applied it using a brush liberal, and after 8 minutes proceeded to remove it with a dry kitchen towel. I felt like it wasn’t shifting away enough wash so i decided to dampen some kitchen towel with water. After a few wipes i noticed my AK interactive Aluminium starting to shift, then everything came away down to the plastic. Thankfully I tested first on the rear elevators, so my model is unscathed. Does anyone have any ideas what I’ve done wrong? Did i need to wait longer for the varnish to cure? Any ideas would be appreciated Kind Regards Matt
  7. Hi Guys, I have a question, I have made my first few models and was hoping to finish my canopies as nicely as possible. I wanted to make sure that my process is not hindering the clarity of my canopy. First I clean and polish the canopy with a polishing stick, this seems to work really well. Then I dip the canopy into a pot of Pledge multi-surface polish, this used to be known as ‘KLEAR’ in the UK. It is left overnight under a box to prevent dust whilst curing. once its ready I will then glue it to the unpainted aircraft, ‘I finish all my models with canopies closed’. I then mask the aircraft and canopy, I use mask tape on the canopy. I prime and base coat the aircraft. Now… here is a crucial question. I remove all masks, including the canopy mask, and gloss coat everything including the canopy with KLEAR gloss by airbrush. It seems to flow nicely across the glass. Would this process reduce clarity or quality or perhaps enhance it? How many times could I apply gloss coat with an airbrush if the process is ok? Could I polish the KLEAR coated canopy if at all, and how? I would love to here your thoughts fellow modellers. Kind Regards Matt
  8. Lostpanther


    Deleted - 100 post rule
  9. Lostpanther

    First airbrush

    Hi guys, thank you for wonderful advice, i actually went for the second set and must it works a treat, thank you again, and watch this space for the final unveiling of my hunter 'miss demeanour' regards matt
  10. Lostpanther

    First airbrush

    Hi guys Totally new to this forum so this is my first post. Im a brush painter and am really happy with the quality im getting so far. Although now i have a project planned which will require an airbrush. I need to create a gradiant and feel i need an airbrush for the task. As this will be my first adventure into airbrushing I thought id start at entry level. I wondred if anyone could take a perk at these airbrush sets i found ebay and tell me if theyd run tamiya and vallejo acrylics through them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262787237714 Or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142449225239 Thanks for any replies Regards