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  1. Brilliant. Thanks, exactly what I needed. That sick green looks really good.
  2. Those are great builds. Which colours did you use for thunderbird two?I've looked on your progress page, but the pictures don't show.
  3. It's one I printed in resin.
  4. My latest build.I hope you like her. I do.
  5. It's a 3d printed model I commissioned by a 3d modeller. Look up Fabian Els, on facebook. He does some good work.
  6. Yes it is. The old space fort from 2000ad's Golden age. I devoured those adventures as a boy!
  7. Finally finished this today. Very pleased with the way she turned out.
  8. That's easily the best Yamato I've seen. Fantastic work!
  9. A bit more progress. Still got a few more decals to print and apply, then the stand and a few tidy-ups.
  10. Wow. It worked. That's the kit in it's original form-warts and all. There are significant errors, which I've tried to rectify. I'm happy anyway, with my progress. Here's some more. The sequence runs from the unglued raw 3d print, through to where it's at today.
  11. Ok. Pictures up on Flickr. Will try and put some on here tonight.
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