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    Is it me?

    So as a plastic injection mould maker with a 5 year apprenticeship and 35 years in engineering, I do find fault in everything! looking at my first Dragon kit 1/48 (Messer Me262A-1a/Jabo) and having built a few Tamiya and have Ebbro kits in my stash, the engineering & fit design is dreadful. I've got as far as part 3, dry fitting the machine guns, and the location points (which don't match the guns) are nowhere near correct for the barrels to be concentric to the port holes in the b/head, As I have invested in p/e for the cockpit I will persevere as I never give in but I am takin
  2. Hi Warren Watching this with interest, I've modelled a couple of 1/20 classic F1 cars with another 8 odd in the stash to do with a nice gap on the shelf just the right size for this beauty! I have a little experience of the real things having worked at Williams machining metallic parts from 1998 to 2007. Taking my lad to Goodwood FoS this year too. Where did you get the detail up set from? SpotModel? cheers Christian
  3. Thanks Rayprit Yes I know how dangerous watching YT is!! thank you Christian
  4. HI Granto Thank you for your help - I will try that! Christian
  5. Can anyone help me with my failed attempts at this please? Why when I gently touch the surface with water, leave for 2-3 mins, then gently touch with a brush/toothpick etc. I go straight through the top coats, the hairspray and the "primer" colour to the primer itself? I am leaving the item between coats for a day to cure, I have watched hours of Youtube videos to see where I might be going wrong, the only thing I can think it could be is that the hairspray coat is too thick? The hairspray I'm using is Silvikrin classic maximum hold if that makes any difference. I would ad
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