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  1. Fantastic build and the photography captures it in all its menacing glory perfectly!
  2. Love the paint scheme on this. Very well done indeed!
  3. Another cracker Neil! Shame about the decal. I’ve had both success and failure removing decals. Seems to be down to the decal itself as I can remove the Revell ones with ease but the ones I got for my A321neo Neo I had to live with the mistake as they wouldn’t budge. You saved it though.
  4. Outstanding level of attention to detail and realism Eric!!! Fantastic work and thank you for sharing it with us!
  5. Great, thank you! That seems a pretty reasonable price including p&p.
  6. That is a VERY colourful model!!! Very attractive indeed and a very clean build.
  7. Frank, can you tell us more about the display case? I also have cats who’d love to sink my ships!
  8. Fantastic job Frank! I have this on my desk and a couple of the 1/400 QM2’s to do. O idea when I will find the time but you’ve really made me want to start this. Impeccable build!
  9. Loved reading the WIP thread. Lot of hard work paid off with an absolute stunner!
  10. Cheers Thorfinn! They’re great aren’t they?! The inaccuracies and lack of detail can be part of their charm I think.
  11. Thank you Maurice! I have read about people building waterlines versions of these models in the past. Shame they don’t still do those versions. Thank you dnl42! Borrow away! It wasn’t something I was planning on right at the start other than to put it on a base made from a box frame. In fact I probably would have thought ‘why?’ to start with! But I think it livens up these little models. Thank you Arnold! I did think about making the waves hit the hull using some clay and tissue paper but decided to play it safe in that regard. Might try it on the Cutty Sark one which has a smaller base. Or that may be properly waterlined as it’s tiny and would fit the box frame a little better. The wake did extend outwards a lot more but it didn’t look quite right so I tamed it down. My skills are lacking in this department but I’ve got a few small kits to practice on. Thank you! I’ve seen worse kits a fraction of the age! The Cutty is similar and I’m slowly cleaning up the sails. The Mary Rose is still pretty new and is excellent. Now on the lookout for other ultra small (ship based) kits of any description...
  12. Finally completed a little ship i've been chipping away at between other projects. This is the Airfix Victory Starter Set purchased for about a fiver from Aldi or Lidl along with a few other small kits. Mostly military aircraft but I also picked up the Cutty Sark and Mary Rose. They are both at various stages of completion but will, I hope, become part of a little trio of roughly 1/600 ships. This is an ancient kit dating back to the 50's I believe. The fit is ok when you consider the age but the sails took a long time to clean up. Other than that it didn't present too many issues other than being very fiddly due to it's tiny size. I've not gone for accuracy with this kit. Instead I wanted this to be a fun little build that looks like the Victory to the casual observer. I also wanted to experiment a little with creating water effects but went with a hybrid look of still having it on it's stand with the water lapping around it. I have a little Revell Ferry that I will turn into a Diorama in the next few weeks. All OOB except the addition of some simplified rigging just to give an extra bit of detail to the model. Thanks for looking!
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