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  1. Thank you. I found the idea of this hard and unglamorous posting in Burma so interesting. Seemed like a great topic for a dio.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. This is my first one, so I'm sure you can do as good or better!
  3. Thank you both! I was pleased as a modeller but upset as a user to see that the fiber structure of cheap TP looks exactly like a scale canvas tarp!
  4. Thanks, that's good to know. I've never spent any time around real aircraft (except of course as a commercial passenger) so I guess at all of this stuff, best add I can infer from photos!
  5. No hard feelings at all! Hope I didn't come off as defensive. That's cool to know about the ladder thing. Might be another good detail to incorporate into future builds
  6. And here is my WIP thread from LSP https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/81071-tamiya-132-spitfire-mkviii-finished/
  7. Thanks a lot! Very kind of you. My favorite small detail is the overturned pail with water spilling out of it
  8. I thought I dirtied it up perhaps even a bit too much Thanks for the tip about the prop. Too late to do anything about it now, obviously, but I honestly learned something new that I'll remember for next time
  9. Thanks! The mud is real dirt and sand from my back yard, mixed with water and white glue. A couple layers of MRP clear gloss sprayed over the whole thing, and then Vallejo gloss medium for extra wetness in places. With the large puddle, I realized that gloss medium does not dry clear if you make a big puddle of it, so I just painted a light translucent brown layer over the milky dried gloss. Turned out perfect! I've heard good things about Vallejo still water, and will probably try that for a next diorama.
  10. Thanks for the comments and the tip. The compressor is just sort of resting on the surface, so I had focused on mud at the bottom of the wheel to make it look sunk in. I hadn't though about adding some mud all around. I'll go back over it. I've also added a matte coat to the boulder since taking these pics
  11. Here is my latest completion, about 6 months' worth of effort in total. Tamiya 1/32 kit with some 1/35 figures, mostly from the Tamiya reboxing of the Italieri german field maintenance set. I've made a little vignette with a couple of figures before, but I would consider this project to be my first proper diorama. I maintained my work in progress thread over on LSP. I'm not sure of the rules here for linking to other forums, so I'll leave it off. Thanks for looking, comments and criticisms welcome!
  12. I've developed an issue with my HS Evo CR. I'm getting bubbling back into the cup as soon as air flows, which goes down a little with pulling the needle back, but it doesn't matter because the paint's splattered out of the cup and all over by then. Obviously some part is messed up, but my question is which part? Do I need to replace the nozzle, needle, both? Are there any orings or seals that could cause this issue? I just did a complete teardown clean with lt which did not resolve the issue. Thanks for input!
  13. As the title says, I'm looking to model a Boeing 314 as a Pan Am Clipper, but have not had any luck finding kits of this plane. Does one exist?
  14. Thanks for the tips. I did get an extra needle and nozzle, as well as a grex qd with mac valve. I did not know abour the triple seal kit though. Is that something normally only on the infinity?
  15. I like the aluminum one,but since I was already exceeding my budget, I didnt think I could spend the extra money on aesthetics. And, since I'm a pinko commie thug who hates America and ought to go back where I came from, I don't think I was on the Donald's Christmas card list anyway
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