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  1. The prints that show the worst lines are done by FDM printers. I'm currently working on a Liberator from Blakes7. That had a lot of lines-even though the finish was reasonably good. B&M do a good filler/primer(much more filler than halfrauds). Last year I had my own Dan Dare space fort printed. That's also fdm. I wanted a decent size and a resin print at forty three centimetres was too expensive. As long as you don't mind taking your time to get a nice smooth surface, go for it. However you may end up with a sore wrist... As for me -I'm holding out for the new Elegoo Saturn resin printer- whenever it's released.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a two foot long version of the Liberator, from Blakes7. Right now, I'm stumped for reference images of the engine. I need pictures of all the white lines, particularly from the rear, but can find very little on google images. Can anyone help? Cheers.
  3. That's looking really good. What is the blue you've used for the windows? I've a war rocket ajax, that's currently being worked on, and that shade of blue would do for the windows.
  4. I built the interceptor quite a few years back. Bought on ebay, I thought it would be a bit bigger, but it was a nice wee diversion and makes a nice display piece. Yours turned out very well.
  5. The only decent Star Wars movie, since Return, has been Rogue One. That, I actually class as a Star Wars movie! Anyway, that viper is looking really good.
  6. I generally don't like car models, but this is the exception. Brilliant!
  7. It would appear that you have copy/pasted old pictures from the car magazines.... Brilliant work!
  8. Yep, I'd be interested at some stage. If it's printed via Shapeways, why not put the completed parts up for sale in your shop? That way you can recoup some of your costs and those of us that love your work can indulge ourselves!
  9. I've one I've been putting together, on and off. Hopefully mine will look as good as yours.
  10. Outstanding. One of the best aircraft models I've seen.
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