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  1. Hi Jamie looking good, hope you dont mind me saying however think you have the catapult deck facing the wrong way...... hopefully its just resting there and not glued in place!
  2. Hi Jamie Looking good so far, the extra work your putting in is paying off, one thing i've noticed looking at the pics I have is that the forward funnel extension seems to be a narrower width than the vertical main part of the funnel, probably too late for you to do anything about it on this build but others may want to be aware of it. If I ever get the kit (and the thought of a veryfire detail set makes it more tempting depending whats included) its probably something I will look to amend. Keep up the good work!
  3. Hi Plantaznik I think one of the earlier photos shows the spinner unpainted but in simple terms I filled the existing openings with plastic card and redrilled/cut the slots. Make sure the palstic card is thicker than the spinner and the excess is on the outside then you can sand to shape without worrying. FYI it looks like the series 2 edition kit has a corrected spinner. Hi Josip just used what I had kicking around....... humbrol paint can't even remember the number! I was too busy having fun to think too hard or stop till I had RAF green to hand lol
  4. excellent result Beefy, think it looks superb especially like the bow wave may have to give that a go some time.
  5. Hi Jamie Looking good like your rectification work so far. Looks like trumpy fluffed again the superstructure deck under B turret is definatly planked, the photos taken after the battle of River plate show this clearly........
  6. Hi Jamie The deck looks excellent! I prefer painted decks to real wood as I feel the wood grain makes it look a little odd (despite the fact Trumpys planks are much too wide!) for what its worth I also roughly paint some of the individual planks slightly diff colours and then spray a final unifying coat over it all to tie it together. Had a quick look at some of the pics I have and compared to your images of the parts the following may be some help? Not sure but from the images you posted it does not look like there are any deck houses between the 2 decks directly under the funnels? if they are missing should be easy to add with plastic card. Will be visible when viewed from the side through the opening for the TT. Interdeck supports for the 4" guns (at least the rear two will be visible) and the crane? seem to be missing? It looks like there is no internal structure in the bridge? in reality there should be a deck house and extra floor preventing a see through effect? I think there should also be an area of metal decking in front of the 4" guns? I think the 4" deck supports should be simple circles and not include the square extension trumpy show? Not convinced raised surfaces on the deck under the funnels are really there? (these may actually be the shape of the missing structure under the upper deck?) There should be some recesses on either side of the forward superstructure (as they missed on Belfast) Seems as usual that the fairleads sit inboard and not overhang the deck edge? Just a very quick comparision and in general I think it shows a definate improvment over their Belfast in both detail and buildability but no doubt still planty to keep somebody busy if they want to improve it. Good work so far.
  7. Hi Jamie I'd certainly follow a build thread! got a good few quality pics of her on a dvd I picked up a few years ago but i will wait for some AM stuff to come out before tackling her myself and if the truth be known I am REALLY waiting for theit counties to come out as they are some of my very favourite ships ever, I hope for your sake shes to a better standard (both research and buildability) than Belfast was........... shouldnt be too difficult!and the camo scheme shouldnt cause too many problems either. Hope you enjoy yourself with this one. Good luck
  8. Hi Stever LOL I just got a bit carried away........the finish is a mix of effects I seen on several different airframes and was just for fun and good practice for my next build (an RAAF spitfire viii, some of which are positivly filthy) you may however be surprised at how dirty some of those Tempests got. There are plenty of pics of the newchurch wing tempests with invasion stripes that show some fairly serious weathering effects as a lot of the airframes had been in use a few months before DDay and from the beginning of the anti diver patrols they seem to have been used heavily. One thing I did which i think does make it look a little more worn than necessary is the wash, this probably should have been toned down a tad more. The following are all visible in pics of newchurch Tempests, The wing root bump over the spar attcahment point is nearly always stripped to bare metal Exhaust stains on some planes stretch almost as far back as the tail Wing walkways are quite heavily weathered on some machines (i overdid this at first but I am happy now i've knocked it back) fuel stains are quite visible on a few airframes. I've seen one machine at least that has nearly ALL of the underfuselage black/white stripes worn away Theres regular chipping the wings/stripes behind the gun bays where these were serviced Small patchs of discoloured/faded paint also seem quite common. I really wish I had the corage to try and represent the stripes in a rougher form as some of the painting was as you suggest less than pristine! maybe nextime but I worry about it looking off in such a small scale, anyone got any experience of achieving a suitable effect?
  9. Got the refueller finished and reasonably happy with the result, don't really know anything about it so its pretty much been built OOB, I did mess up with the cab as i've not managed to get the roof/back piece lined up correctly meaning the door openings are anything but the right shape! its a resin kit so maybe to be expected and pretty sure I could have sorted it if only I had spotted it before it came to fit the doors.......... it does mean that have had to leave both doors open which maybe looks a bit contrived but haho, I also messed up with the window installation and thers a few bits of touch up needed so please don't mention the brass handholds, I know! The base is now almost complete construction wise and just needs painting and some grass added will drop some more pics on the RFI once the 3 are brought together.
  10. Hi Dale Yea I agree you need to fettle some of the main parts to make sure that the fits ok (the wings especially) but if you spend a bit of time the end result looks really good, Ref the seta belt part that attached to the bulkhead I plan on fitting that AFTER I have installed the top cockpit insert and just dropping it down the back, just think Eduard need to chnage the construction process in their plans for the series 2 versio when they release it, fyi if you look at their trader leaflet for Feb it shows the sprues for this release and it seems like they have put a more accurate spinner in yahoo!! no need to modify the other one. if I am right well done Eduard they really do seem to listen to modellers concerns sometimes and I think that should be applauded.
  11. Thanks for all the kind words, I really did enjoy making it and cant wait to tackle another!
  12. excellent model of a very sexy and cool looking plane (imho its a much better looker than the f-22) love your neat finishing looks superb
  13. Hi Dale I ended up taking it out and fitting it after I had dropped the top cockpit insert in pace, tbh however its almost invisible! so I wouldnt worry if you cant get it back in place. On any future builds I think I will simply not fit the bar over which the seatbelts fits (sorry dont know the part number) until after I have fitted the top cockpit insert with the bar, The seat belt and the small seperate bar should be easy enough to add at that point. Maybe Eduard coul change their instructions to reflect this different build procedure? Whats your thoughts on the kit? thought I would have seen more builds on line but there dosnt appear to be a lot around at the mo?
  14. lovelly build, I like the look of the finished result a lot!
  15. Here's my latest build, the new Eduard Tempest that I picked up at Telford all of a month ago (only 11 months till next year!) lovelly kit with all of the strengths of Eduards recent releases (surface finish, detailed cockpit/wheelwells etc) however it does not quite fall together as easily as their spitfire kits and there are a few issues which need addressing for a "series 1" airframe, however for the expenditure of a little labour the end result is imho as good as their spitfire and it has real prescence! I like it a lot. Changes I made to better represent a typical series 1 airframe were. The lumps on the wing roots covering the fixing bolts are missing and need added (again pretty easy to do) I removed the 4 lumps under the wings that cover the wing bolts as I am pretty sure they would not be there if the upper bumps are in place? I made a cowl to fit into the chin intake as pics seem to show these were quite widespread (not sure if my aircrat had one fitted but had fun trying to make one) Some of the issues I experienced were The spinner slots are much too large but they are easily fixed and I am sure somebody will come up with a resin one pretty soon. Some of the clear parts did not fit quite as well as they maybe should and some needed a bit of fettling, I am still not happy with the sit of the canapoy which may be linked to the internal framework, have a plan to drop this on future builds. The underside seam accross the flaps is a bit awkward (I may well try out their flap set on my next build to avoid this) There are some surprising sink marks on control surfaces which I made no attempt to rectify to avoid having to try and repair the surface detail. I also added a few mods just to make the kit a little different by dropping the radiator flap and opening the handhold under the canopy, all in all I really liked it and will certainly build a few more For anyone who does not want to wait for their future release it looks like a series 2 could be built from the kit without any real issues except a change of markings. Ohh and the visible cat hairs and sanding dust have already been removed! lo
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