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  1. This is my first vehicle build, I didn’t do a W.I.P. As I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach the kit. The kit is the new Revell Series 3 landy. I am not sure about anyone else but I have never seen a land rover with the roof top spare wheel and roof rack of the style provided in the kit. I decided to have my first go at some sc ratch building and would make a more traditional roof rack. I built the with my own choice of colours, I figured that there are very few combinations of paints that have been used on Land Rovers by now that whatever
  2. I don’t think we ever stop learning in this game. Every model can teach us something.
  3. Thanks guys. I am quite proud of this one.
  4. That is the plan, I forgot to put it on for the pictures. The braided cable is excellent, and a bit more forgiving than using the copper wire when it comes to fitting the pipe work with it in place.
  5. Well here she is my version of the Airfix Hellcat. It had to be in the Fleet Air Arm scheme as my house is a solid RN only household. I used the Airscale cockpit set, Master gun barrels, Montex Mask set, HGW seatbelts, Anyz engine dress up set and a brass and resin undercarriage. Happy with all of that except for the cockpit set as it just isn’t that visible on the finished kit. I have a spare set of the undercarriage as I ordered 2 by mistake if anyone wants them. Thanks for looking.
  6. So the engine problem is fixed. All panels are painted and with the magic of blue tac they can all be fitted. And now it is all finished, a lot earlier than expected due to Covid-19, cancer and a 12 week lock down.
  7. The engine has been attached to the airframe, and I have to say I am impressed, it is an impressive looking model. Unfortunatley I have come across my first problem with the kit. The engine mounts have not gone in far enough so there are panel gaps when test fitting the cowlings. I have removed the engine and have refitted it using the panels as a guide, as I should have done before. I have now got most of their ancillary part painted so once they are dirtied up to match the rest of the aircraft I should have it complete by the weekend.
  8. Just the one picture today. The main airframe has been painted and the white stripes added. 2 coats of Tamiya spray can gloss over the top to prepare for decals.
  9. Got some colour on the top of the airframe yesterday and today. I am using Hataka lacquer paints for the first time for the Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark slate Grey. I thought the lacquer paints would be tougher than my regular Tamiya acrylic paint so I decided against putting a clear coat to protect the first colour from the masking tape. Unfortunately I was mistaken so now I have some touch up work to do. Other than that I am pleased with the effect and hope the touch ups will not be too destructive. The wings have come off worse than the fuselage, not sure why!
  10. Looking good so far, which kit are you using?
  11. Following on from @Grey Beema suggestion I have searched for Hellcat JV321. The only mention of her on the raid that the scheme is for in the kit is when she crashed into the barrier before the operation even began. There is also a picture of the aircraft armed with rockets and what I believe are blast plates on the wings. I also believe the rockets are not the type supplied in the kit. So it would seem the only way to depict the aircraft as accurate is to omit bombs and rockets. As it would seem that I have glued them both on well enough that damage would be caused taking on
  12. @Grey Beema thanks for that, I will do some research.
  13. Yesterday I was able to sit at the workbench again. I have done some very rough pre shading using Tamiya XF69 (NATO black) mainly because it is the black I had most of. The undersides and fuel tank have been painted with Tamiya XF21 (Sky). The top sides will be painted using Hataka lacquer paints which I have never used before. One thing I have noticed by taking all these pictures as I build the kit, is the number of flaws that become apparent. I turns out I did to sort out the bottom centre seem which I thought was sorted.
  14. Well it has been a while. I have been in hospital and had a cancer and second adrenal gland removed. On the bright side I am now required to shelter for 12 weeks so plenty of modelling time. Any way back to the Hellcat. The engine is complete and I have corrected the colour of the crank case. A bit of grime was added using Tamiya panel liner. Next is on to the airframe.
  15. So not enough progress for a photo yesterday. The latest is that I have fitted the intake and exhaust pipes to the engine, which is really turning into a model in its own right. I have also painted a lot of the hardware that goes around the engine and connects it to the fuselage. I have also mocked it up with both wings folded. I still haven’t decided how I am going to finish it.
  16. Thanks for the spot on the crank case colour, I will rectify that later. I am doing the FAA aircraft scheme from the box.
  17. Today the wheels went together, very pleased with them, a simple pin wash has really brought out the details. I have made a start on wiring up the engine. I am very pleased with the result using the Anyz braided thread for the spark plug leads.
  18. So, the appointment with the surgeon did not go as planned.... So I have painted the engine and finished with a clear coat. Once everything is dry tomorrow I will move onto adding the spark plug leads. I also took the chance to mock up the aircraft minus engines to get an idea of the size.
  19. The cockpit is all closed up now, it defensively was not worth getting the upgrade set for the control panel. Luckily though you can still see some of the extra work I put into the area around the radio sets. I have started work on the engine, a lot of sanding was needed to get all the components together, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting after seeing videos online. I have added the spark plugs from the Anyz set, surprisingly easy to do, lets hope getting the spark plug wires on will be as easy once its is painted. Painting
  20. Are they not the rockets included in the Airfix Typhoon kit?
  21. This is my first work in progress post so please be gentle on me. This was going to be my winter project, then when I had to go into lockdown for 12 weeks it became my virus project. Unfortunately I have to go into hospital on Tuesday so this may be as far as I get. The kit is great so far, I am not sure if the kit is a lot better than the Typhoon or if I have got better, but so far there are no issues putting it together. I went for a cockpit upgrade kit and I don’t think it was worth it. The seat belts from HGW are excellent and well worth the investment. I have f
  22. Here goes,.....here is my first offering, an Airfix 1/72 Severn Class lifeboat. I chose to do the Humber lifeboat as I didn’t want to show favouritism to any one of my local Cornish boats, plus I grew up in a town on the banks of the Humber. I didn’t have most of the problems usually reported of this kit. Airfix have updated their instructions to not mention the infamous missing part 30 though the pictures do show it in place so I contacted them and they did send me the required second one. I have got the anti fouling and boot stripe in the wrong place, I should
  23. The 22’s look good, my time on Coventry (I really wish she was called Boadicea) and her Seaking is when I decided to become and aircrewman, so a tempting subject when it is released.
  24. I have been mainly lurking for a while but I am inspired by the work on here. I am ex Fleet Air Arm and general service before that and both my sons are also in the RN so I am very much RN focused when choosing my subjects.
  25. As a Coastguard I hole heartedly approve of your choice of ending video, though I hadn't realised Jo and Petunia had branched out.
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