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  1. Great work! Though not my favorite movie from the Star Wars saga the STAP is to me one of the coolest ground vehichles in the saga, and you've done a great job representing it!
  2. Cool build depicting a scene from an equally cool film. I like the attention to detail, and the diorama takes the build to a whole new level! (I really like your owl).
  3. Great work ! Great presentation as well !!! When I was a teenager I saw the last remaining airframe (Jahu) in a Brazilian museum and I fell in love with it. What have you used for the water base?
  4. Wow! Really good job on K-2SO, very movie accurate. For a first build you did great! Keep up with the good work.
  5. Hello all, These are 2 of my older Star Wars builds, my Bandai 1/144 Slave 1 and 1/72 B-wing. Since we moved early this year both kits were in boxes and only last week we finally managed to clear up some space to display all of our older builds, including Slave 1 and the B-wing. Slave 1 was built over a year ago and was my first Star Wars build, it was also my first time using the hairspray technique for weathering. The kit was painted with Tamiya acrylics and, AK medium chipping fluid was used for the weathering. The base was painted to resemble the landing platform which Slave 1 lands in Cloud City, Bespin, in the film “The Empire Strikes Back”. The B-wing was completed a short time later and like Slave 1 was also painted with Tamiya acrylics. The round orange squadron markings were painted and the model was weathered with Abteilung 502 oils. Both kits were really fun to build and paint, and I was quite pleased with the results. Comments welcome!
  6. Really nice x-wing! I like the subtle weathering. Keep it coming....
  7. Hello to all, Thank you very much for your kind words, they are very encouraging for my daughter (14 years old) that is learning much faster than I did at her age (I used to finish a kit on the same afternoon back then). I have been modelling for more than 40 years but with little time to it until my recently early retirement in aviation. It is thanks to my daughter as well that I am leaving my internet grumpiness behind. Our build was synchronized at every step, hence the similarity of finishing: Every time I worked on mine, at her side, I explained every step and afterwards she did what she thought was best on hers. We try to keep weathering to a minimum after reading an interview with Best, where in his words: “they were the cleanest airplanes, I ever saw in the Navy” I am very happy as well that my daughter is developing a great interest on WWII airplanes, which are starting to share her time with the STAR WARS buildings (you can see some of her builds on this website) Yes, I am a very proud daddy… Cheers
  8. Hello all, After almost 6 months of work, we finally finished our SBD-3 Dauntlesses. This was a group build with my dad, who built the aircraft flown by Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky, I built the aircraft flown by Richard Halsey Best “B1”. We used the 1/72 Hasegawa kits that were re-boxed by Hobby 2000. We replaced the dive brakes with Eduard photo-etched and added detail to the cockpit using the Eduard set too. My kit is pretty much out of the box; to see if it would add any value my dad did some other modifications to his kit: he replaced the kit canopy with a RobTaurus vac-form canopy, scratch-built oil coolers and machine guns, model master gun barrels, photo-etched bomb racks, Brassin bombs, scratch-built bombing view window, reskit modified resin wheels (smoothed out) and scratch-built window air flow deflectors. Both kits were painted with AK real colors acrylics (the underside colour was corrected). The decals are a mix of the ones from the Hobby 2000 reboxing, Aeromaster decals and some other spares. We had a lot of fun building the dauntlesses (but it was quite complex), so we hope you enjoy looking at them. Comments welcome! Underside of McCluscky's aircraft. Underside of Best's aircraft. Last picture.
  9. Hello all, I finally finished my 1/72 Bandai x-wing painted in my interpretation of Luke Skywalker’s starfighter, Red 5. All the markings are painted, no decals were used except for a marking on the inner side of the left bottom wing which can’t be seen when the s-foils are closed. I decided to do Red 5 with landing gear down and canopy open last minute, I originally planned on doing landing gear up and then using the death star base that comes with the kit, but, after some thought I decided I’ rather do another diorama base, maybe the stone hangar on Yavin 4? But that’ll take some more time to do and, since I’m doing some other projects, I don’t know how long it will take; I will post more pictures when I get around doing the diorama. The kit was painted using Tamiya, AK real colors and gunze acrylics, then weathered with abteilung oils and Tamiya pigments. I’ve used the hairspray technique to do the chipping on certain parts of the model. I had a lot of fun building this model, and I hope you enjoy looking at it!
  10. Hi Fletch, thank you again for your kind advice. That’s a smashing snowspeeder, looks like it jumped off the screen from Hoth; I’ve also got a snowspeeder in the stash, though it’s the Bandai one, but now that I’ve seen it done, I think the Revell one looks very good as well. I’ve never tried sponge chipping before; I usually do the hairspray method but I might try it some time, your results are really good. I didn’t know about highlighting chipped areas or joining chips before, it seems interesting, so I’ll give it a closer look. I have some AK weathering pencils too, I like to scrape of the tip of the pencil with a knife and then use the shavings as pigments, though I do have pigments from other brands; I haven’t used them for streaking yet.
  11. Hello Fletch, thanks for your advice. I’ve experimented a little with chipping last year when I did my first sci-fi kit, Bandai’s 1/144 Slave 1, I had to do it twice over to get the result I wanted but, in the end, I was pretty happy. Your AT-ST looks really good, the chipping allows you to see the metal body of the machine and it gives a really nice effect. What metallic paint did you use? I like to do chipping mostly on rebel ships, like on Luke’ x-wing red 5 or on the snowspeeder which I both have in the stash. I’d like to show a picture of my Slave 1, but sadly since we moved cross country a few months ago, all of the kits that I completed last year are still in boxes, to leave space in our small temporary cabinet for newer builds. Thanks! Next up is my Bandai 1/72 X-wing Red 5 scheme, and Hobby 2000’s reboxing of Hasegawa’s 1/72 Sbd 2/3 Dauntless.
  12. Hi Bertie, thanks for your nice comment. My AT-ST was painted with my wonderful Iwata Neo airbrush, which was a present from my dad after months of practicing with his airbrush, I usually only paint details and figures by brush.
  13. Hi Rob, thanks for your kind words and advice. Generally, I don’t like to do too much weathering on my sci-fi models, especially Imperial ones, because I think the Rebel Alliance would’ve destroyed them way before they’d had a chance to get too dirty, but mostly because I like being able to see what the vehicle looked like when it came out of the factory. On the other hand, I think ships like the Millennium Falcon or Slave 1 should have more weathering on them since they are ships that have been used for a longer period of time and therefore have had more time to get dirty and start losing their paint jobs. As for the washes on the AT-ST, I haven’t had any problems with my kit falling apart, I use an enamel wash over my acrylic paints; though if you use acrylic washes over acrylic paints, it might attack the paint underneath it.
  14. Cool diorama, like the background and the lighting on both the star destroyer and the death star 2.
  15. Hello all, Well, this is my second post, it’s Bandai’s 1/48 AT-ST (manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards) aka Chicken Walker, I finished this one today after about 2 months of work, the whole thing was painted with Tamiya’s XF-19 (sky grey) and then weathered with Abteilung 502 oils and some pigments, the base was painted with lifecolor’s german tank brown and then I added shrub tufts from Green Stuff. I’m 14 years old and I’m still learning a lot, so any comments welcome. Hope you enjoy it!
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