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  1. Thank you, it was fun attacking a perfectly good kit plastic part with pliers.
  2. TIE Fighter, Jakku Desert crashlanding vignette now complete, this was meant to be finished before Christmas as a gift for a friend, things happened (elsewhere) and didn't happen (here) hence the delay. Build series here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbMJD0SJ7Yw&list=PLoJWYG0njom-jaTMJ16JoNYCTzOqp_7QS TIEcloseup by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  3. Thanks. The tank is the meng Sherman. Decals were modified and the speaker is scratched from part of an old bottle top. My fave war movie and have fancied building a proper oddball Sherman for some years but this is as close as I've gotten.
  4. Most recent build completed today, the loads of fun Meng Toon tank, Sherman M4A1. Build playlist here: kellys heroes oddball sherman tank 5 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  5. M1ks

    Airbrush cleaning.

    This method works, quickly, cheaply and with little effort, simply use the appropriate thinners, (Isopropyl Alcohol for Acrylic, White spirit for enamel, Cellulose thinner for Cellulose/lacquer paint), all very cheap for large enough quantities to last ages.
  6. Use this, paint falls off after a soak. Quick wash and you're ready to go. https://youtu.be/NdXFBHKgGpg
  7. Some time ago I filmed a how to thoroughly clean your double action airbrush tutorial as I saw so many comments asking how and thought i'd share my method which has worked well for me for the last 10 or so years leaving me a spotlessly clean brush in 10 min or less.At the time I was restricted by poor lighting, audio and average image quality so I thought it time to revisit it with higher er def video, better er sound and amazing CGI and special effects!(The CGI and special effects is not true though)Hope it's useful to someone.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcSBK0l5Lbw&t=2s
  8. Thanks, I'm pleased you think he looks like Connery as I didn't think he looked much like him at all, haha. I don't do WIP posts or threads these days after losing so many pics to Photobuckets demands and found that stopping to snap pics and move parts to show them actually worked against my willingness on a build. What I do now is reviews and build updates on my Youtube channel, I find it easier to do that and show what's going on with the build and it doesn't put me off the process, rather, helps to encourage me. The youtube playlist for this particular one is here: and my Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/spidiq8 For the plug leads and the throttle cable, I used thin flexible wire that I 'found somewhere' years ago when clearing a garage or shed, I don't recall, but it's stiff but bends easily and maintains shape, It's not lead solder soft but not wire strong, sorry I can't offer more help there, It's hard finding scale accurate thickness for 24th scale I find, I use wires from an old IDE printer cable for HT leads on 12th scale bike kits like the Revell Chopper on my channel, (also on here). Thanks everyone else for your kind comments.
  9. Thanks. The colour was a random dip in the paint drawer, it was one of a few tinlets I got from an art shop that was clearing their Humbrol enamels and i'm unsure if it's a current one now, I know the metallic grey blue isn't. It was slightly darker on the tinlet but that might be a reflection on painting it over grey primer whereas this was over white. I like it, yes it's very 'hot pink' but i'm comfortable and confident enough in my masculinity to have a hot pink chopper I think it'd be a great primary colour for a hot rod build. Engine wise my faves are the Knucklehead and then the Shovel, never really cared for the look of the Pan but I quite like the Evo too that this is based on. it would have been more of a pain than it was worth trying to modify though, the kit is very basic and had I done that i'd have wanted to modify a lot more to add more realism and i've got my Tamiya kits for realism, this was just a quick fun build.
  10. Re the aqeous I don't know,but...... I bought a Mr Hobby / Mr Color lacquer in Phantom Grey for an Airwolf build that never happened and that went a similar way when I checked it recently, sort of milky grey white, I gave it a shake and it looked similar still bearing in mind i'd opened it only once when I bought it to check the colour by daubing a bit on some scrap styrene. I opened the jar and gave it a very thorough stir and then recapped it and shook it for ages and it seems to have returned, almost like the pigments had been drawn to the middle of the jar rather than the bottom as you'd expect it to do.
  11. Most recent build completed. Revell Crusader, 1/12 scale 'Amercan Chopper' style bike. Fun build, a few scratch parts like the HT leads and Brake lines, Paint is Humbrol 51, Sunset Red though over white primer it's more hot pink but I like, it, very hot rod and bright and noticeable. Build review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0Pz0_Jg8VA&list=PLoJWYG0njom9ewPCGcYD33si4d6CXhFZr And more info and detail image on the Blog post here: https://wordpress.com/post/miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/127 Crusader Chopper 1 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 3 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 6 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr Crusader Chopper 8 by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  12. If they're enamels, check them, you'd be surprised, I have tinlets of enamel paint older than me. Re recommended acrylics, I wouldn't recommend any, they all have more faults than benefits. Vallejo aren't bad though and Citadel, (Games Workshop), brush well.
  13. Completed the old 1/24 Airfix Little Nellie Wallis Autogyro. Blog review here: https://miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/airfix-wallis-autogyro-james-bonds-little-nellie/ Youtube review and build here with more detail pics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-j3l8McmxM&list=PLoJWYG0njom-5OGxASTZqWLjQu3B_7D4g ln1web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr lnnp2web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  14. Yellowed decals are easily fixable, have done it lots with old kits as it's common and way yellower than the ones in this video.
  15. Very nice gloss on the paint, which paint and clear did you use?
  16. Do you have a link to the material on ebay? My booth is different as I managed to pick up a semi industrial type unit and that had a few spare filters with it, but it uses a dual layer with the primary filter on top and an activated charcoal filter beneath it, so the charcoal one i'd have to get separately but i'd like to look into making replacement top filters in case the proper replacements are very expensive, (haven't yet looked to see what they are)
  17. They're the 'this vehicle has wifi' decals, the kit maker realised that feature didn't come out till the following years model line hence the correction.
  18. Micromesh polishing sheets, like very very fine wet n dry sandpaper, from about 4000 to 12000 grit, then a quick polish with automotive polish is normally enough but you can also use tamiya polishing compound though that's expensive if you're typically doing aircraft and armour and not looking for glossy finishes much.
  19. Is there an infantry sniper section? T-rifle, (Groan), but they say an infantryman marches on his stomach.
  20. Oh now that's unfairk it's just made me hungry and I've not had a decent trifle in an age! Oddly I like the ones with the spongy bit in the jelly but not jelly on its own with bits in, hmmmmm I think I might have a jelly in the cupboard, I can see a 1:1 scale trifle build coming on.
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