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  1. Appreciate your reply. This is the kind of helpful and constructive criticism that makes us do better work. Cheers!
  2. Huh. My research had indicated that it was fuel filling port. This is actually my first 109, so I didn't know much about it. If that's the oxygen, then where is the fuel filler? Tank is behind and under the pilot, isn't it?
  3. Thanks! I love desert camo and weathering. It's a fun challenge to get it just right
  4. Quick build straight out of the box. Kit decals, MRP paints. "Black 8" from JG27 in Libya 1943. Thanks for looking
  5. Thanks! I ran out of the ready made stuff and created my own out of heavy gloss gel medium, pigment powder, some railroad ballast, and some static grass. Thank you!
  6. Finished this diorama today that I've been working on for about 4 months. It's in honor of my wife's grandfather, who was a communications officer with the 6th Tank Battalion in Korea. Takom kit, Tamiya figures and Jeep. Stowage is from Value Gear resin. Vehicles painted with Mission Models acrylics and oils for weathering. Figures painted with Model Color using wet palette. This is my first large AFV diorama so I welcome comments and criticisms. Thank you for looking!
  7. Thanks. I love seeing peoples work spaces as well, although it usually just ends up making me jealous. I'd love a thread of workbench pics. Where should we start it?
  8. Thanks. Welcome to follow. As for the tidiness of the workspace, I've just moved into it, so it will probably never be this clean again
  9. Main painting done on my Korean War M46. This is one of the famous tiger face Pattons from the 6th Tank Battalion, 27th Infantry Division in the early going on the Korean War. I'm making it as part of a diorama for my father in law, as his dad was a communications officer in the 6th. Only a couple WIP pics so far. First primered in black, then with main coat on. Really happy with how the masking went for the yellow, and the stripes are hand painted. And then, some shots of my new updated space. After a year of sweltering in the garage in NC, I finally got some indoor s
  10. Thanks all for words of praise! It is now officially an award winning model, as I have been awarded "Most Creative" in a Mission Models/Spray gunner hosted Facebook contest! My first time entering anything for competition
  11. Thank you. It is theoretically removable, although a lot of the stuff closer to the plane is just sort of stuffed in and not affixed in any way, so I'd have to rebuild it if I wanted to remove and replace it
  12. Thanks both. I don't love the base, actually. Its my first time trying watercolor paper as a sea base, since I was going for a high altitude effect. I was trying to go for the effect of some clouds far below, but I agree that it's unconvincing. I finally left that one because it covers up a sloppy area where the rods go into the base.
  13. Thank you! Agree its a very nice kit. My best ever probably still goes to the Tamiya 1/32 Mossie.
  14. Thank you. Yes they are 10mm acrylic rods I bought on Amazon. I softened them with a heat gun (tried a hair dryer but it wasn't hot enough so went out and bought the heat gun) and bent by hand. I also glued some styrene tube with a 12mm ID into the exhaust port, which accepts the rod and keeps the strain off the kit nozzles.
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