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  1. Fantastic work stick those pics and back story on wikipedia and you'd fool a lot of people!
  2. Reminds me of when i take the dogs to the beach! Love it, great idea and execution!
  3. Lovely job! Reminds me of a poster I had on my bedroom wall back in the 80's
  4. If you want heavily oil-streaked like the cowling on an F4U for example, black/brown oil lightly thinned on a fine paintbrush. Hold it up to where you want the stain, just touch the tip of the paint brush on the surface and hit it with air from an (empty) airbrush in the direction of the airflow/prop-wash. Practice on a piece of scrap plastic to get the pressure setting right.
  5. I bought one of these and they're great! Found one on evilbay for you.
  6. Looks great! I was thinking of thinking of doing a similarly scary chop job on a Mustang. My neighbour had a '69 Mustang coupe, I'd like to build a replica of it for her. The only '69 models available are fastbacks, but there is a way to build one. Apparently you need to chop the roof off and replace it with the roof from a '70 Mercury Cougar Eliminator and it looks close enough. I don't know if I'd have the skills to pull it off though!
  7. Brave man!!! Looking forward to more progress on this one.
  8. For a country that made some of the most beautiful cars ever, they sure built ugly planes! That is one magnificent beast! Lovely build though and that paintjob on the undersides is fantastic.
  9. I built a Bentley at that age, mine was full of fingerprints and glue, nothing lined up etc. That is one beautiful build. Great paintjob and lots of nice little touches, the future of modelling is safe! Looking forward to seeing her next build
  10. I'm just about to start a 1/48 Helldiver, would that qualify for this GB??
  11. Cheers P, next up is a 1/48 Sumbitch 2nd Class!
  12. Just finish this one, build thread here. Thanks for looking!
  13. Great build, thats one sweet looking car! I love those 20's & 30's racers
  14. Cheers MM, got it finished, the louvered windows in engine compartment are in, decals are on and i scratched some wipers for it. I also added a dark wash to the panel lines. I'll get some more pics done for the RFI section. It's not a bad kit and builds up into something that represents the real thing fairly well. Still learning though, I'm thinking about going back to WWII and an aircraft for my next build. Thanks for looking!
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