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  1. New purchase )))))))) And immidiate wheels changeover)
  2. New moel of Ikarus with planetary doors... Unsatisfied with model quality... But, just some small steps for reworks
  3. Accurately re-check rims for Budapest Ikarus 260, changed from Raba to LiAZ
  4. Take a look here (rims) http://www.maestro-wheels.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=1276&bfilter=a13:39,41; Tyres http://www.maestro-wheels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=1276&product_id=136&bfilter=a28:233; http://www.maestro-wheels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=1276&product_id=137&bfilter=a28:233;
  5. Washed paint, for ex-yellow - will try another solvent, some paint track still visible
  6. Now is time for articulated models Model been overglued, creates an issue with rubber demounting and other parts
  7. Washed painting, paints layer were very thick, now model looks even better rather it was before))
  8. Short update, purchased a side lights as it in original models it from metal
  9. You are right) To repaint and to correct models with some parts
  10. BTW - all buses would be painted with BKV/ BKK scheme (Budapest Transport Company)
  11. And what currently done Definitely changed all tyres and discs to MaestroWheels (very satisfied with quality and price - very cheap vs high quality of product, definitely recommend) Some photo how now looks models after small update And now most interesting part - disasseembling, as it planned to repaint and to re-ugrade models to make it more realistic (if its possible)
  12. Little bit non-standard theme, but nobody does not produce such kind of models as its in a classical modelling business, thus, I would say it would be topis related more model remodelling or upgrade rather assembling All models proced by SOVA (models quality little bit worse than ClassicBus, but main parts easily can be demounted, because they are not glued) Anyway, what would be or at least preliminary plans ))) Ikarus 260 Ikarus 280 What I have
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